Less than two weeks to release, Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition is still out of stock

I’m a huge Fire Emblem fan and have been trying to get a hold of the Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition bundle since the pre-orders went up back in November. The pre-orders were live for only a few hours till they went out of stock, leaving many fans hoping for eventual re-stocks.

Months later in February, the Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition is yet to get a re-stock with the game’s page being one of the most visited on popular stock tracking website NowInStock. The page for the game’s ever so limited Special Edition has over 35,000 comments at the time of writing with patient fans tuning in everyday in hopes of grabbing the bundle.

fire emblem fates

The Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition bundle was priced at $79.99 and included both versions of the game – Birthright and Conquest along with a free copy of the third campaign called Revelations which would be playable by Special Edition owners weeks before it releases on the Nintendo e-Shop. The bundle also includes an artbook and a 3DS XL pouch.

fire emblem fates

This kind of treatment of fans is outright disrespectful by Nintendo, what’s the point of releasing a bundle which fans can’t even buy? On Ebay scalpers are already selling the pre-orders in the range of $200 to $300 and its all Nintendo’s fault.

This is not the first time Nintendo has had problems stocking its games and it doesn’t give a good impression. Is Nintendo not confident in the game’s selling power? Or they just want the to make the Special Edition even more special by making it super limited? Whatever the reason, I’m pissed off.

fire emblem fates

Fire Emblem Fates Birthright and Conquest releases exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on February 19. The third campaign Revelation releases a couple of weeks later on March 10.

What do you think of the situation? Are you still looking to get your hands on the game’s Special Edition bundle? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: Game’s out, no restocks 🙁

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  • SerpendzNnz

    it simply feels like a knife in the back…
    i live in europe and it was already sold out 30 minutes after the nintendo direct.
    just lame…

    nintendo doesn’t really listen to it’s fans anymore…
    take papermario wiiu for instance, i just laughed, nintendo got such a bad reviews from the sticker mechanic, what does nintendo put it back with a new name… only difference as far as i can see, Cards not Stickers… way to go :/

  • Is there petition for this?

  • I want to kill myself. I was hyped up for this game for 1 year already. I tried so hard to not spoil myself, just for this game. Then i look at the European pre-order on a website. First day they don’t have a page up about the limited edition only the regular versions (conquest and birthright pack). A few days later they have on the webiste, it’s sold out! They already start the description with there is only a limited amout but really a limited amout available. The they give pre-order priority to people who pre-ordered both regular versions! I purposely didn’t pre-order those so i could pre-order Fates limited edition! But then they pull that d*ck move! If u pre-order something else namely the normal versions then u shouldn’t have to get pre-order priority over the limited edition. Those two are different purchases! It should be fair! Also Nintendo should have a bigger stock available!

  • Falalaschi

    you people really have to stop bitching, there is a reason its called a limited edition(LIMITED), just because a few of you made it too late, there were still a few months to pre-order this via GameStop, no reason you shouldnt have gotten one, except for the fact that you held it off, Nintendo is known for their collectors edition to be very valuable, it wouldnt be a special edition if it were unlimited.

    • MerriGoRound

      It’s not a limited edition it’s a special edition and there is a difference. If they had marketed it as a limited edition a lot of people wouldn’t be pissed, but they didn’t and now their customer base is furious.

  • Antsamus

    Nintendo messed up. I am not that big a fire emblem fan as most people but I do love a good RPG. Nintendo should have just made the first two copies of the game available only. The games would have sold and everyone would have chose a side, then later on Nintendo could have released the third game revelations as a DLC. Everyone would be happy they have the game, then Nintendo should have made the special edition so all the hard core fans could get all three at one time. That way no one really could be mad. They do this with Pokemon all the time why not do it now.

  • Sean Robert Gerard Fernandez

    Yeah it’s pretty damn disrespectful of Nintendo of America to not have enough stock of the Special Edition for those who want it.

    Going out of stock in mere MINUTES is insane and not wanting to please fans is just stupid and bad business.

    Fallout 4’s Pipboy edition sold out fast too but guess what? Bethesda restocked more of them to please their fans, unlike Nintendo.

  • TTDE12

    It wouldn’t be a “special edition” if there were enough copies so that everyone can their hands on it. Nintendo is not at fault here, they did a good job hyping up demand for the game and special edition, and making enough copies to make the special edition limited. Plus, there were a few restocks at gamestop (not counting the false restocks after nov. 18), if you didn’t get a copy, it’s your own fault, not Nintendo’s.

