Mad Max Guide: How To Get Golden Tuska Rare Car, Location And Map

Mad Max is an open world post-apocalyptic action game developed by Avalanche Software. It has some rare high value vehicles for the players to locate and drive in the game. One of these rare vehicle is the Golden Tuska. This guide covers its location in the game.

How To Locate Golden Tuska

You can find Golden Tuska in a Scavenging Location in Dry Gustie, as seen in the screenshot below (via reddit).

mad-max-golden-tuska (1)


You will have to return this vehicle to the stronghold once you locate it in order to add it to your vehicle collection in the game.

mad-max-golden-tuska (2) mad-max-golden-tuska (3)


Here is what the in-game description reads for Golden Tuska.

A shiny beast, with power and durability. She can withstand impact damage like pebbles against a rock, but swallows fuel with gusto.

Mad Max is out now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Let us know what you think about this car in the comments below.

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  • Mad Markill

    I love the game (on PC) and realy enjoying it so far (25hours done). Don’t understand people like at Kotku! They’re moaning about nearly every aspect of the game. It’s MAD MAX. The whole beauty of it is Driving, Ramming, Killing Warboys and looting…Game looks very pretty and it’s fun to play.

    • Cptn Flashheart

      The reason why the people at Kotaku are saying what they’re saying is because it’s extremely repetitive. You can’t say it’s Mad Max and use that as an excuse for a very monotonous game. I do like the game but I can also see why it isn’t very well recieved at Kotaku.

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