Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain digital preload is live on PSN

Kojima Productions’ open world stealth-action game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, has already broken street date in many regions, and physical copies of the PS4 and Xbox One version are now out in the wild. Though, those who opted for the digital version will have to wait until the game’s official release. Starting now, however, owners of the digital version can now begin to preload the game on PSN. The game will unlock at exactly 9pm PST on August 31.


The download weights a total of about 27GB, so there should be enough time for the download to complete prior to the game’s launch. That said, should the download not complete by 9pm PST on August 31, PS4 owners will have the option to begin playing while the download progresses in the background.

Meanwhile, the preload for the Xbox One version has been available on Xbox Live for quite some time now. It’s indeed a little odd to see it happen this late for PS4 owners.

If you’ve been waiting for your digital copy of The Phantom Pain to begin preloading on PSN, fire up your PS4 and get downloading.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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  • Jeff

    If you go to the game where you go to buy it, if you already preordered there’s a timer if you click on any that timer it’ll also download the full game, the update and the theme for your ps4.

  • Elite-Pro-Gamer3

    Hey dudes ive found out how you can start to dowload The Phantom Pain if you pre-ordered the digital version instead of disc, go onto your Library along your app click on there scroll down and it should appear click onit and there will be a button saying download.. and the stress will be over for you :)… p.s im from the U.K

  • Yannic Besten

    this counts for holland and other country’s as well?

  • Travis Copeland

    Hey how come the download only says 4.7gb?

    • The full download will be 27 GB. The initial download is just 4.7 GB and the rest will be downloaded in the background.

  • Christopher Hull

    yea in uk here pre load hasnt even started for me got all dlc but no game tried the downloading free dlc trick but nothing

    • Dan Tsukasa / 司 ダン

      Same here, UK. Its now 12 hours since your post and nothing.

  • TheMadRabbi

    Some much for Midnight NZ (0800ET) time for digital launch 🙁 I finished downloading the whole game a few hours ago.

  • Shanden Gagne

    I contacted psn to as why it has yet to start downloading, first guy said to go to the store on the web and start it from there, does not work, and then when i talked to an agent for psn again they said oh its not out yet… like wtf and then hes like its 24 hours prior to release for preload… so who’s lieing?

    • Michael Stewart

      Mines preloading now actually. But what I want to know is if we can play after download because this article implies we can.

      • Cristian Mancilla

        I guess you’re referring to this “That said, should the download not complete by 9pm PST on August 31, PS4 owners will have the option to begin playing while the download progresses in the background.” It means that if the entire game hasn’t finished downloading by then, you will be able to play it anyway. You do need to wait until August 31 9pm PST to play it, but you can play it with as little as 4.5gb downloaded, not the whole 26.

  • Michael Stewart

    So we can play once the download finishes or wait til Sep 1?