    • MerriGoRound

      Special edition is not the same as limited. People wouldn’t have been furious about it if Nintendo had actually marketed it as a limited edition.

      Most of the time special editions do have a limited print run but not so limited that preorders are sold out everywhere months before release.

  • TTDE12

    It wouldn’t be a “special edition” if there were enough copies so that everyone can their hands on it. Nintendo is not at fault here, they did a good job hyping up demand for the game and special edition, and making enough copies to make the special edition limited. Plus, there were a few restocks at gamestop (not counting the false restocks after nov. 18), if you didn’t get a copy, it’s your own fault, not Nintendo’s.

  • KrazyKid

    I really hate how nintendo has done this. I’m ok with missing out on the art book ( even though I want one really badly). The thing I’m upset about is the fact that all three “games”(I say this because it should be ONE game) aren’t available on a single cartridge. I really like having physical copies of games I love and prefer only to buy digital verisions of games I don’t like as much. I also don’t like the way mundo operates their digital store in comparison to PSN or XBL stores. Not to mention they get the DLC. 3 weeks earlier is complete and udder bullshit. What I fear the most is that a week or so after I purchase FE:fates a week later nintendo will magically realized people want the special edition, and produce more copies of the SE after I’ve already bought it. I hate nintendos business strategies because limiting the supply doesn’t benefit Nintendo at all, and it just allows people to make fat stacks off of us, the fans, instead of Nintendo making money off of us.

  • HoistDude

    Get a clue, people. It is NOT Nintendo, it is retailers. Actually, it is the pimply Sony and Xbox fanboy media and retail buyers who keep understating the demand for Nintendo games like this.

    Case and point: I have read MULTIPLE articles over the last month on the most anticipated games of 2016 from various media sources. Has Fire Emblem: Fates been on even a single one of these lists? Nope.

    Honestly, use your brains. Nintendo would certainly not say “no” to selling more product. But time and time again, retailers under order their stock. What do you want Nintendo to do? Overproduce when stupid retailers are not buying even enough to keep their shelves stocked for a few hours? These special edition stocks are purchased buy the retail buyers MONTHS in advance to actual preorders.

    If you want to change this situation, bitch to your retailer about under ordering Nintendo product. It is just that simple. Let them know you will take your business to other retailers if they can’t get their act straight.

    • RoninJT

      You’re the one that needs to get a clue. With as fast as preorders sold through it is blatantly obvious Nintendo didn’t authorize a large enough printing to begin with. Nintendo has had months now to make an adjustment and order an additional printing. Do you honestly think none of the retailers have asked for additional stock after seeing how faxt their original orders sold out?

      Sorry friend but Nintendo is very clearly the bad guy at this point.

  • pissed off would be customer

    bottom line: what needs to happen is Nintendo needs to print more copies as they’re losing out making money from fans (or ex-fans, if they keep pissing people off); if they don’t do it and listen to their customers, seriously it should be taken to their shareholders and shareholder meeting, if they’re off producing things people don’t want (because they think people will just buy into whatever concept/product they sell without doing their customer research) and they have something many people do want but don’t make enough of, then they’re at fault, they need to fix it

  • Gholin

    This actually made me not care much for Fire Emblem Fates. I’m probably not going to get it for a long time, if ever (Because even standard will probably run out of stock and go up in price, knowing Nintendo). I love Fire Emblem, but man, very few even knew about this thing before it was sold out. It went from a pre-order to a “maybe one day” game. You make people want something and never give them a chance, you make them mad, Nintendo. It’s as if they want it to fail and want to piss off Americans. No wonder people give them so much flak.

    • Missing In Action

      I knew about it a long time before it came out, I now only regret not preordering it, which might be even worse

  • Mr. Oshawott

    It seems that Nintendo has done everything wrong with Fire Emblem Fates to make it look so deplorable in the U.S., including making the so-called “Special Edition” so incredibly limited.

  • Maffew

    I get that the limited amount is frustrating, but the price is the same both ways, and when you get them as DLC, they all open from one game, so I’m not really sure what everyone is so upset about… This amazing series nearly ended with Awakening, and I’m just happy that I’ll get to keep playing. But yeah, okay, keep whining that you don’t get a special limited release.

    • Tris

      Maybe I want the artbook and don’t want to spend additional $20+ on it trying to get one

  • komrath

    No sign of that in Europe :-/ But I guess it will be also hyper-limited, 5 minute preorder

  • Deathunderbed


  • Miyuki Kazuya

    I’ve pre-ordered separate copies for my wife just in case. Obviously I’d like the special edition for a better deal and for the collection of it. She’s a huge fan of it. Not surprised Nintendo is playing games with their inventory though. Hoping they jump out of delusion and supply more copies for the fan base.

