Mad Max Patch 4 Out Now On PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Full Patch Notes Mention Improved Performance

Warner Bros. Interactive has released the full patch notes of the latest update for Mad Max on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This new updates includes many notables additions and fixes including improved performance and support for Steam controller.

Read the full set of patch notes for this latest update below.

General Updates for All Platforms:

  • Map improvements and fixes.
  • Fixed a problem with a draw bridge’s winch in Great Watcher.
  • Fixed an instance where The Jaw’s locks couldn’t be destroyed.
  • Fixed several issues involving projects in Strongholds
  • Improved performance in several locations
  • Corrected a couple of annoying softlock issues
  • Corrected how Warcriers would suddenly stop doing their job if Max would leave the area and then come back without disposing of them.
  • Fixed a camera problem in some instances
  • Fixed an instance where Insignias wouldn’t be accurately tracked after being destroyed.
  • Polish of collision meshes against the certain terrain and objects
  • Fixed a couple of persistent UI issues
  • Corrected the momentary inability to use Fast Travel after certain Wasteland Missions.
  • General bug fixes

Win64 Specific Updates:

  • Steam Controller support added to the game.
  • Fixed an issue where the Resolution defaulted to a lower setting. Saves should now retain the player selected Resolution.
  • Fixed an issue where overall volume remained low after adjusting Volume settings.
  • Fixed a problem with the Refresh Rate setting being reset to 24hz with the previous patch. Those settings now correctly persist through updates.
  • Fixed a problem with remaining stuck in Jeet’s Stronghold after completing the Dinki-Di’s mission in some cases.
  • Fixed a UI conflict issue for Settings not being saved when selecting an option with the mouse and then using the keyboard to change and confirm the change.
  • Implemented a Virtual Keyboard for when accessing WBPlay credentials fields with a controller.
  • Implemented a smoother loading screen transition across the screens when using a multiple screens display setup.
  • Fixed missing images for certain keyboard functions in the Keymapping Options Menu.
  • Corrected instances where the Pause menu would display incorrect control labels when switching between Keyboard+Mouse controls and a Controller.
  • Fixed a navigation restriction problem after using Escape to exit certain menu panels.
  • Fixed the problem with accessing a Challenge Category once that category was completed.
  • Polished controls in the Map screen to avoid having the “Action” control result in placing a Marker in the map.


Mad Max was developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive. It is the first game in the series based on the popular Mad Max universe by George Miller. It was released on September 1st for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Kobus

    where is the link to download the offline install package ?

  • vegabonzo73

    About time!! Should’ve been fixed a month ago. You know, the more this shit happens for gamers, the more I’m going to start requesting a refund for my defective purchases. It’s ludicrous we allow them to get away with selling us crap only to “fix” it later with a patch.

    • Forkinator

      Oh fuck off, you entitled piece of shit.

      • vegabonzo73

        Entitled? The only thing I’m entitled to is to buy a product that actually works. But I guess you enjoy getting fucked in the ass daily, don’t you faggot?

        • Forkinator

          Depends on your definition of a “product that actually works”

          Trust me, I don’t like it in the butt anymore than you.

          If the game doesn’t work, and there weren’t any promises made by Wb, then you can either get your money back or keep it and wait till it’s fixed. We are paying for whatever is on the disc or program regardless of how we like it or if it “works” for any of us. It’s their product not ours and we can choose not to buy it.