Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Guide: Here’s What You Can Unlock With Ground Zeroes Save Data

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes allows you to transfer your save data from the game to The Phantom Pain. This unlocks new in-game costumes as well adds some of the soldiers, that you extracted in Ground Zeroes, to your Mother Base in The Phantom Pain.

The list below contains the confirmed additions to The Phantom Pain once a player transfers his save from Ground Zeroes.

Edit: Just to clear any confusion, the mission numbers included here are for The Phantom Pain. You don’t need to do anything in Ground Zeroes. You will, of course, need to capture all the recruits for your Ground Zeroes Save Data before you can import them in The Phantom Pain.


  • Sneaking Suit
  • Solid Snake
  • Gray Fox (Not confirmed yet)
  • Raiden (Not confirmed yet)

Mother Base Recruits (Stats here)

Recruit Name Recruiting Condition
Ochre Chamelon Complete One Mission from 03, 04 and 05
Grizzly Hedgehog Complete One Mission from 03, 04 and 05
Hungry Crocodile Complete One Mission from 03, 04 and 05
Wild Harrier Complete One Mission from 03, 04 and 05
Gray Wallaby Complete Mission 06
Blue Chamelon Complete Mission 06
Midnight Mastiff Complete Mission 06
Eye Complete Mission 06
Finger Complete Mission 06
Frigid Mongoose Complete two missions from 07, 08, 09 and 10
Hunting Stallion Complete two missions from 07, 08, 09 and 10
Assassin Harrier Complete two missions from 07, 08, 09 and 10
Mad Wallaby Complete two missions from 07, 08, 09 and 10
Wild Stallion Complete two missions from 07, 08, 09 and 10
Night Tree Frog Complete mission 12
Pirate Capybara Complete mission 12
Roaring Capybara Complete mission 12
Bitter Centipede Complete mission 12
Crying Sturgeon Complete mission 12

How to Transfer Save Data?

  • Download the latest update for Ground Zeroes on your choice of platform.
  • Go to the main menu screen. Select “Upload Save Data” from the menu.
  • Download the latest update of The Phantom Pain on your platform.
  • Go to main menu screen of The Phantom Pain. Select “Download Save Data” from the menu.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be out on September 1st for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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  • FVDnz

    I think there are a few soldiers and prisoners I still need to extract from the Side Missions such as the Bald Soldier with the Agent Intel tape for example. And I did end up with 100% too.

  • Micax

    Is it possible to transfer data from metal gear solid ground zeroes (ps4) to metal gear solid phantom pain (pc)?

  • Berserk187

    Have the game since day 1 couldn`t login once ether GZ or TPP on XboxOne but GZ on my PS4 works fine.

  • Adam Beyond Reproach Arroyo

    Can some tell me, other than eye, finger , and all POWs, who and where the other recruits are located

  • Jacob Black

    My mgs5: gz keeps saying the service is not available, anybody know why?

  • Richard Huffman

    I can’t get the upload thing to show up. I am trying to do a GZ to TPP on Xbox 360. I tried loading it over and over, it won’t work. Can I get some help?

    • Kirschekino

      Same here, just will not update. So the Upload Save Data option just doesn’t appear. Sucks ass.

  • Max Conran

    can you transfer over the song heres to you?

  • hunniemunch

    I finished mission 6 and i got 4 of them except Eye. Weird.

  • Mr. No

    I wonder if soldiers other than Big Boss can use the GZ Sneaking Suit because it doesn’t give me the option. I managed to get the suit and most of the recruits by progressing thru Phantom Pain.

    • Tyguy

      Do you know how to change characters for missions, and what affects doing so, has?

  • Jack Jomar

    Okay, so: Do I just have to get 100% in Ground Zeroes and transfer that data? Or do I have to get 100% and track down every last soldier and kidnap everyone in every mission (to be sure?)? Or are there specific soldiers in Ground Zeroes missions I have to hunt down and kidnap, in addition to getting 100%? I’m sorry, the wording is a little confusing to me.

  • Uncle bob

    this may sound stupid but can you keep playing after the ending?

  • Flying Dutchman

    So how do you guys did it? I uploaded it in GZ, no problems what so ever but where do i download it in PP?? There is no option what so ever.

  • dr penguin

    do you have to complete some missions to get the outfit’s
    i just completed deja vu on the ps3

  • Carlo

    That’s weird I never got any of the staff. I got the suits and everything but when I check the staff no one is there. Yet I successfully rescued / captured them in GZ

    • JoeBHolla

      same here. Please update if you this changed after progressing thru PP.

    • bigboss

      They will join motherbase later on, you must complete chapter 16, after that hideo and the rest from gz will join put hideo in your intel team for great succes

      • Xevro Datanious

        Thanks man. I was just trying to figure out why i didnt get any staff

  • Phat Tuna

    If I played GZ on X1, can I download saved data to my PC version of TPP?