    • KrazyKid

      I just hope if they do decide to make more copies that they’ll announce it before they release the game or offer a trade up so that I don’t end up having to repurchase it just for the SE.

  • Rickey Lee

    No one really has the right to pissed at Nintendo. Everyone knows when Nintendo makes a special edition it is going to be extremely rare, you just have to except that, that’s what makes it special it’s rarity and collector’s appeal, if they made an abundant amount of the special edition what’s so “collector’s” about it and another thing everyone already knows how Nintendo does things so why be surprised about it now, also the special edition was up for about 5 days not a few hours just so you know.

    • Miyuki Kazuya

      The special edition went down almost as quickly as it was up. You’re delusional if you think otherwise. Nintendo should just hire you since you seem to be as blind sided as they are towards this fandom. Everyone has the right to be pissed. Especially missing their windows. Nintendo should know how well the game would sell and have the inventory to back it. Quit blowing smoke out your ass.

      • Toxiicbunny

        I’m not too sure about that. I mean, I was lucky enough to get it the day it was up for pre-order but my friend didn’t order hers from the same GameStop until a few days after me. It’s possible that your stores sold out first? It was about a week before our GameStop said it was taken off pre-order permanently.

        • Miyuki Kazuya

          I tried online at first, obviously, more copies available. Then went to my store and they had a mere 4 copies available for pre-order. So, yes, I’m pretty sure they’re doing a terrible job.

  • REDN17

    Honestly if Nintendo doesn’t give a fair chance for everyone to get their hands on the special edition, then I’m not getting any version of the game separately. I’m really excited and hyped for Fates, but I want to play all 3 campaigns as do many others and buying them in different versions is not worth it for the price.

    Though Nintendo has done a good job with restocking Amiibo and other limited editions so let’s hope something comes up before the release.

  • Gage Sallier

    I work full time overseas. I had no problem preordering the special edition. Daniel (author) it wasn’t “live for a few hours” it was available for a couple of days, I know because I debated on buying it. Both you & the commenters should blame yourself for not being proactive. All it takes is one 2 minute Google search a day if you actually cared.

    • Takeva

      You’re lying or maybe you shopped somewhere else. And you want to talk about being proactive? The day Amazon stock went up I was on the site and it was already showing “Currently Unavailable” that same day. When Gamestop got their stock I was able to snag my pre-order but only to find out that there was a mistake and they were out of stock at the time of purchase. Was at work when Walmart pre-orders went up. Looked on my phone during my break and saw that they were already out of stock. Every 2 minute google search I did when I could turned into disappointment. You simply got lucky. Nintendo only made a small amount of the special edition because they didn’t think it would be in demand. This is why they ran out of stock so quickly.

      • Decoy_38

        Same shit happened to me, at Gamestop. Fucken bullshit. They called me to let me know.

    • psynumb .

      I live overseas and I couldn’t order it from GameStop, because their site is a nightmare for anyone browsing it from outside the US and I was VPN too. Amazon was my only hope and and it hadn’t stocked even once ever since the announcement. Keep in mind that I’m still going to pay shipping for that thing. I’m trying to find a copy here (Qatar), but I doubt Nintendo would care to have copies shipped here.

  • Gameaddick

    if the special edition is not available im not even gonna get the game period. grossly overpriced spliting a single game into 3 versions not worth it IMO

    • Pachirisu

      Um, buying the special edition is $80. Buying the game and the other 2 games as DLC is also still $80. I fail to see how $80 is grossly overpriced when you’re getting 3 games…

      • cycloner

        To buy all three games together costs a total of $100, not $80 (like it should);
        $40 for Conquest, $40 for Birthright and an additional $20 for Revelation’s DLC.
        SE is unique because not only does it have all three games on one cartridge, but you’re getting a large, quality art book (and a pouch which is aight), alongside it, with art books usually going at $40 or more themselves.
        It’s a valuable package, for sure.

        • DrowningFish

          When you buy one all the others are 20 bucks. So the grand total is still $80…

          • Tom Grant

            Yup, what he said. The only added value of the special edition are the artbook and pouch. Those do matter to some people, but not particularly much to me, so I don’t mind THAT much that I missed the special edition. Would have been nice to get, but I don’t understand the vitriol from people who are saying they won’t even play the game because they didn’t get the special edition.

          • badbufon

            the value of the special edition is having 2 of the 3 version in the cart itself,
            i dont like the idea of filling my SD with digital games.

