Metal Gear Solid V Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 comparison and videos

Kojima was quite busy this TGS, where he got to demo Metal Gear Solid V on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. While we haven’t gotten the direct feed of the demo yet, we do have the video footage taken from the live stream of both demos.

We have taken the liberty of making same scene GIFs from both videos for comparison purposes. You can check them out below.


Title screen Xbox One version

Title screen PlayStation 4 version


Driving around Xbox one version

Driving around PlayStation 4 version


Taking down a soldier Xbox One version

Taking down a soldier PlayStation 4 version


Entering camp Xbox One version

Entering camp PlayStation 4 version

Additionally, you can check the videos yourself. The Xbox One version initially starts with Night time footage but also includes the Day time footage after it.

TGS 2013: Metal Gear Solid V Xbox One Demo

TGS 2013: Metal Gear Solid V PlayStation 4 Demo (Daytime)

TGS 2013: Metal Gear Solid V PlayStation 4 Demo (Nighttime)

We will update this article when we get direct-feed footage and have a more much better comparison between both versions.

Metal Gear Solid V is the upcoming sequel in the popular tactical-espionage series. It will see the return of Old Snake and is being made on Fox Engine for the first time. It is the first Metal Gear Solid game to set in a huge open world.

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  • Guest

    Petty comparisons again?

  • Leo Garcia

    ps4 looks a little better but not many difference
    waiting a sony AAA studio to show ps4 ful lpower naughty dog say hi

  • Marcus2012

    Seriously, why would you use gifs dude? just take a screenshot, then we can compare the actual quality.

  • JoeForeman69

    I thought everyone knew that no one would notice to star with as mpst games are multiplatform you will only be able to tell in say a couple of years when there is a big release title and can use the full capabilities last of us for ps3 was a perfect example alot of the games looked the same on both consoles but because it was an exclusive and had a lot of time worked on then you could see the capabilities and its going to be the same this year so for the first few years graphics will be on par

  • thisisawaste

    Anyone considered that this may be the unified build of the game running for both shows and that true footage of the Xbox One and PS4 builds haven’t even truly been showed yet?

  • Junior

    Stupid idiots… Comparing to short gif clips???
    Fanboys are so delusional…

  • Da GeeZ

    Xbox Won !

  • falcon

    I can see very low polygon counts in the spare tire in both videos. It almost look like a pentagon. Doent look like a next gen game. Im disappointed. Very.

  • Mickey Jelly Goose

    Not the same scenes , not the same resolutions (1080P one, 720P ps4) , You call that a comparison? lol

  • dirkradke

    I don’t think it matters which is better because you will buy this game if you want to buy it for whatever system you own. I looked at the GIFs provided and couldn’t tell any real differences except in the last GIF #4 it looked like the PS4 version was a little shinier. Not sure what else to call it.

  • Pauperkiller

    $0N¥ PauperStation FTL Xbox One FTW.

    • sense

      Pauperkiller 6 years ago: Xbox is daaaa best, wayyy cheap than the da Richstation.

    • vvxIxvv

      LOLed at you fagboy

  • Shango Thomas

    they dont look the same try watching both videos in 720 pixels daytime then youll see the difference

    • Shango Thomas

      the colours on xbox one look more grey and the video looks like its not 60 fps

      • DreadJasper

        first of all, if its on Youtube then its capped at 30fps anyway, dumbass. secondly, the Xbox One version looks like it has more color saturation and shading, which looks nicer to me. they are not “grey” colors LOL.

      • DreadJasper

        first of all, if its on Youtube then its capped at 30fps anyway, dumbass. secondly, the Xbox One version looks like it has more color saturation and shading, which looks nicer to me. they are not “grey” colors LOL.

        • Shango Thomas

          i know its 30 but anyone can still see the frame drops on xbox one if you cant then go fix your eyesight, that color problem on xbox one seems to be an advantage to you, but its actually a problem and if you look closely on xbox one games they all appear to be more grey or darker than colourful ps4 games, and thats because of poor hardware.

  • Gamehard

    These GIFS are absolute shit.

    • Daniel Lawson

      haha… they are pretty bad, but you get to see some stuff like draw distance… though I’m not sure how much the lighting effects this because OpenGL and DirectX render just a bit different and both console probably have different defaults

  • Jake

    They look the same. Low quality gifs, and bad capture. Im buying both, but these gifs are irrelivant and tell us nothing.

  • OMGitsSexyChase

    Probably both running on pc

    • latinalover


  • benbenkr

    /facepalm on this comparison

    Comparing between gifs is the first sin.
    Then comparing a game on both platforms where the game is far from even done yet shows why this comparison is a joke.

