Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: Check Out How It Looks On PS3 In These Direct-Feed Screenshots

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  • Ian Bash

    To all of you guys saying this game should be released only for PS4 and XO. FUCK YOU BITCHES. This game was released even before those next gen consoles came out and you ain’t got nothin to do bout it FUCKTARDS . PS3 & X360 Gamers out there, Let’s rise up homies.

  • stuey-mgs( mgs vet 28 years)

    you moaning bastards ..IT OUT AT LAST!!!!.. id be happy to play this on the fucking ps1!!!, welcome to outer heaven.

  • Kronos0999

    Good work Kojima. However I’m glad I’m going to get it on PS4.

  • Aaron

    mgs4 looks better in my opinion.

  • Really great and nice of them to release TPP for the last gen consoles.

  • Wielkimati

    How was the framerate on ps3, by the way?

  • Ahmad Waseem

    I need your opinion.
    Since I don’t have a next gen console at the moment I would like know if I should play this game on my PS3 or should wait to get a ps4 and experience this on a next gen console?
    What do you guys recommend?

    • Wait for the PS4. It is the only right choice to experience this masterpiece.

      • banshee599

        Too be honest, if it’s out on PS3, get it on PS3. Yes it’s paired back, but at least you don’t have to spend about 500$ to play it with better graphics. I have a PS4 too, I would just recommend getting a PC. Sony isn’t offering much in exclusives to justify a PS4 purchase at least right now.

      • Endrit Selimaj

        You mean the PC is the only ‘right’ choice to experience this masterpiece.

        • I disagree. Unless you want out to miss out on Metal Gear Online, which won’t be out on PC until next year.

          • Endrit Selimaj

            My friend, as much as I love the plethora of multiplayer games that are already out this year and continuing to come out, MGS is solely a single player experience, to me at least. I know I am not the only one, I am also not a fool into thinking that everybody thinks like me. It just irked me when you said that the PS4 was the only right choice. Hence me putting right in ‘…’ . As an owner of a PS4, Xbox One and a self-built beast of a PC, your comment stood out in a very negative way. No System is the right/wrong choice. People aren’t fortunate enough to own all systems like some of us, so Ahmad Wasseem should get it on his ps3 instead of waiting to have more money and playing it on your favorite and only “right” choice for MGS:TPP. Good day.

        • the only right choice to experience this game is on a Sony platform

      • Mr Jack

        Ps4 all the way! I don’t doubt it will look good on other consoles but I have to play it on the best available console!

    • Ahmad Waseem

      Yes! You’re right! The only reason i am not buying a PS4 right now is because it isn’t offering much in exclusives to justify its purchase. Maybe i’ll get it when Uncharted 4 comes out.

  • andy

    Looks even better than its reveal in September 2012 at TGS when people said there was no way it was current gen.
    Funny, anybody who played MGS4 in 2008, they knew that Kojima Productions would easily be able to accomplish more at the end of the console’s life.

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