Mass Effect: Andromeda 4K vs. 1080p Screenshot Comparison On PS4 Pro

EA DICE recently held a presentation on the 4K checkerboard rendering for the PS4 Pro. The presentation covered an already released game, Battlefield 1, along with the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda.

While most of the presentation deals with with the tech that goes behind the 4K checkerboard rendering method utilized by the PS4 Pro, we also get an interesting look at how Mass Effect: Andromeda appears to render on the PS4 Pro, as well as a comparison between the different resolutions modes that it supports. You can check out a comparison between 1080p and 4K resolution below.

Frostbite Engine is used to power Mass Effect: Andromeda and the same engine is used in Battlefield 1, which runs at a checkerboard 1800p rendering resolution on the PS4 Pro. This resolution appears to be more than enough to fit the rendering load of the engine with a stable frame rate as explained in the presentation conducted by Graham Wihlidal of Frostbite Labs.

The developer then explains that with the PS4 Pro, Sony added some features that made it easier to render at a resolution higher than 1080p and thus their solution of rendering a game at checkerboard 1800p was born. They also initially tried to run the game without any method at native 1800p and the result was the frame time failed to meet their target.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be available on March 21st for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game supports 1800p checkerboard resolution on the PS4 Pro while it will run at 1080p on the regular PS4 and 900p on the Xbox One.

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  • Exitium

    I don’t know what’s up with these supposed “1080p” screenshots, but they actually look 720p or even lower. 1080p doesn’t look anywhere near that bad on PC, and in fact looks closer to the “1800p” console screenshots.

  • TallBearNC

    I have both consoles. So a Sony/ms pissing contest is irrelevant

    • Germanicus .

      Even if you don’t have both its irrelevant. I Don’t understand the animosity toward people who use another game console. makes no sense.

  • Eliezer Barreto

    Lol 1600 x900p has 1,440,000 millions pixels and 3200 x 1800p has 5,760,000 millions pixels wtf is said is only double the resolution. Damm

    • Edonus

      It doesnt really work that… it exponential.

      Say you have and image that is 1000 pixels. You are thinking that another image 2000 pixels would double the resolution….. You would be wrong

      In order to double the image quality 4000 pixels.

      If you do the math you would find that what you have is exactly double the image quality.

  • Mark Reed

    Thing is the PRO is a bit under powered, its nice and all, but its just the machine we should have got 1st time.
    Now everyone goes on about Scorpio, yeah it will be nice, but like the PRO, only some studios will want to make a better version/afford to spend time money on making better version.
    MS is late to the party, Sony sales are way ahead, they will move to PS5 before MS, yes MS will be able to wait and bring out a better machine, but are people going to wait for it?
    We all want new tech, the latest thing, if MS wait too long after PS5, Sony will be way in the lead again.
    Best thing MS could do is just move on to next full machine in a year or two, get ahead of PS5 (whenever that will be)

    • Eddie Battikha

      With the Exclusives that Sony will be pumping out the next 2 years I easily See PS5 Fall 2019 A True 4K Gaming Console.

      • shinningserpent

        More like 2021 enjoy your week machine.

        • Eddie Battikha

          Learn how to spell little boy, it’s weak not week dummy. Stay in school fool.

    • andy

      There was nothing wrong with a GDD5 architecture console in 2013. The CPU is where it was lacking and it still is in the Pro. Mark Cerny said 4 years ago at the PS4 reveal that when making games for the console, devs should offload CPU tasks on the GPU.

      This is what devs on PS4 exclusives have been doing and it shows since the console launched. Its the 3rd party games that suffer on PS4 this gen as a result of devs doing their own thing or designing their game engine on Xbone’s flawed ddr3/eSRAM bottlenecked system first to make sure the console will be able to run the game.

      • Edonus

        All of your Xbox One information is wrong. All games on the X1 and Ps4 start at x86 PC architecture and moved over to the consoles. Ps4 has an easy set up so the transfer is easy…… The X1 has a little bit different set up so its more steps to get it running the same. It usually can be done but its not business savvy to put more time in on one version f the same game.

        The X1 has a better CPU set up than the Ps4 so engine that are CPU intensive work better on the X1….. Lucky for Sony most game engines are not. The big problem is that this gen actually doesnt have that many new engines. Most of the game engines are carried over from last gen. The ddr3/eSram doesnt have to be a bottleneck…… Look at Gears of War 4….. it runs better than Uncharted 4. Both campaigns are 1080p30fps……. Gears MP is 1080p60fps, Uncharted 4 is 900p60fps (some of that has to do with the cloud but still).