          • RoninJT

            Because a lot of people won’t buy digital games without a proper account system in place. Something Nintendo still doesn’t have. They create a unified account system and I’ll buy Fates digitally if I can’t find a SE. Until then, it’s the SE or I miss out on my 2nd most wanted game of 2016 entirely.

          • John Duffy

            Only if you buy your second game digitally do you get the twenty dollar discount.

          • cycloner

            Ah, I see. I wasn’t aware that you would get a discount on the other game, that’s much more reasonable. I was under the impression that they were only available physically (which would be silly), so thank you for clarifying. Personally, I’m interested in receiving all three games on a single cartridge, and of course the art book. Being an artist myself and a fan of KYMG I was really excited to learn the art book would be available as well.

        • Tom Grant

          That’s just wrong, though. If you buy either Conquest or Birthright, you get an eShop discount on the other version. So you buy Conquest for $40, then Birthright and Revelation for $20 each. $80 total. Or you buy Birthright for $40, then Conquest and Revelation for $20 each. $80 total.

          So the only added value you’re getting from the special edition is the artbook and the pouch, and while those are important to some collectors, that’s not true of everyone. Personally, I’m mildly miffed that I won’t be able to get the special edition. But on the upside, I like having digital copies of my most played games so that I don’t have to carry around the cartridges. If you get the special edition, it’s all three on a cartridge. But buying the regular editions allows me to get Birthright on a physical cartridge (the game I’m least excited about), and Conquest and Revelations, which I expect will have a lot more replay value for me, as downloadable copies.

        • Pachirisu

          Why would you get 2 physical copies when you can buy either Birthright or Conquest physically then get The other as DLC for $20, and another $20 for Revelations (totaling $80, or buy them all digitally for the same price of $80). Buying both Conquest and Birthright physically is pretty stupid because then you end up having to pay an extra $20 for no reason, if you want all 3 games.

        • Pachirisu

          Yeah the special edition is a better deal for the artbook and cheap ass dingy little pouch, but you’re still literally paying the exact same price for the 3 games unless you’re doing your method and buying 2 physical versions for some strange reason.

  • XGuild

    After hearing the Japanese Voice was remove from the voice option, I began to reconsider my choice

    • Miyuki Kazuya

      Here’s to praying they release it as a dlc

  • Haseeb Wajid

    I’ve been checking almost everyday for 2 months now. I’ve been calling up Nintendo, Amazon, Gamestop, and Walmart for any insight as to whether or not they will restock and they haven’t given me anything to go by except keep checking. I even signed up for the Nowinstock alerts but unfortunately never got that notification when Walmart went in stock. I’m wondering if Nintendo even realizes what a high demand there is for this version of the game. I REALLY hate Nintendo for making this so much more difficult than it has to be.

    • gofixmeaplate

      I take it you didn’t check the comment section on NIS on 2/2

      • Haseeb Wajid

        No unfortunately not. I just remember checking to see if it was going to be restocked on Amazon that day.

    • RiverVixen

      Ah well I can answer why you didn’t get the Walmart alert in case your wondering. The Walmart website had a glitch where you were unable to order through the site itself. You had to call and have someone force the order though for you.

      Also the alert for Walmart wasn’t added until the day Walmart got stock.

    • Walmart is rumored to re-stock soon but I highly doubt it. They had a glitch as @rivervixen:disqus mentioned earlier but very few orders went through in the end.

  • Jay

    NIntendo just wasn’t the same anymore.

  • Maximum

    I was so excited about the special edition but yeah, it angers me to know that they haven’t restocked it and probably wont.

  • Aaron Fleegle

    I emailed Nintendo and stated that I’m sick of missing out on limited editions because I am a full time student with a part time job. Therefore, I refuse to buy either version of FE:F unless I have a fair chance to get the special edition. This is what I received as a response.

    Hello Aaron,

    Thank you for taking the time to write to us regarding the Fire Emblem: Fates Limited Edition package. Your comments will be made available for other departments at the company to review and thoughtfully consider.

    Limited and special edition products are often one-time runs, so it can be frustrating to see the item you want and not be able to get to it. We sincerely empathize with your situation, as these products tend to sell out quickly because of their uniqueness and popularity.

    It is always possible that Nintendo will make more of any game or hardware system, but we have nothing to announce at this time regarding this particular edition. Nonetheless, we encourage you to consider checking around in the coming weeks as well as upon the date of release, as many times retailers will hold back copies for later dates.


    Nintendo of America Inc.
    Reese Nicholson

    So I was pretty much told that I’m out of luck, but to remain (falsely) hopeful.