  • Gabrielsp85

    is hard to tell based on the video quality but they look the same, X1 colors look more bright but brobably because the video is 1080p and PS4 video is 720p and could be just because the video quality

    • Shango Thomas

      play both in 720 p and ull see xbox one has low frame rates and greyish colours

  • mama

    lol its impossible to compare these with low quality gifs taken from bad resolution streaming gameplay. We would need direct HD gameplay to compare. “This one loowks bettur hurr durr”

  • Reality check

    They look the same, I guess MS was right about PS4 NOT being 50% more powerful.

    • latinalover

      they already state that multiplication games will look a same but when their first party games release that is when you see the differences

    • AceofSpades

      So you thought that 50% more powerful is something that would be seen on the graphics, not in the calculation or behaviour of the game? And you also thought that it would be shown on a multiplatform game filmed with a potato?


      • Luis Reyes

        Exactly my point. It’s funny how last generation Xbox people were like “oh the power of the game is not judged by it’s graphics but the game itself”, and now they are comparing graphics when they see the ps4 is 50% more powerful. Then again PS3 people are now using the other side’s excuse this time around. I guess we’re all just hypocrites. To be honest it won’t matter which is more powerful because the ps3 was more powerful than the xbox 360 yet people along with developers sided with the inferior system because ps3 hardware was “too complicated” for them. Nut up or shut up.

  • wolfman244

    this is pointless. There is no difference nor is this game hardly impressive enough to be pushing anything. Its not that much better then whats on current gen consoles. We wont be able to tell a difference till the consoles have been out for at least a year or two

    • Mike Sombi

      Metal Gear Solid 4 pushed PS3 to it’s limit and it looks horrible compared to this. Can you not compare a PS4/Xbox One. That is the only reason people really bash next gen lol

  • Escopablobar

    I am viewing these GIFs on a first gen IPad so I can’t discern which is “more next gen” than the other. Come on…they’re both beautiful and technical showpieces for both current and next gen. Maybe I’m getting old but these console comparisons are getting a bit silly. To believe we are at the point where GIFs are being utilized to display graphical differences. I understand the value of thess comparisons for those of us who will own both consoles but I would suggest we wait for final code.

  • Ilovegoogleglass

    Xbox one frame rate is more steady and faster…
    Look at gif 4 between the two…

    • Turtle

      You just said that between two low quality, highly compressed, low fps ‘gifs’, one seems more stable with a high frame rate.

      I don’t even… just wow.

      • Ilovegoogleglass

        Between the gifs,don’t get it twisted! Obviously this isn’t truly accurate but the Xbox gif seems better…

        • Mike Sombi

          Hard to takeanythingto serious from you when you havean Xbox Onepic as youravatar. Go home Xbox Fag boy

  • watcher278

    Lol this is a multiplatform engine, i doubt there would be 1 blade of grass difference between the 2. Overall it looks like a previous gen PC game, with its overuse of hdr bloom and blaring normal maps..

  • watzcoc

    xbox looks sharper, other than that “where is the 50% extra power?”

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Delusion is a mental condition 🙂

      • Pauperkiller

        Yeah it has your paupername written all over it, fag.

        • Jeremiah Enrile

          Hahaha your the pauperkiller?? so are you the “receiver” when it comes to “man to man” sex?? Hahaha ;P

    • AceofSpades

      If you really think you can spot a diffrence of 50% speedactivity (GPU/CPU) with a multiplatform-game and 2 GIF’s., then you must be retarded. Even if it was a 50% graphicaldiffrence (which nobody has claimed, and is not) you wouldnt be able to see it with these shitty videos.

      And remember, perception can be biased, I mean how would your brain admit that you are sitting on the wrong console (as you seem to be a fanboy) even if there was a diffrence.
      Just like the kid who bought a shitty icecream and lies to himself “Mm, this was really good, better then the one I use to eat”.

    • vvxIxvv

      sharper my ass…

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    Low quality videos turned into gifs vs high quality videos turned into gifs, so no way to compare framerate, and completely unfair capture methods … Is anyone really buying this? Download a pixel counter and compared the two (even the PS4 one is only equivalent to ~480P

    • Agreed. This is pretty desperate.

    • Shango Thomas

      the colours look more grey on xbox one watch both videos in 720 daytime n youll see

      • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

        again because the video is 720p doesn’t mean the gameplay was captured at that resolution … they were both captured in 480p (at the most) so if you want to compare one pixelated mess to another (not reminiscent of the actual game) then have fun.