        • C. Hoffer

          Some corrections:
          The X1 has a measly 175mhz faster cpu than the original PS4. That does not make it ‘better’. It makes it marginally faster.
          The PS4 is not ‘lucky’ that it uses game engines that focus on the GPU vs CPU. Proper game development should be pushing graphics to the GPU.
          The X1 has to use the CPU more as they don’t have the proper memory to GPU bandwidth required AND they suffer from the whole tiny (and extremely limiting) ESDRAM issue.

          On games:
          Gears 4 is an impressive game but it is nowhere near as expansive or immersive (environment/scope/size) as Uncharted 4. Gears always looks and feels like you are in a canyon, whereas Uncharted is like looking off a mountain into lush valleys that you actually visit without a loading screen.

          • Edonus

            Corrections for the corrections:
            Being 175mhz means that it will handle more cpu actions in the same amount of time thus better.

            “Proper game development” is to big of a generalization. In games that have lots of NPCs and full worlds like Dead Rising 3 and AC Unity goals are different. The X1 isnt using CPU in place of GPU (thats silly they are 2 different things that do 2 different tasks) The X1 actually has a higher memory bandwidth than the Ps4. the Problem is the GPU has less resources (which really isnt that big) and coding needs to be optimized for the eSram and since they are still using last gen engines for the most part the optimization isnt there.

            On Games:

            Uncharted just has good story telling its not as expansive as it seems the immersion is part of the story design. It has set pieces like COD games and most of them play like on rail missions and QTEs.
            Gears actually has a better game design with stronger gameplay. It has more strategy and consequence…. not to mention full co op campaign.
            The Gears MP and Horde modes are leaps and bounds beyond Uncharted 4s, its not even fair to compare how much better they are than Uncharted 4s offerings. thats why there is still a very heavy community playing the Gears MP and not so much on Uncharted 4.

          • C. Hoffer

            CPU – It does not handle more CPU commands, it finishes them faster. In the absolute best case scenario, it would be 9.1% faster. In real world coding that translates to about 2-4% at best.

            MEMORY- On the memory, the One absolute does not have more bandwidth. It has a tiny burst bandwidth that has actually hampered performance. There are a huge amount of sites that go into a lot of detail on how poor the Xbox one is regarding this issue. Here is one example:

    • shinningserpent

      except the devs of mass effect already said their making a Scorpio version fuck face.

      • C. Hoffer

        Who cares if they make provide a patch? I’m getting a Scorpio…so what. By the time the Scorpio comes out the millions of fans that purchased the Mass Effect will have beaten it.

    • C. Hoffer

      I have a Pro and am loving it! It gets better with every new game that supports it and firmware upgrade that helps speed up older non-patched titles. On
      That being said I will be dumping my garbage X1S at EBGAMES for a Scoprio.

      And for the record I really like the look OneS, I just wish it had the horsepower. :/
      I play Recore, Quantum Break, Borderlands 1 (360 emul) & 2 (handsome collection) and everything lags and chugs on the simplest things, the list goes on. Simply put, the game play experience is terrible when I compare it to both of my PS4/Pro systems.
      I’m looking forward to Scorpio but in the meantime, I haven’t been sitting on my hands waiting for it. I’ve been enjoying as much as possible on the PS4 side of things.

  • justerthought

    1800p vs 900p

    A world apart.

    • KnightRaven

      Graphics don’t make a game alone.

      • Masato Indou

        yep, for what it’s worth we’ll be saying the same things as you after the “project scorpio” drops 😉

      • andy

        We know that’s why we have games like Until Dawn, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4, Alienation, Horizon Zero Dawn, Gravity Rush 2 and Bloodborne. These are games that all look awesome at native resolutions and performance expected of this gen (lol maybe not Bloodborne with that crappy Souls engine) AND are all a blast to play too.
        I guess having the best of both worlds just doesn’t exist to some people.

      • TallBearNC

        For me.. they do

    • glass87onion

      8 core Zen CPU, 6TF Vega GPU, 12GB GDDR5
      Enjoy your time, PS4-PRO will be outdated when Scorpio comes out

      • Bilal Prince-Ali

        out dated…? but still delivering us games that look like Horizon.. ahahah please understand it’s not about the tech it’s about the talent.. Something Microsoft are DEARLY lacking… PC doesn’t even have the games that look Like Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn OR The Last Of Us Part 2… so what makes you think the ‘talent’ at microsoft with their 3 home studios can do anything about it ahahah.. foool!!!

        And dont forget multiplat games cater to the LOWEST common denominator and NOT the highest.. so regardless we’ll be getting 4k games across both systems! where the dfference will be is in draw distance, lighting texture quality.. THAT’S the stuff you blind Xbox fanboys should be celebrating you fools loool…

        Either way it’s gonna cost you an arm and a leg and all you’ll run on it is your annual Forza game and an interchange of Halo and Gears.. so enjoy yourself kids :)… PATHETIC!