    • CarpathianCarl .

      No. You can ONLY transfer data from same family consoles i.e. PS3 GZ save CAN be transferred to PS4; 360 to ONE, PC to PC.

      • Sàshīl Da Scene

        So if I have the upload save data option in MGSV: GZ on my PS3, and I want to transfer it to TPP on a PS4, I CAN eh?

  • DanielGearSolid

    How do you unlock solid snake?

    • Save data upload from Ground Zeroes. Then go to the Mother Base menu and develop it

      • Scott Bakula

        Oh so you have to develop them. The suits weren’t in the load out screen and the recruits weren’t there so I assumed the save upload wasn’t working.

    • bigboss

      Download gz savedata then in tpp go to the tab where u can development gear solid snakes outfit will be there for 10000 gmp

  • ChrizCrozz

    Did it! Got a little confused head over to GROUND ZERO’s FIRST GUYS!! Ground Zeros was free for PS4 for a while so if you downloaded it GOOD JOB!

  • There is no need to Upload the Save Data if your on the Same Platfrom, Khurram just don’t know that 😉

    • Tao

      Are you sure, because I tried ‘downloading’ the GZ data when I first started PP (because may as well get it out the way) and it said I don’t have any GZ save data, which I definitely do since I bashed through it again yesterday before release. It’s on the same console.

      I’ve not actually switched back to GZ to attempt ‘uploading’ since I didn’t care all that much, just sayin’, it still needs to be done, apparently.

      • Flying Dutchman

        How did you do that tao?? I uploaded it on GZ but I dont have the option to download it at PP. at starting screen I only have settings and continue. So I have been waiting 3 days now till I finally can download them.

        • Tao

          Yea, I had an option on the title screen of Phantom Pain to upload data from GZ, it just wouldn’t work and gave me an error message because “you have no Ground Zeroes save data”. It wasn’t hidden or anything, it was just there on the title screen with the other options.

          If you spammed through the title screen to get to the game quicker, you may have missed it? I know stuff like this is usually in the in game menu’s, but i don’t think it is on this.

          • Flying Dutchman

            First of all, thanks for the fast reply, really appreciate it.

            Maybe I am screwed because I dont have that option at all. I only have the continue + settings in the starting screen after the nurse sees me waking up.

            This is so frustrating.

          • Tao

            It might be due to different regions and/or platforms, maybe just some launch day issues. There do seem to be a lot of people having a few different issues with transferring the saves over though.

            At any rate if it is a launch day issue, look at the bright side! At least it’s only the GZ bonus content that seems to be having issues rather than the main game 😛

          • Flying Dutchman

            Thats true, one last question, did you had the download option directly from the start when you started up PP or did it came later on after a certain mission?

          • Tao

            It was there from the start for me (well, after the first little intro sequence you’re forced into right away on the first play).

            If I’m wrong about that (though I’m pretty sure it was there from the start) I took a break after the whole hospital part and tried uploading GZ data again when I came back, so the option should be there after that ‘mission/intro’ at the very latest.

          • Flying Dutchman

            I never played that far, I woke up the chick was lit on fire and i was running down some stairs. I stopped playing because I did not had the option. Thats been 3 days now LOL. I will try it again this evening. Thanks for the info Tao.

          • Dustin Clifton

            It’s NOT there from the start. It shows up after your first time on Mother Base

    • Didigo Cardoso

      Im with 100% and can’t tranfe save because keeps 10003 Error…

      • bigboss

        Server problems keep trying and it will work

    • Jacob Black

      Are u sure…. Because its not even allowing me to upload the save data

  • Didigo Cardoso

    Im having a issue in XBox One. When im try to connect to server error that left me this message “The MGSV:GZ service is not available. Please try again later. (10003)” Someone here is having the same problem??

  • Steven Davis

    Keeps telling me ground zeroes service temporarily unavailable try again later

    • Albert Covington

      Did you update Ground Zeroes? The Phantom Pain will also eventually need to be updated when it unlocks.

      • Steven Davis

        Finally got it to upload my my save file but the game never updated

  • Manuel Kercadó

    Update already out on Xbox One. Uploaded file right now.

  • Steven Davis

    Any idea when they’ll put out the ground zeroes update on xbox one

  • Gary

    Are you able to do this after having started TPP or do I need to go ahead and complete GZ before even starting TPP to unlock these recruits?

    • Block-N-Tackle

      Not sure about that one.._you guys who got the ga me early could be outta luck on this one.

  • ChatWraithShichi

    A list of what unlocks what would’ve been nice.

    I did the deja vu missions on normal and hard, so i guess i got the two costumes. What about unlocking hideo kojima, completing all the deja vu easter eggs, which prisoners are which recruits, etc? Do glaz and palitz change their names then?

    Specifics, man.

    • Block-N-Tackle

      Pal and Glaz are “The Eye” and “The Finger” dude.

    • They arent here to do all your work for you

      • ChatWraithShichi

        The journalists writing an article about unlocks aren’t here to do journalism pertaining to unlocks in detail?

        I disagree. If you can’t be thorough, don’t do the piece.

        • You’re a gamer right? Act like it Damn you and put some work in and find your own Damn unlocks lol

          • CraziBoi94

            Did you just not read the comment or are you just stupid?

          • Since I was not talking to you your fake ass internet thug opinion means nothing.Next time you want to say something to me raise your hand and wait until I tell you to speak.

          • Bacon Statham

            Ironic how you’re calling him out on acting like a fake ass internet thug when you’re acting like one instead.

          • Only thing ironic is that I wasnt talking to you either 🙂

          • CraziBoi94

            LMAO. Thanks for the entertainment.

  • What are the conditions that have to be met in Ground Zeroes? Or just by owning it and uploading a Save File, you unlock everything in Phantom Pain?

    • John

      you need to rescue the prisoners that are hidden in the missions, and beat the 2 bonus missions that unlock once you find all the x.o.f badges. look for a guide online.

      • Alexander

        So I guess that means that in the eye and finger mission you actually have to capture them and load them on to the helicopter, rather than just kill them? It’s be odd if they show up on your base if you didn’t actually capture them.

        • John

          Yeah you have to tranq or cqc them and carry them to the chopper.

          • Thanks for your reply. I’ll have to make sure I do that before playing TPP. Wonder if there is something that tells you you’ve completed these missions already? I’m pretty sure I saved all the prisoners, but I’d hate to leave anyone behind.

          • CykaDelik

            There’s a sneaky one in Paz’s cage in one of the side missions….I believe the one where you destroy the SAMs…but I can’t remember.

            Also you can extract the informant. You can tell you’re extracting a special character (one that is not a POW) when you hear this little beeping sound after you’ve knocked them out and pick them up.

  • Agent HUNK

    cant wait to see the real bonus from konami kore!

  • Adam Kirkland

    Long shot, but do you guys know if you can transfer save data across platforms? I played Ground Zeroes on PS3 and have Phantom Pain on PS4. I’ve had Phantom Pain since Saturday and been playing it but it obviously won’t let me log into the servers to test whether a PS3-PS4 cross platform save data transfarr will work.

    I hope it will, but I also doubt it.

    • Adam Kirkland

      Ah looked in the comments and saw somebody else asked this question.

      Good news.

    • You can transfer saves from PS3 to PS4 and 360 to XO respectively.

    • they announced it already you can do that as long as its in the same family (ps3 to ps4 360 to xbox one etc)

  • Evan

    Guess im fucked i dont have gz no more will the tpp still read my game save?

    • You need to upload the save data by download the update released for Ground Zeroes today. Otherwise there is no way you can import it.

  • Umar

    So extra recruits show up on different mission due to your GZ save?

    • You just need to complete the mission for them to show up on base. You don’t need to Fulton them back to Mother Base.

      • Sooo.. Does this mean that you can either extract them in GZ or fulton them in that PP mission and get the same result? Pointless.

        • No. You will need your save from Ground Zeroes in order for them to show up on your Mother Base in TPP. You won’t need to Fulton them in TPP. You just need to fulfill the condition for each of them i.e completing the required mission.

  • Jaidev Narayan

    im like a quarter into phantom pain can i still get these imports?


      How is it???

      • Adam Kirkland

        Had it since Saturday, completed around 8-10 missions (including some Side Ops) and it is excellent. Lives up to the hype way more than Metal Gear Solid 4 did, and MGS4 was a good game.

        Game-play wise it’s the perfect mixture of Peace Walker, 4 & Ground Zeroes.

        • David

          How have you people been playing Phantom Pain????

          • tel115

            Some people pre ordered disc and they arrived early. Had mine for 4 days

    • Alexander


  • Pekou

    Do we need to rescue the prisoners in GZ to get them in TPP? The * from the guide doesn’t seem to say that. Also, are the mission’s numbers refering to GZ or TPP? (cause there isn’t 12 missions in GZ, right?)

    • You need to complete the missions in TPP not Ground Zeroes. The only thing that this requires you to do is to get a 100% save from Ground Zeroes so that you can get all the 19 recruits.

      • Pekou

        Ty !

      • Block-N-Tackle

        100% ?._._Thats not what they say above. They said you just need to capture(extract) all of them in Ground Zeroes.

        • Yes, you are correct. 100% save is not needed per se, you just need to have captured all the staff from Ground Zeroes.

  • Daredevil

    Can you still do it if you played ground zeroes on the ps3 but will play phantom pain on the ps4?

    • Yes. You can do it. We are planning to write a guide on this process and it will be published today.

      • Daredevil

        OK thanks.

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