Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain First Official Review Released By French Magazine

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be officially released on September 1st. It has a review embargo till this Sunday. There is currently a review event going on in Los Angeles for the game, in addition to various members of the press getting their review copies.

If you were looking for the first official review of the game, it has been awarded 17/20 from JeuxVideo Magazine. You can check their review score in the image below.


Here is a breakdown of their score.

Gameplay : 4 stars / 5
Sound : 4 stars / 5
Graphics : 4 stars / 5
Length : 4 stars / 5
Verdict : 17/20

We will update this article once we have a translation of their review. In the meanwhile, you can take a look at the score for each category.

Update: We have updated the summary with a better translation courtesy of NeoGAF user GhostTrick.

Gameplay – 4 out of 5 stars

The Metal Gear game with the best gameplay, and with the most possibilities even though some aren’t that useful.

Graphics – 4  out of 5 stars

Game looks clean. Although, it clearly shows its crossgen roots. Not the best looking game.

Sound – 4 out of 5 stars

A lot of tracks from the 80s and a nice sound ambiance.

Length – 4 outs of 5 stars

A long playthrough (more than 40 hours) but one that can be tedious at times.

A rich gameplay but also some tedious missions, a plot which promises so much and delivers so few, MGSV is as impressive as it leaves you unsatisfied. A good game, but one difficult to understand. Could it be Kojima’s last mystery?

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be released on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 1st.

Let us know what you think about this review score in comments below.

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  • TheBeard

    NOT A PROPER REVIEW. he rushed through the game, not using the tapes to understand the lore and plot and then he complains about not understanding anything. He also says the game is too difficult while he didn’t utilize Motherbase (a pivotal part of the game) as much.

  • SteeLisPain7

    Gaming journalism is shit anyway…so you’re telling me the overrated The Last of Us is better than this?
    It seems some journalists are really trying to give way for Fallout 4 to be game of the year

  • Snake Plissken

    What the fuck do the French know about games? They hate war, conflict/politics, and they didn’t even admire the fact Kojima employed the “FAMAS”. “French Fries” have once again become “Freedom Fries” to me.

  • Rich Yo Scales

    lmao crossgen roots?
    when the ps4 gets a racing game as good looking as forza 6 on the ” weaker” console, please let me know.
    ive yet to be dazzled to the degree of “the xb1 couldnt do that”, by any ps4 game….hell just look at quantum break, it looks every bit as good as ANY upcoming (in the next year) ps4 game.

    reviewer is somewhat clueless, given also that he/she cant add up either

    • simondimes

      Is microsoft now going to subsidize your rent because you mytically revealed their graphics are top notch . superior to sony another multi national corporation that doesnt give a shit about you

  • Kronos0999

    What the heck is Kojima playing at??Leaves you unsatisfied??HECK!!!!

  • Homer sams

    This is bullshit. Gaming magazines are so unreliable. If your on the fence you should wait for some independent reviews because gaming journalism is shit.

  • o9pe34

    lmao fanboys are so salty. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game sucked balls. The story has always been soooooo stupid in this series.

  • IrnBruGuru

    Lol the French are only good for fries and body odour, they can’t even do maths so how do I know they can play a game enough to judge?

  • retsrzer

    People are mad because MGSV isn’t getting 9 and 10/10, face it, the game simply isn’t that good, shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it regardless, I stopped caring about review scores a looong time ago, and so should you.

  • vicnale

    What I dont understand though is why would he play on last gen. Its meant to be played on current gen. Of course playing on Ps3 or Xbox will show it’s last gen roots. Smh. How stupid can you be?

  • oscar albuquerque


    • Saad Shakeel

      This ^^
      Fuck the reviews! This is the game of the year!

      • Mattchester

        Have you played it already?

  • The Truth

    “A good game, but one difficult to understand. Could it be Kojima’s last mystery?”

    Yeah because all of the past Kojima games have always been straightforward. Despite how popular Kojima’s games have been he is one of the worst storytellers in video game history.

    • The Batman

      That is a lie. MGS is the most profound series in gaming. Maybe you just don’t know crap about storytelling or how videgames can be art.

