Microsoft Marketing Exec: “We will kill Sony at E3”

Some brave (or arrogant?) words coming from the green men over at Microsoft. Director of Global Marketing at Microsoft, Craig Davidson seemed pretty confident about the Xbox One in an interview with IGN Spain where according to him the “Xbox One will surprise the world during E3.” following up with “We will kill Sony at E3”.

Microsoft revealed the Xbox One, their next generation gaming console at an event earlier this month. Fans complained that their press conference mainly focused on the console’s media capabilities and failed to show many games. Various promises were made and fans were told to wait for E3, one of these promises was the announcement of 15 exclusive games coming to the Xbox One with 8 of them being brand new IPs.


New information about the Xbox One has been coming out after the reveal as Microsoft execs and other employees reveal tiny tid bits about the console. Some of the recent information we’ve come to know is that the console is region locked, that it will allow instant saves and resumes like the Playstation 4, older accessories like Headsets won’t work on the Xbox One and the boxes will obviously have a brand new design.

Overall the reaction is mixed, but what do you think? Can Microsoft succeed and win this E3? