Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Guide: How To Unlock Secret Mission 46

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain apparently has a secret mission which reveals the true ending for the game. This ending can be seen after completing Mission 46 and it requires the players to met certain requirements in the game to unlock it. This guide covers these requirements in detail.

How To Unlock Secret Mission 46

You need to fulfill the following requirements before you proceed to unlock Mission 46.

  • Complete all story mission excluding Mission 45 and 47-50.
  • Complete all the important Side Ops that are marked yellow on iDroid.
  • You need to update your Mother Base up to a certain point. Basically keep updating your Mother Base as your keep progressing throughout the story in order to unlock Mission 45.


Keep in mind that in order to unlock Mission 45, you will need to do Side Ops 150, which needs the following requirement to be met before it is unlocked.

  • Spare the life of Quiet at end of Mission 11 so that you can recruit her as a “Buddy”.
  • Make sure you have the maximum possible bond with Quiet. You can check it out during the mission selection screen.
  • You have seen the cutscene at Mother Base in which Huey is exiled.
  • You don’t use the “Butterfly” design for your emblem.

Finishing this Side Ops will unlock Mission 45 leading into Mission 46, provided you fulfill its conditions as stated above.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is out now on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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  • Bart XB

    I also read you *can’t* develop nukes. Not sure if it’s true. I’m not that far yet.

  • Jeet Pancholi

    how to get 51 dlc without buying collector edition ?

  • Tarik Yildirim

    remove or edit this false guide. u can keep quiet and do 46.

    • DarthDiggler


      This comment would be much more useful if you provided a link to support your claims.

  • turbobenx

    i’m more confused….. I literally finish every mission except for 46, MB fully upgraded, quiet left, and all yellow cassette tape listened to. So basically, i’m screwed?

    • TheGamerBeast

      Thx Turbobenx , i did as u said which i listen to all the yellow tapes and the mission appeared 😀 after return to MB ..hellll yeah

  • Robert Bradley Stewart

    Im confused? can I keep quiet and get the true ending or not?

    • Gage Mayor

      yes just keep the butterfly emblem on and do all the yellow main missions and side ops( and i think listen to all yellow tapes, not fully just play and stop it, and upgrader your base to atleast level 2 on all platforms)

  • G rizznitch

    ugh i accidently cleared 45 is there still a way to unlock 46

  • outofusernames

    How to get Huey exiled?

  • Test

    Does this mean that while you unlock the bandana, you also lose Quiet permanently?

    • Desert


      • chaoscentral

        Wrong. I got mission 46 without doing side op 150 or mission 45. I still have quiet and I have the infinity bandana and leather jacket. Also my base isn’t fully upgraded and I still haven’t completed missions 48-50. So something else definitely tiggers this.

        • Test

          Thanks, I was ready to say f**k you to that bandana as I watched it flutter in the wind going farther and farther away.

        • Liam Stanley

          Considering that is says excluding meaning does not need to be done so you won’t need to do side op 150 and mission 45 that causes you to lose her. As for the base you might only need to build the main platforms or possibly at least a minimum of 2 for each department.

          • Gage Mayor

            i can agree that mother base must be atleast level 2 on all platforms and all yellow ops done

        • Ahmed Saleh

          U r right …. just now i was stuck at mission 44 , nothing was unlocked (I didn’t do all the extreme and total stealth missions ) … anyway … when i found my self stuck. …. I just did two missions (the oil pipes and destroying walker gears @ total stealth ) and i used Quiet (without the butterfly eemblem ) ….as soon as i completed these missions, 46 and 150 was automatically unlocked except for 45.