      • ruon harris

        Thank you sir, i think ,most people try to look at the story as a whole and not try to take the time to theory craft ideas that kojima plants in his audiences mind . By no means im saying that the story is deep but @retsrzer:disqus even said that he intended for game to be his last but even with that being said we all knew that the story wasn’t done. It being told convoluted is part of what makes it interesting and us coming back for more. Im aware that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but what he did with the series is amazing story telling . Also people who played all of the MG games know Kojima’s love for movies 007 Mad Max ect.. action, drama,sifi and a dash of awkward humor,we can both argue that this uniquely told story is or isn’t a piece of art at the of the day you’re entitled to your own opinion………….. but your wrong. lol , #PS im just Fan-boying so dont take it too personal But it still is one of the most amazing games ever.

        • Tom Maxey

          and the fact that he’s influenced most of his ideas for TPP from the movies he enjoys watching as well such as having a subdued character performance for big boss that was token from road warrior a fury road, the 1 camera shot from Birman and the awesome lens flare effects from the star trek remake aswell that feels like a work of art to me.

    • ruon harris

      there is a typo in your last sentence , “worst” should be “best” , seriously if your brain cant process how well written this story is i feel for you. Just because he doesn’t spoon feed you the plot and makes you constantly think who, what, when and why doesn’t mean its a bad story its just that the tale is told out of chronological order. We knew the end of the story from mgs4 and the start of the story from mgs3, now we find out the most important part the middle and then it will all tie together. Tbh this is one of the few games i played for the gameplay, i play it more for the story. You should skip out on this game if you think hes bad writer cus it will confuse the fuck out of you.

      • retsrzer

        No he’s technically right, Kojima isn’t a very good writer, the MGS plot has always been poorly written, convoluted, an terrible overuse of cliche’s, shock value and plot devices. What it does succeed is being highly entertaining though, except MGS4, That was just straight up garbage

        Kojima will probably tell you the same thing, the dude has a massive erection for Hollywood and loves movies, Kojima always intended for each MGS to be his last but always ended up making another one and writing himself into a corner, that’s why MGS4 was such a disaster with the nano machine fiasco.

        • Tom Maxey

          There is magical thing called OPINIONS dude if you don’t like it why keep playing it, the mgs series created the cliches you dumbfuck because of how old they are, saying the worst of all time is going a little bit too far with that, if you want a bad story, play destiny it has one of the most lacluster and atrocious storys I have ever seen and just because its filled with plot twists doesnt make it a bad game, havent you realised there are many other games that pull off storys so much more cringe worthy than mgs.

          • retsrzer

   may be the single dumbest person I’ve ever met…MGS created cliche’s? How old are you? MGS was released in 1998, the Metal Gear titles on the Nintendo had no story elements to them, you’re saying that all the cliches that MGS uses, it created? What a dumbass

            Also I never said I didn’t like MGS or that it was a bad game, I stated that Kojima is a poor writer, which is absolutely true

            Seriously, do the world a favor and kill yourself, someone as stupid as you has nothing to contribute to society, thanks

          • Tom Maxey

            OMG didn’t you listen to what I said before, there are shittier story’s in gaming history that have flopped more than what Kojima’s confusing plot lines have done and its a shame that someone like you is too lazy to follow the story correctly a theoretically understand the scenarios the franchise’s story tries to portray, if it isn’t your’e cup of coffee thats fine, your’e opinion not mine, and what I meant by cliches is that they were more appreciated by the time they were released which is what I meant by its origins, and not that Kojima invented them in the first place, they felt fresh and normal for its time, but I will admit that they have aged horribly, sure send me death threats, get butt hurt over what you found invalid I don’t really give two shits whatsoever, its just you who’s making himself feel better about yourself by treating people on the internet like lifeless COD fags.

          • o9pe34

            Ladies & Gentlemen, the salt is real.

          • retsrzer

            You’re still talking? There are plenty of shitty stories but Kojima is still a bad/mediocre writer at best. I know way more about the story in MGS than you do and way more about the context, I was playing Metal Gear before you were even a sperm floating in your dads scrotum, the cliches in MGS are still just that, cliche that were done before and done better in other games and especially other movies.

            Don’t challenge your superiors junior, it’ll only make you look bad in the end.

