Metal Gear Solid V Patch 1.07 Is Live, Adds Challenge Tasks And New Weapons/Emblems

Konami has released the latest update for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on almost all the major platforms. This new update also comes with Patch 1.02 for Metal Gear Online. It adds challenges tasks, new emblems, new items and the ability to build a fourth FOB Base.

This new patch is around 710 MB on PS4 and 400 MB on Steam.

Konami has detailed the patch notes for this latest update in December. You can read it below.

  • Custom FOB camera and mine placement
  • FOB Mission Event: The Skulls Attack
  • Raiden and Cyborg Ninja outfits available in FOBs
  • Challenge Tasks
  • Security Challenge: Advanced Player FOB missions
  • Newly added Grade 9 weapons shake up mission tactics!
  • Earn new rewards with Event Points
  • New customization feature, Nameplates have been added
  • New colors and camo patterns added to FOBs
  • New Emblems
  • Unlockable Fourth FOB


In addition to these new additions, there are some other additional features included in this update.

  • It’s now possible to add players you want to support directly from your friends list.
  • Added diversified ranking conditions and set time period functionality to rankings to broaden comparative stats.
  • Added a tab that allows you to matchmake with players of a higher rank than you.
  • Implemented various other improvements, balance adjustments, and bug fixes.
  • Adjusted mission score parameters.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is out now on PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Let us know what you think about this new update in the comments below.

  • Nero Nocturne Orion

    Out of curiosity, those new weapon development upgrades, do they take real time or play time to develop? I mean, fucking 5 to 12 days is just absurdly long and I don’t even know if my Brennan LRS-46 needs the latest upgrade.

  • Othmane Z-f

    i still get the 10003 error after the last update on ps3 i dont know what to do ??? help please

  • Sir Surr

    So I need help, my friend and I were messing around on his FOB and I was visitings so we were going to mess around. Then I cqc’d him thinking it would only knock him out but I lost 500 heroism points (no big deal) but now I cant visit his base, I even went over and followed him again but it still wont work, any help?

  • Cyril Meriño

    The update is asking for fob… But it is installed…

  • Gabriel Lawton

    This update made me rich in gmp, resources, s ranked soldiers, and vehicles! Upon post update play I noticed many of the challenges from the new update were completed! So I claimed rewards for probably over a hundred different challenges! I now have over 100x the gmp that I had! It rewarded me generously in all of the different types of resources! Funny thing is It made me press “select” on every reward so I haven’t even claimed them all yet…

  • Nathan Josephs

    It’s now possible to add players you want to support directly from your friends list. <wtf took so long.

  • George Carter

    I’m gonna grab my real riffle & shoot at a crowd.

  • George Carter

    Wtf I can’t play

  • Tapan Shah

    I went to my notifications on my PS4 and it said 1.07 downloaded but when I try to do FOB missions or go online, it says that it is unavailible. When it tries to redirect me to the playstation store to get my content, it says that the content cannot be selected at this time… Please Help!

    • bibble687

      Try it now.

      • Tapan Shah

        I did but you gotta download two things and its confusing, a DLC and Online Update 1.01

        • Tapan Shah

          it’s over 1.3 GBS of data wtf Konami

  • George Carter


    • bibble687

      Same thing happened to me, seems to be up on psn now.

    • Tapan Shah

      it works

  • George Carter

    Wtf I need my fix

  • George Carter

    For 6 hours I can’t get online. I already downloaded new patch. Keeps telling me to go to the store so I do it says I purchased it already. Can sum1 help me please.

  • George Carter

    I can’t get online it says go to p.s store download the new upgrade but it says can’t download content at this time

  • Phantom Snake

    Them Challenge Rewards..
    I got a lot of things….but it keeps saying that im at a max of ”items”. I don’t undertand. I just wanted the GMP and it said something bout being at max. Can someone explain?

    • Kenneth Cypret

      For some reason, it’s your GMP being maxed. Spend some, then redeem some more.

  • yukon_74

    I can’t even play now since last night’s upgrade to 1.07. Online 1.02 , can’t even find. Still downloads 1.0. Tpp unavailable. Deleted and now get to start over…. fking fuming

  • now weapons take 5 days , konami can go $@#% themselves

  • Eethan O’Connell

    It’s been over a month since the Nov 10th update and I still haven’t unlocked the grade 8 tranq sniper rifle… Too many resources, team level is too high and then after getting all that achieved you have to wait 12 days while the rifle “develops” IE, unlocks.
    No thanks for the grade 9 weapons. I’m not going to purchase another FOB and then wait a month to gather up all the supplies needed and then the 3 weeks to develop them.
    I’m not going to get sucked into your microtransaction vortex.