Major Nelson Comments On Xbox One Ban, Ensures It Won’t Be Permanent

It had been quite a thrilling show on the internet when one individual, Moonlightswami, received an Xbox One that he had pre-ordered from Target, two weeks earlier than expected.  Unable to contain his excitement (like any other gamer), he posted pictures and a video of him unboxing his shiny new Xbox One. Apparently, folks at Microsoft weren’t too happy about it and the video was taken down. He gave a lot of new information and shared pictures of the dashboard, gamertags and so on.

Although Moonlightswami purchased the console legitimately, upon connecting the console to the internet he received a console ban which prevents the console from going online. His gamertag, however, was saved from being banned. Sad and enraged at the same time, Moonlightswami tried contacting Microsoft officials about the problem and, in the process, gained many sympathetic followers of his cause.

Larry Hryb, widely known as Major Nelson, caught the on-going issue on Twitter and contacted Moonlightswami, stating that he should DM (Direct Message) Major Nelson on Twitter about the issue.

Major Nelson, then on the popular gaming message board, NeoGAF, posted that he has reached out to the individual and hopefully the issue will be sorted out. He said that the console will not be perma-banned for sure.

This means that Moonlightswami still has hope of his console getting unbanned. Microsoft is very strict with its policies about banning individuals who have either modified their consoles in some way or have violated the Terms and Policies outlined by them. Xbox One’s dev who is certified on Reddit stated that Microsoft reserves the right to ban any unreleased or beta consoles. However, he also hoped that the ban won’t be permanent. As you know anything about Xbox One also reflects on the PlayStation 4 in some way. Many users started sending tweets to Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter, asking whether or not their PlayStation 4 would receive a ban if they connected it to the internet, assuming they received the console earlier than the release date, to which Shuhei Yoshida replied by simply saying “no.”

So as we learned, it is good to raise your voice for your rights. Moonlightswami purchased the console legitimately and hence did not deserve the ban. Its also good to see that Microsoft’s officials have taken notice, have heard Moonlightswami’s plea and will work on helping him sort out the issue.

Stay tuned with us as we report any new development on this story.

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  • freddyonestar

    dev on reddit stfu

  • X1ultimateGamer

    He deserves to be perma-ban plus Sony are liers so that no would change to yes Sony is just doing what it does best ass kiss

    • You are flat out wrong

      Xdrones don’t even like each other. x1ultimateLoser!

    • neko working

      x1ultimateidiot, yeah ! 😀

  • Boyadzhiev

    Yoshida > Microsoft

    • Abba Okoro

      Your actually falling for this Yoshida Marketing spin? LOOL SMH

  • OnlyWar

    PS4 wins again

    • JahFou


    • BillyHoWCR

      Did you just pawn yourself? Killer Instinct says Hello.

  • Major Dickhead

    Wow Larry actually does something good for a change.

  • cubs223425

    It’s funny, when the ban happened, people on dude’s Twitter said they could understand if it’s temporary, until the 22nd. Now it’s said it’s temporary, and the masses are still freaking out.

  • sedrftgyhujikl

    for exemple 100 years is a Temp BAN not Perma BAN…

    • BillyHoWCR

      But stupid is obviously forever.

  • Matt


  • HesOnFire

    I don’t think he was banned just for connecting to live. I’m pretty sure it was because he was leaking info.

    • Lee Rochester

      Ding! Ding! Ding! WE HAVE A WINNER!

      Why people (mostly children) can’t understand that is beyond me.

      • Matt

        He didn’t sign a NDA… Sony isn’t doing it. They are just dicks.

        • Lee Rochester

          If you don’t think Sony would ban him for sharing content they didn’t want out yet, you are sadly mistaken. Don’t let Yoshida’s corporate posturing fool you.

          • Matt

            They are big floppy cocks.

          • Lee Rochester

            Your opinion of Microsoft still doesn’t change the facts. :/

          • Matt

            The ambient noises of what Microsoft have done to this man are reminiscent of someone slapping two peices of steak together repetitively. In other words they F’ed him… They F’ed him and they didn’t even tell him they love him.

          • Lee Rochester

            Banning his console until launch is nothing. They could have banned both his console and his gamertag, and sued his ass for leaking information to the public before launch. They chose to do the easiest and most civilized thing. This was fair.

          • Matt

            Sony would send him flowers and whisper sweet nothings into his ear at least… The best Microsoft can do is keep up with child support.

          • Lee Rochester

            Ha! Ha! Ha! Believe me, Sony would be MORE than happy to tear his ass apart if he did this with the PS4. Like I said before, don’t let corporate posturing fool you. They would have no problem stepping on him like an ant.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Love it when the “Sony too!” Xdrone losers get humiliated. ^_^

          • cubs223425

            In all honesty, I don’t think Sony would do it. MAYBE if it happened to them first, but if someone started leaking stuff today, they wouldn’t ban him because they let Microsoft make all of the dumb mistakes they would have done, given the opportunity, then backtrack on them before they see the light of day.

          • Boyadzhiev

            Them Japanese are happy folk, they don’t mind if someone gets a product of their early and enjoys them. That is a testament to the quality of a product.

          • cubs223425


            That has nothing to do with product quality. That has to do with not having the worst P.R. department on the planet.

          • Boyadzhiev

            Microsoft has a PR department?

          • cubs223425

            Yeah, its goal is to not clarify things while causing general chaos and angering customers.

          • Lee Rochester

            I talked to a guy that got his PS4 early. He said that Sony made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that there would be immediate ramifications if he leaked info about the console on the web. Im telling you, they would be more than happy to do what Microsoft did (if not worse) to him.

          • cubs223425

            Maybe so, but I think that after this, it wouldn’t happen.

        • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

          he accepted terms and condition by plugin it in and by signing in.

          • Matt

            Draconian TOS…

            Dude couldn’t even play COD offline which was ridiculous… resorting to playing COD I mean.

        • Brandon Hofer

          I hope one of these days you actually learn how the real world and business works.

          • Matt

            Just like prison. Dur.

  • BillyHoWCR

    Damn it Larry is using my avatar!!!! Thief… I ban you! Msg me if you want to discuss getting unbanned. 😛

    • Filip Vukelic


      • Jessenia Lopez

        I want a cookie

        • I want a cookie too.

        • vlad

          i want your cookie 😉

          • Filip Vukelic


    • X1ultimateGamer


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