        • glass87onion

          Nintendo said the same stuff with the Wii-U

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            what…. :S

            When..? link me or keep it moving young man…

      • Eddie Battikha

        Thats true, but PlayStation has so many exclusives coming out in the next 2 years and with their Commanding lead the 6 Teraflops Scorpio wont matter.

        • Gene

          So many exclusives… how did you know? And exclusives will never replace multiplatform games.

          • Eddie Battikha

            Gran Turismo Sport, Knack 2, Spiderman, God of War 4 , Detroit Become Human, Days Gone, Death Stranding I can keep going Buddy Boy.

          • Gamez Rule

            My wallet awaits ☺

        • Edonus

          But all of Ps4 games are 90% cheap one offs. No communities or activity. Its just play through, finish, move on. That is fine sometimes but Sony needs to step it up with their community based games with some legs.

          All Ps4 games are normally dead with in a week or 2. I plan on playing Sea Of Thieves heavy for at least 3 months solid, same with State of Decay, same with Crackdown 3, Throw in some Cuphead, Mass Effect, RE7 Halo Wars 2(for about 2 months)….. the years is full.

          Nioh, Nier, Gravity Rush, Horizon, Detroit, and the Uncharted expansion is only about 3 to 4 months worth entertainment together.

      • Bryce Bensing

        probably excavator not zen, which is the desktop version of the jaguar, or maybe puma, which is the upgraded jaguar. …but the gpu is most likely vega at 6TF

      • Bryce Bensing

        also i dont think the pro will be outdated as the scorpio, for better or worse is going to be like the pro. just an upgrade option. They stated they wanted to keep your current xbox library, and with the news of further integration of windows 10 gaming, i think they will position it as a premium console, below a pc, but better than xbox one s. since this gen, with x86-64 chips instead of super custom ones, i think we’re nearing the end of defined console generations. just more improvements and tiered consoles. There will be no scorpio exclusive just as the pro doesnt.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Horizon Zero Dawn plays and looks Awesome on my PS4 Pro and LGB6. With the Exclusives that Sony will be pumping out in the next 2 years I for sure see PS5 A True 4K Gaming Console Launching Fall 2019.

      • andy

        Its stunning on standard PS4 too. 🙂

        • Eddie Battikha

          Ya it sure is, we’re gonna enjoy awesome exclusives over the next 2 years.

      • C. Hoffer

        Running Horizon on a Pro on my Samsung 8500 (2016) and love it!

    • andy

      And since the Scorpio will be sharing its games with launch Xbones, all these people who have been telling us for years that resolution and fps don’t matter can now proof it to us by not bothering to buy a Scorpio since THAT is the only features its going to be bringing to the table for them.

      Unless of course the excuse for getting it is simply for VR (that ISN’T a reason to have even a standard PS4 but is now THE reason to buy a Scorpio).

      • Edonus

        And all the people that went out and bought Ps4s because the games look better should be upgrading to Scorpios.

        The other reason someone would want a Scorpio is if they have a 4k tv. If you have a 4k tv or plan on getting one the Scorpio is the only real 4k console games and movies.

        • C. Hoffer

          Don’t forget the game libraries and exclusives. I have a One S but only bought it for Gears 4 and co-op play with my daughter. I do like the backward compatibility with the 360 as there was a ton of Gold free games I never finished. I loved my 360.
          A current advantage with the One is that the market is smaller and as a result the game prices drop so much faster than the PS4. I pick Xbox exclusives and games that are not graphically demanding and I get cheaper games. 🙂 Still swapping it out soon. The difference is that with the PS4 I kept the old system as my backup-secondary. The One S just isn’t worth keeping at all.

          • Edonus

            You must not have or plan on getting a second 4ktv. I was thinking about swapping my X1S for the Scorpio to but I plan on getting another 4k TV. The convenience of having a full console in my bedroom and a 4k player is well worth the one hundred and some change dollars I might get from a trade in.

          • C. Hoffer

            When my daughter comes to visit we do split screen. She has my old 360 (which I loved) so for anything like Borderlands we do co-op via internet. That means my OneS and PS4Pro run off of my one 4K screen.
            I would love to have a second 4k screen, but I only buy the best possible and in Canada that means a start point of $2k for a 55″. I refuse to buy any of the TV’s that compromise too much (e.g. burn in, low 2020 color support, high input lag, poor software updates, crappy remote/controls, etc.) My next 4K will likely be in about 4 years during the move to 8k, when 4K should be at its pinnacle of support, HDR will be a long matched memory and even the Dolby version will be a standard supported item.

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