Mercenary Kings Patch 1.01 Released, Addresses ‘Online Stability’ Issue

Mercenary Kings has just received a brand new patch for the PS4. This patch aims to fix many of the issues faced by gamers after its launch on the PSN this week.

While Mercenary Kings might be a free game for the PlayStation Plus subscribers in April, it unfortunately had issues mainly with its audio, loading, and online. This new patch, which is about 49 MB in size, aims to fixes most of them. Your PS4 will automatically download this patch(in standby) so the next time you play the game, and find it performing much better, don’t be surprised.


The patch log mentions ‘Online Stability’ so hopefully those who had issues with it earlier can now play it without them.

Have you updated to this latest version of Mercenary Kings? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Arjan

    After the update i can’t play invite only sessions anymore with a friend.