May’s Xbox Live Games with Gold Possibly Includes Lifeless Planet For The Xbox One – Report [Update]

Xbox Live Games with Gold for the month of May hasn’t been official confirmed yet but an earlier tweet by the developer has hinted at their game being a part of the Games with Gold lineup for May.

Update: Xbox Live Games with Gold for May 2015 have been officially revealed and you can check them out from here.

Lifeless Planet is indie exploration game that is set on a barren planet. Players assume the role of an Astronaut as they explore this planet and discover the secrets within it. You can check it out in action in the video below.

Lifeless Planet is set to release on the Xbox One this week. Judging from one of the tweet made by the developer, it could be a part of the Games with Gold lineup for the Xbox One.



The developer was asked when the game is coming to the Xbox One and his reply can be read below.

The developer didn’t specifically mention Games with Gold but it won’t be surprising to see it being a part of the lineup in May. Microsoft has the tendency to include brand new indie games in Games with Gold like with IDRAB and Chariot.

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  • MajikNinja

    Well surprise surprise… not in games with gold for May…. I’d say thank fuck for that but the line up next month is so bad it’s like saying you’ll put your dick in a blender knowing it’s not plugged in but someone’s plugged it in and your over tip deep and now you have a mangina… that’s how bad gwg is in May…. worse than losing a penis

  • Jordan Shorette

    I’d like to see oddworld this game looks alright but just like everyyyyy other gwg game I’ll download it play it for five minutes regret downloading it then forget about it

  • Richard M Duncan

    I hope its not in gwg

  • skilledwar man

    I’m still hoping it will be the Shovel Knight port, if not this month then next.

  • Jake Brown

    “Lifeless planet is set to release this week”
    “This week will be a very good one for Lifeless Planet fans”

    I think he’s probably just talking about it’s release, if he had said “this month will be a very good one” then maybe, but i doubt it’ll be on GWG unfortunately.

    • Jack Brown

      Sotry I don’t know u but my name is Jack brown kinda crazy right