Mass Effect Andromeda Day One Patch Alters Default Female Ryder Face – Report

Mass Effect Andromeda has received some controversy over its facial animations and character models, especially the default Female Ryder and her equivalent male sibling, who feature pre-defined presets for character creation in the game.

While there is no confirmation of this rumor, a new theory posted on reddit suggests that the day one patch can potentially change the look of the default Female Ryder. This can be seen in the video of a Mass Effect Andromeda playthrough on a regular PS4 without day one patch. This was a livestream of the game which means there was no editing being done here and the default Sara Ryder featured here has some visual features that are different in the final game with day one patch installed.

The game gives us the option to pick up a default preset for either a male or female version of the main character and the video linked above shows some curious different between both version of the game. The character model is slightly different in the original video that is being played without a day one patch while it appears to have been changed in the final game with day one patch, for some unknown reason.

Another comparison with early access version on the Xbox One shows some minor visual difference between both versions of the game.

It is still too early to speculate on the changes and since the game isn’t available to purchase yet, we can’t really compare it to see if the visual changes are indeed there without day one patch. Still, it is worth mentioning here considering there is a lot of criticism over the design of the Female Ryder in the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be released on March 21st for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Black Knigth

    It look absolutely boring now

  • Batlord

    They just changed her from White to sort-of Asian or Hispanic. Way to go (((Bioware))).

    Honestly, I didn’t think she actually looked that bad. Plain, but sort of cute in an slightly unusual way. Default Femshep in ME1 was worse.

  • William Fenton

    There are two explanations.

    Either it’s a bug and it has reset the face to that awful early build, or they have deliberately made her more ugly.

  • ManWithAnOpinion

    Poor facial animations is the least of the issues with the game. If that was the only thing wrong with it, most reasonable people would let it slide. Look around on the web and I’m sure you can find a real review that covers everything and not just one relatively insignificant flaw.

  • Daniel Deggerone

    Man, Sara Ryder is unfuckingplayable. Ugly as fuck! Smelling-fart face!!!

    • ManWithAnOpinion

      And previous Shepherd characters weren’t? You must be blind.

  • David Pechacek

    Left looks like typical video game with too much lighting and too shiny of skin. Right looks far better.

  • suli559

    I’m enjoying this epic game and im happy most of you wont pick it up because i want you all to miss out on such an incredibly fun game, your loss children.

    • maxleresistant

      Good for you, you bitter old fart.

      I’ll buy it when it’s finished and cheaper

      • suli559

        Good for you, enjoy our leftovers in a year then lmao

        • maxleresistant

          Don’t worry I will. Especially when the “leftovers” taste better patched.

          • suli559

            Lmao, enjoy the crumbs and tiny bits and pieces left when you buy it, oh and goodluck when you get overwhelmed after joining the online mode and seeing people lightyears ahead of you in progress XD XD. Classic case of denial denial. Oh and another thing, keep crying, faggot XD XD XD

          • maxleresistant

            Oh man, I get it now, you are a little 11 yo. Blocked 😀

          • suli559

            Boo fucking hoo XD XD keep crying little bitch

          • maxleresistant

            Yeah poor me. I learned how not to behave like a little shit on the internet.
            When you finally hit puberty and look back on how much a ridiculous brat you were, you’ll know. Meanwhile, you should get a life.

          • suli559

            Like i give a shit if you care about Good internet behavior, the joke is on you cus I’m enjoying seeing you rage like a little crying faggot.
            I’m a fine young 27 year old man with a very nice comfortable life that allows me to happily do whatever i want to do. You on the other hand are a butthurt kid who can’t handle the internet. Now piss off, I have some crazy ass gaming to do this night, too bad you wont be joining us in andromeda 🙁

          • Mandalore

            I don’t play Mass Effect for the online aspect. I’d rather play it when it’s fixed though, or ill grab it at the bottom of the discount bin.

          • Keyser Soze

            That doesnt even make sense. In a year there will actually be MORE content, because they will have released all the DLC for it. Video games dont get “used up” with time. Are you high?

          • suli559
        • ManWithAnOpinion

          Does it hurt to be so stupid?

      • scottishplrbear

        keep crying, faggot

        • maxleresistant

          aaaaaaaand blocked. What a great and useful Disqus option

          • scottishplrbear


    • ManWithAnOpinion

      What an idiot.

    • Black Knigth

      nah, you have luck to like shit

      • suli559

        Go get an education first and then come talk to me in normal English that i can understand.

        What the hell does “nah, you have luck to like shit” even mean. Which cotton field did they pull you from

  • WitWolfy

    At least they fixed it!

  • spideynut71

    The problem is the animations, NOT the character models/details. WTF is the point of fixing her face, if you can choose the custom option, make her look as ugle/goofy as you want…and STILL have the horrible facial and skeletal animations??

  • Lecrazy

    Shame. She was really cute before. She’s ugly as hell now.

  • NOh

    “If you go offline on your console and install from disc (EA access does not work since it does a full digital install) and do a quick start (not character create), the default female Ryder sister is VERY different from the day one patch Ryder:” Someone wrote it on another forum. Can someone check it?

  • Chris

    Patched it on pc today, they’ve changed some eye movement in the early game cutscenes at least, looks better. Sarah still looks mostly the same, but not as wonky

  • Kalan Isley

    Always a shame to see the fall of a company that was once held in such high regard.

    • JC

      My 2005 self is crying right now

  • Slacker28

    Eye color is also different.