Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: Some Insane Attention To Detail That You Might Have Missed

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a huge open world game that allows the players to have full freedom in how they approach each of the mission. It also features some insane attention to detail that don’t really add a lot to the game but definitely deserve a mention, and some of them even lead to special cutscenes.

  • If you don’t take a shower and are covered in blood for days, enemies will be able to sense you through your bad smell and will try to investigate its source. In addition to the smell, you will be covered in flies, which can reveal your location.
  • If you don’t return to the Mother Base for days, Big Boss will be hooked to a Salient in the Helicopter.
  • Similarly, if you lose a lot of your Blood, you will be hooked to a Blood Bag in the Helicopter.
  • If you are hiding in an outhouse and have the iDroid speaker upgrade along with “Recorded on the Toilet” Cassette Tape, you can play it over the speaker while hiding in the outhouse to stop enemy soldiers from checking it out.
  • You can use the Cassette Tape of Paz humming on your iDroid speaker to calm down the wandering soldiers that you can find in Side Ops.
  • If you return to Mother Base after being dirty for days, Ocelot will throw a water bucket on your face.
  • Similarly, if you return unwashed and have Quiet in the Helicopter, she will stop Ocelot from throwing the water and will offer you to shower with her.
  • If you reload a full mag, you will still keep the one bullet in the chamber.
  • If you don’t shower, your crew will salute you while covering their noses.
  • If you stun or tranquilize an enemy near a water puddle, they will slowly drown to their death while making little bubbles in the water puddle.
  • If you use a Soldier’s sticker on your Cardboard box and then stand up, they will salute you.
  • Higher rank Soldiers will try to fight back if held up at gun point after a while.
  • If you keep using the same strategy to attack an enemy locale, the soldiers will adapt to your strategy e.g they will use gas masks if you use smoke grenades, night vision googles if you attack at night, or wear helmets if you prefer head-shots.
  • Showering will give the players an increased health and reflex mode. If you don’t shower for days, the health will be lower along with reflex mode.
  • Shooting the power lines while it is raining can electrocute soldiers.
  • If you stand under the “falling boxes” sign on Mother Base, you will get knocked out by a box and this can actually raise the Staff morale if they see it in action.
  • You can hold up the driver of a Jeep at gunpoint if you can sneak behind him with the D-Horse.
  • You can call up the Helicopter if you want to clear the smoke from a smoke grenade.
  • You can stick the C4 to any enemy soldier and then blow them all away when they get close together.
  • If you return to Mother Base while it is raining with Quiet, you can trigger a cutscene where she dances around in the rain with Big Boss.

MGSV-The-Phantom-Pain-TGS-2014-Screen-Quiet-Enters-Mother-Base-6Metal Gear Solid V is out now on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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  • Eddie Tupy

    all this yet when you customize your weapon it doesnt show the changes in the icon on the bottom right :/

    • John Doeherty

      Why don’t you b**ch about something that actually matters? Like Konami deciding to suddenly liquidate their gaming assets.

      Boo hoo. My icon doesn’t match my modifications in the LAST GAME EVER OF THIS F***ING SERIES. It’s bad enough the true ending was cut from the game, but now people who are true fans (like myself) of the series have to put up with children like you commenting on the stupidest s**t? Go play a game more suited for your age group, like Pong. It’s simple. You either choose to go up or down. No real choice involved. If the “ball” is going to the top, you go up and visa versa….err, I mean if ball go down you go down too. Understand kid?

      EDIT: Please attempt to insult me. I registered with a non-existant email to a website whose base URL I won’t remember the instant I close the STEAM overlay to return to playing the best (and sadly the last) game in the Metal Gear series.

      • Eddie Tupy

        …wow. You need to get your priorities straight. have you ever heard of poes law? i was making a joke about a little thing on purpose since they were saying how kojima thought of all these little details…

        reread your comment and reread mine to see who was being more of a baby


    Bad ass……

  • Jason Mounce

    What I love about MGS5 is all these little things. I am definitely a ‘Headshot person’ as I only use Tranq, and the fastest way isn’t shooting their asses unlike other MGS games (Swear shooting in the butt was the 2nd best way to put someone to sleep) – Even if they wear helmets? The hitbox is good enough where I can snipe a soldier with a tranq dart 100m away and just merely means I have to hit them in the face, between the eyes or to their chin and it works. The second thing I found that I love is when a soldier is holding a riot shield and shooting at you, you CAN shoot and tranq (Or, otherwise shoot to kill) a soldier through the peep-hole where they’re looking through. I’ve tranq multiple people in the face through the rectangular opening XD

    • Mac

      Crotch shots are pretty effective as well.

      • Jason Mounce

        That’d be a scary concept….having a tranq dart shot on your dick…ehgh

        • Mac

          Not something I’d like to imagine.
          Yet fun to do in the game.
          Also: spraying someone’s balls with the riot SMG.

          • Jason Mounce

            Holding a soldier up and having them lay down. Then having D-Horse shit on them.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Lot of shower stuff going on there.