    • RiverVixen

      That is just a copy and paste e-mail. People got that when just asking if there would be restocks.

    • komrath

      There is literally NOTHING special, nor unique about this “special edition”, it’s just the way the game should be shipped: as one, bundled game.

      • scotch1337

        That is false, it comes with both games conquest and birthright, which are both available at launch. Plus the third part, Revelation, which is released at a time after the initial launch. Not to mention all 3 games are on 1 cartridge.

        Not to mention some of the other goodies.

        • komrath

          These “3 versions” are basically almost same plot and *Should* be just one game. It’s not Pokemon

          • scotch1337

            That’s a valid point that can be made, but it is still not the same as either individual game, because they still have different stories between the two. So there is reason to wan the special edition, even if it is kind of a con to begin with.

          • Jacob Mahoney

            No, they’re not. The plots and details of all three routes are fairly drastically different. Its NOT Pokemon-style splitting.

      • psynumb .

        Exactly!! Why do I have make my choice before even buying the game? It doesn’t make sense.

        • komrath

          I won’t buy the game, unless I can buy all three on a cartridge (or a seriously deep discount, like 30€ for the whole set)

          • RKC

            I’m with you.

          • komrath

            I managed to get the limited edition ;_)))

          • RKC


            In saying so I’m from the UK so it whatever you did may not apply over here…

          • Pretty sure the SE is extinct in North America.

    • Missing In Action

      You could try to call Nintendo? The number is 1 (800) 255-3700

  • AzureAmethyst

    I agree Nintendo is making this Special edition extremely exclusive, The games stores I went to said they were only provided with 7 or less copies of this for in store preorders.

    • Which is a really bad direction. When hardcore fans, who are the intended target for these special editions, can’t get their hands on a copy then what’s the point?

      • Arturo Espinoza

        There is always eBay… I got lucky and nabbed a pre-order for 100 bucks. Once in a while if the listings end late, you can nab one for around retail.

      • TTDE12

        Hardcore fans would do whatever it takes to secure a copy (check pre-irder sites frequently, subscribe to stock alerts, etc.). If you don’t actually put in effort to get the game, then you probably don’t want it as bad as you think you do.

  • RiverVixen

    Yep still trying to get one. I just don’t don’t have as much hope as I did back in December.

    • I’ve given up and ordered both the versions seperately 🙁

      • RiverVixen

        I’ve not given up hope just yet but as it gets closer it’s hard to cling to it.

  • Amelia Hartman

    Nintendo isn’t really carrying much for the fans and collectors this time.

    • Jay

      Look who’s talking. I’m a fan of Nintendo, fans in America are not treated fairly with the Japanese. Gamers, too, felt the same way here.

      • Mr. Oshawott

        Actually, fans in America are not treated fairly with the Japanese AND Europeans.
        And this is coming from a dedicated Nintendo fan.

        • Jay

          Well, if i recall, the Europeans are working for the Japanese because we knew that Nintendo never succeeded Europe. HQ really treated the Japanese fans/non-fans really good and Nintendo fans/gamers in America really bad.

    • Silver


    • Hoshido Defender


  • Takeva

    Yep. I’m super pissed. Everytime the special went in stock, I was at work. Once they sold out so fast they should have ordered more. Now I’ll probably just won’t even bother with the damn game until prices fall.

  • Alex Cole

    At this point of time, I just hate Nintendo.

    • HoistDude

      It is not Nintendo, it is retailers. Actually, it is the pimply Sony and Xbox fanboy media and retail buyers who keep understating the demand for Nintendo games like this.

      Nintendo would certainly not say no to selling more product. But time and time again, retailers under order their stock. What do you want Nintendo to do? Overproduce when stupid retailers are not buying even enough to keep their shelves stocked for a few hours?

      • Ratchet

        It’s Nintendo. Nintendo know that there are a lot of preorders, and Nintendo deliberately make sure that not enough stock is available to keep the price and demand high. They did the same with amiibo. Nintentards are getting more and more pathetic with their excuses.

        • SerpendzNnz

          yea, i couldn’t agree more.
          sure, nintendo got people like that, but its a game company, for god’s sake…
          plus there isn’t really something like overstocking in a game like these.not only is fire emblem one of the best rated games,
          fire emblem awakening was rated 1 for the best 3ds experience game.
          but its also the final game of the serie.
          even the haters are curious.
          and the perment death is gone for the casual players.
          the story is epic, and even months before the release i heard everyone talking about this great game…

          • Rickey Lee

            Fire Emblem Fates isn’t the last Fire Emblem.

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