          • Tom Maxey

            But at the same time, this is you trying to come up with assumptions about me so you can still feel better about youreself, I know the story to it really well and I could careless if you knew slightly more about it than I do, and like I said before, its matter of viewing the games from your perspective with your own personal opinion how about you do yourself a favor a crawl slowly back up your mothers cunt where you belong in the first place instead of increasing youre ego on someone to get them to stop.

          • Tom Maxey

            (1 day later) Yeah thats what I thought.

    • retsrzer

      Agreed, Kojima is a terrible writer who relies way too much on shock value, he’s literally the M Night Shyamalan of video games

  • Jan Compaf

    Flop and btw prepare yo wallet for that pay to win section online, good ridddance mgs, it was fun while it lasted

    • snakeyes646

      Idiot, there is no pay to win, the micro transactions are for weapon/character skins and the like.

      • The Truth

        Nothing classier than starting off a comment with insulting someone. That’s a truly adult way to make your point. My guess is you flip burgers for a living.

        • snakeyes646

          Why would I want to be classy? It was supposed to say idiotic but my phone changed it… I don’t flip burgers either I have 3 kids to look after as well as working part time as a carer. Just people chatting crap they don’t fully understand.

  • Jake Harrington

    I don’t trust this review:
    1. 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 16
    2. This magazine gave Watch Dogs a 19/20 (9.5/10) which is ridiculous.

    • Tom Maxey

      He even gave assassins creed unity a 18/20 a didnt point out the bugs as a concern a said it had the best graphics in any video game. haha

  • Juan Blas

    I love how an 8.5 score disappointing to all of these people that commented . I mean come on, that’s pretty damn good score. People these days will miss a good game just because some reviewer somewhere gave it a 7. Play it (or watch youtubers play it) and get an idea for yourselves. Honestly, I bet you that this one of those games that will be like the last of us and get super good reviews in a few weeks.


    Another previewer said that the story can be hard to follow because of the elimination of cutscenes and a lot of the fine details are on tapes.

  • simondimes

    So what does a game have to deliver to get a 20/20? Find proof that God exist!

    • Ian McGreal

      Well, the game shouldn’t be cross gen for starters.

      • snakeyes646

        Fox engine. Learn to understand how it works and stop with the lame cross gen crap

        • simondimes

          Oh shut the fuck a company is gonna spend 80 million dollars and not capitalize on last gen huge install base just to not offend your lame sensibilities

          • snakeyes646

            I’m not one to get offended by scruffs trying there hardest to act like they know wtf they chattin about. Good day young sir.

          • simondimes

            Oh good since you have superhuman immunity to offense go buttfuck your mother then .

          • simondimes

            My reply was to ian mcgrill or whatever his name is .not you cheers

        • Ian McGreal

          They even said it suffered from cross gen

  • Ian McGreal

    See, that ‘a plot that promises so much but delivers so few’ is what i have been thinking as well. A plot and ending filled with ‘this has no impact what-so-ever’ filler. I don’t think i can drop $90 AUD on a game that i know the storyline of.

    Does anyone possibly have something on the story that I’m missing ?

  • I’ll wait to play before trusting this review

  • Paulo

    As a French and a MGS player, I have to say that the review given by this magazine is quite disappointing, but my concerns are about the journalist : a lot of aspects of the game are barely scratched when it is not simply eluded; the general style of writing is ambiguous, unclear. When I focus on the text only, I don’t understand the method. As about the quotes on the story, the journalist says he didn’t know what to think about the ending, talks about pieces of a puzzle assembling with each other, but at the same time the reader can have the impression he did not had all the pieces – which could explain a lot of things according to me. Last detail, he did not developp his Mother Base very seriously, and get kind of stuck on certain missions xD
    Well, we surely have to wait for other reviews – less rushed ones ? – and more important, the one of our own ^^

    • snakeyes646

      The game is huge, no way has this reviewer even touched the surface, he will have rushed it and so he won’t have understood or appreciated the story, and besides its about details like when your on a mission and then getting side tracked. Do not trust this review, the very same bloke gave watchdogs a great review and that game for me was a 4/10

  • Eliseo Duran

    Like Ocelot would say.. “I never trust a Frenchman” I will wait to play it myself before I judge the game based on this

  • JerkDaNERD7

    Yeah, not surprising. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be as amazing but should be a game worth playing.