        • Luis Reyes

          You just said that they were both captured at the same resolution, so bumping up the resolution would just highlight the XBOne’s few flaws even more. What I see is the same difference between last generation’s consoles in third party games happening to this generation’s consoles but reversed with the roles of the fans switched as well. Last generation Xbox 360 TP games had darker blacks because the developers made crappy ports to the PS3. This time around it seems that the ps4 has better blacks slightly and the ones that were using the “our third party games look better” statement are now using the excuse of last generation’s ps3 followers, that being “the difference is minimal and gameplay footage was not recorded well”. I know my logic might be flawed over the fact that comparing one mess to the other is not really 100% to that of the atual game but then again they were both recorded at the same resolution so let us all be realistic here the differences seen right now are still going to be noticed in 1080p.

          • Daniel Lawson

            No.. because both are horrible you can only look at the bigger things like pop in and lighting… the difference in power isn’t nearly as much as people would like to think… CU and Thread counts don’t improve performance in a linear manner that’s why Microsoft chose the clock bump rather then activating the 2 other CUs.

      • Daniel Lawson

        No… it’s the different way Direct X and OpenGL render the same light… he’s dome some nice optimizations from the look of it though he’s got a long way to go

    • latinalover

      they already state that multiplication games will look a same but when their first party games release that is when you see the differences

      • Kreten

        Why don’t ps 4 forst part games look better? With 50% mote power supposably you should be able to see it, you might say its too early in generation but 50% is nothing small why is it that xbox exclusives won over 100 awards yet sony only 40? Maybe sony lied to you again? Btw 13cu @800 for graphics 1 for os 4 for gpgpu (to compensate for x1 dedicated hardware and move engines) vs 12cu @856mhz it’s not 50% more gpu power for games its actually under 1%

        • latinalover

          they already stated that they don’t want one version to be better than the other

          • Leo Garcia

            and thats because of ms policy
            fck u ms

        • Luis Reyes

          Because the rewards were given for the overall “quality” of the game not just the graphics. I don’t even know how you can get rewards for a game that hasn’t even come out though. The way I see it is that all those rewards were bought or given by fan-boy critics, because PS4 software pre-orders are currently higher than XBOne’s according to some. Then again we won’t know the actual sells numbers till they come out. Besides the graphics have already reached the best that they will get for the time being. As far as actual power they might add more detail to the background stuff and we really can’t know till we see and play the game for ourselves. So don’t listen to comparisons, really you can’t compare both of them because not all games are the same so to compare one FP game of one system to the other system’s FP game would be like comparing a screw driver to a hammer. They both have different purposes and were made differently. So the only way to compare would be by the third party games but then again they would all probably look the same on either console unless developers do with the ps4 what they did with the xbox 360 last generation, which is make the games for that console and then port a crappier version to the other system. But considering they both have similar software I don’t see that happening although it would be nice to see how Xbox people would react, seeing that PlayStation fans have already dealt with that bullshit throughout the entirety of the last generation.

        • Branden Thomas

          PS4 is region-free, $100 cheaper, and certain exclusives like Guilty Gear Xrd, Lily Bergamo and Hyper Light Drifter are my reason for wanting that over the XB1. Am I still a fanboy just because of that?

          I’m sick of gamers caring more about specs than the games.

  • Ole fra trondheim

    Way better on the PS4

  • Shango Thomas

    the xbox one version looks like it has low frame rates and washed out colours

    • Pauperkiller

      Only with pauper eyesight that can’t afford $100.

      • Shango Thomas

        yeah its hard to destinguish the two but keep in mind mgsv is a current gen game so its not graphics intensive, the difference will be alot if we get our hands on multi plat next gen games..

        • Chris Sanchez

          Keep on dreaming boy .. keep on dreaming.
          You’ll see close to no difference on multiplat games.

          40% … yep, wonder who’s stupid enough in 2013 to believe such garbage … I’m getting some more popcorn.

      • AceofSpades

        Yeah, I wonder where the “cant afford” argument was back when people bought and fanboyed Xbox 360 and bashed PS3 for beeing “to expensive”.

  • Tim89

    PS4 wins again.

    • pixelsword

      Your mom wins again!

      • Jeremiah Enrile

        yup better than your mom and an xbone

        • sascatoon

          your mom got boned by the xbone

          • kiwicrackers

            so Xbone is only good for as a dildo?

          • Luis Reyes

            So that is why you are getting an XBone? To bone yourself?

      • vvxIxvv

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