Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII PS3 vs Xbox 360 Direct-Feed Comparison Shows Parity Among Both

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has just been released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and we have taken direct-feed screenshots straight from both consoles for comparison purpose. Are we finally going to see parity between both consoles?

Final Fantasy XIII made its way to multi-platforms with the release of Final Fantasy XIII on PS3/Xbox 360. Since the game was originally made with PS3 hardware in mind, the game suffered with slightly downgraded graphics and frame rate on the Xbox 360 compared to the PS3. Later, we got a new sequel, which showed similar result on the Xbox 360 compared to the PS3. Are we finally going to get parity between the two platforms now? See the screenshot comparison to determine it yourself.

LR-FFXIII-Comaprison-19-2 LR-FFXIII-Comaprison-19-1 LR-FFXIII-Comaprison-17-2 LR-FFXIII-Comaprison-17-1 LR-FFXIII-Comaprison-18-2 LR-FFXIII-Comaprison-18-1

Note: Click on each image and then click on the “view full size” button to view in full image size.

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  • angh

    I remember when I got myself the ff13-2 on my ps3. Just finished ff13 and wanted to follow the story. When I started game and when I’ve seen the picturr quality I was sure my ps3’s gpu died. Changed back to ff13 but it was beautiful, same as always. This how I learned the method of ‘parity’ done by Square Enix – take inferior version, recreate it on both consoles, and don’t worry about quality loss as long, as x360 version’ sales rising.
    Oh well. Won’t be buying 13-3. I’d rather finish again ff6 or ff9. And with Tales of series and Atelier one i wont be missing good story or good jrpg.