  • Shawn

    Didn’t the same thing happen with Batman Arkham Knight’s first score, by Gamestop? 7/10. And I actually agree with it. I’m kind of scared now that this won’t be as great as I’m hoping it will be. Which sucks.

    • Limit Break

      It’s “hoping” and “hype” for ya !)
      Have a nice disappointment.

    • AngelsandDemons1

      That game needed some boss fights….

    • Kaneda

      Arkham Knight was a piece of shyt

  • Yeenngling7

    Not trusting this review at all. Same guy said Watch Dogs was one of the greatest games of all time.

    • Oh wow! Well then he doesn’t know his mouth from his a-hole then. While watch dogs wasn’t a bad game. It wasn’t the game we thought we were getting. And wasn’t great by any stretch of the imagination. Take with grain of salt…

  • John Dempsey (MrFluffernutter)

    I’m not going to trust a review that:

    A. Comes out before the embargo.
    B. Lacks basic multiplication skills (4×4 does NOT equal 17. It equals 16).
    C. Rates their review out of 20.

    • Paulo

      I recommand you my answer to Chris Brighton 😉 The global mark is not directly linked to the stars given in the criterias ^^
      But you’re right when you don’t trust this review I think, especially for the A point

  • Mar Jeez

    so it has the best gameplay of the series, the best graphics (obviously), the longest game. they said the story lacked but i doubt they even understood it, most people don’t even know the basic plot of the games and think solid snake is the guy in mgs3… with all that said they still give it an 8.5. sounds like a crap review.

  • 20hours….
    How on earth did they hire that guy to review a game that can possibly take 100s of hours!?

    • CrazyHooligan_

      It is possible that this guy rushed and didn’t take his time.

    • Carpetfluff

      Most reviewers these days tend to stick to story missions and ‘sample’ side content to get games done for review. I’m sure some people play like that at home too, but it probably doesn’t reflect the average players experience. I still think having to play a game to a publishing deadline would make many great games feel less great – that and the fact that most of these early reviews for this game were written off the back of a three day ‘press lock in’ with Konami…again, I wouldn’t want to try and enjoy a game that way either.

  • JeanStewartOliver

    The test says:
    After 2h00 of gaming:
    After the big slap in the
    face from the prologue, I re-initate myself slowly to the gameplay, and
    it’s feel like the game will get monstrously good.
    After 20h00 of gaming:
    I’m starting to get stuck due to the fact that i didn’t devellop my motherbase enough…And the story is still very unclear…
    After 45H00 of gaming:
    I have seen the ending of the game, and i don’t know what to think of it.
    What?!? I have to redo the mission in extrem mode now??

    • Himmat Singh

      Is that for real? You got ta play n harder diff to unlock the ending?

      • Ian McGreal

        bro,, did you play peace walker ? It was ridiculous what you had to do to ZEKE to get the real ending.

        I don’t have high hopes for this game. Which is killing me

  • robadi cacca

    Azziccatilla n’dò culu sta recensione bbestia di bbestai. cainu ca nun si autru.

  • starscream1180

    the translations kinda dont mesh ….

    its gonna be an awesome game regardless.

  • ace-meza

    “a plot which promises so much and delivers so few”

    this is a bit concerning….

  • 4×4=16. So 16/20.

    • starscream1180


      • Ryan 741

        The plot has always been daft as a brush.

        • Mason Marshall

          What i can’t believe is that length is so important to them that it is one of the four main review points

          • Paulo

            This French magazine give attention to the general “lenght” of a game, with consideration for the time for a first run, replayability, all balanced by the price of the game. Unfortunatly it has been a regular criteria in a large part of the French VG press…
            This magazine have the editorial point of view of being like a “consomation guide”. Do not wait anything else from it xD

    • Paulo

      In French magazine, the stars in the distinct critera and the global mark are not linked by rules like the adition of the stars. The global mark is the journalist talking with its subjectivity while the stars are trying to be some kind of “objective” notation on chosen criterias

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