Mass Effect Andromeda Patch 1.05 Greatly Improves Default Sara Ryder, Comparison Inside [Update]

Bioware has released the first major update for Mass Effect Andromeda after its launch last month. This new patch updates the game to version 1.05 and among the improvements are one major change that completely transforms the look of some of the key characters.

While Bioware is still working on improving the facial animation, the latest update has improved the eyes for the main characters making them look much more human instead of their robot-like model that had dead eyes syndrome.

The default female Sara Ryder model appears to have received a massive face lift and now looks much better. You can check it out in the images below, courtesy of reddit.

Just as a reminder, here is how she looked at launch without this latest update.

There was an earlier rumor that her appearance was tweaked in the day one patch although it hasn’t been verified yet. Atleast we can confirm that the latest patch does improve her facial details making her look more natural.

You can check out the more improvement in facial details in the images below courtesy of NeoGAF user Harlequin.

The improvements are not related to just the eyes but the skin textures have also been tweaked. It remains to be seen if there are improvements to the actual facial animations but atleast the main characters now resemble humans and not some alien robots.

Update: Here is another great comparison shared by reddit user VirgelFromage.

Mass Effect Andromeda is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Let us know if you have noticed any improvement in the comments below.

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  • Mike G.

    They don’t look like they’re from the show “Humans” anymore. The eyes are definitely more alive, and that makes a huge difference.

  • MiamiBeachMedMan

    Forget about fixing Sara’s eyes, I want a patch for her thighs…..not thick enough.

  • It looks like they were going for Wood Elf with Sarah Ryder at first, but now they’ve decided Chinese was a better bet.

  • We’re just lucky Bioware didn’t cry YOLO and replace every single female face with Lena Dunham. Although I suppose it would’ve worked for Kesh.

    • dzsozi30


  • Except for the twins, Fallout 4 had better faces.

    I was going to say Oblivion, but that would be too far.

  • Please tell me Ryder is sexier now. Both of them, as I am sexually attracted to both. Also, screw the SJWs.

  • Jim of the Banana

    That’s definitely an improvement but sadly bioware is still infested with parasitic Sjws. Until an ointment is applied to deal with this horrible affliction, I fear I won’t get a copy of this game.

    • hector

      the game is fun as hell your loss

      • Completely agree with dr. hector, this game is an absolute blast to play. Having so much fun.
        The animations are wierd and fcked up i agree (this applies mainly to cutscenes dialogue) and story delivery can do with alot of work, honestly it feels the quality of the cut scenes are like alpha quality.
        The gameplay though? AWESOME I want every new Mass Effect to use this gameplay model as its foundation with some tweaks (like more abilities to use in one go like 5 or so).
        Give Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 remade with this engine and freedoms <3

      • Jim of the Banana

        Lol there are better games out there.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      Sorry what is Sjws?

      • ZIGMER

        It means, Social Justice Warrior. EA has been infested with them for years.

        • MiamiBeachMedMan

          The only people who still use that term are those who are out of touch with reality, and don’t realize that common decency and civilization as a whole are better served by inclusion and acceptance, and not calling others names because they don’t agree or fall in line with your own myopic view of the world.

          • bellingerga

            Trump voters tend to throw around the Term SJW as an insult. really all it means is people who believe in equality and are against intolerance and racism. Aka if you see someone say “SJW” in a negative way, its probably one of those self loathing conservative white kids who thinks white people are oppressed.

          • Stefan Haynes

            SJW actually used to be a pretty useful term for over-reactionary kneejerk tumblr dweebs, taking any excuse to get their outrage rocks off. Sadly, like the term “virtual signalling,” the idiots got hold of it and is now used to describe anyone who dares show even the least bit of compassion towards anyone even the least bit different from yourself.


          • dzsozi30

            Somebody who gets it…

          • dzsozi30

            I’m sorry, what?! SJWs are real. Get out of your purple bubble and face the real world. I’m not saying that the game is bad due to SJWs or that the game is bad in the first place. I actually liked it. But SJWs are existing entities. (I call them entities because I don’t even look at them as humans. They’re like subhuman level in stupidity and aggression.)

          • Travis Romig

            +MiamiBeachMedMan If SJWs are not real why did Trump become president and how are the BLM rioters not in prison? Oh look there is a cop car not burning should we call the BLM? I haven’t decided which gender I want to be today, I’m gender fluid so expect me to be in the rest room with you.

        • DEVILTAZ35 .

          Ok thanks , what does it mean though as it is not a term i have heard of before?

      • Raziel Galizur

        Social Justice Warriors.

      • Allen K. Hollinger

        It’s the opposite of WPRs

    • c x

      Your mom wanted to know if you were coming up for dinner or whether she should just leave the food at the top of the basement stairs again.

    • bellingerga

      the only infestation is the internet being full of trolls and idiots like Jim of the Banana

  • Kenny

    Starting to look so much better. Still work to be done but they’re getting it.

  • Bob Lee

    It seems that overall lighting, coloring, and shading are better as well (ps4). More npcs have proper hair too. Better.

    • DEVILTAZ35 .

      That is going to be improved much further too which is cool

  • Hans Wurst

    Please don’t buy thus before it’s 20 bucks

    • hector

      fuck off this game is awesome already got 55 hours out of it and I don’t think am even half way done.

      • I’m at Level 81 I think. I took a few days off to play this game.

      • DEVILTAZ35 .

        The game is massive, now that the sound patches and mission glitches appear to be fixed i’ll try it again over the weekend.

      • WitWolfy

        Agreed, I’m like 27 hours in and i’m only 32% done with the game

  • Felipe

    hmm.. not wet

    • Ubbe

      Wow Sarah Looks better this is a good Start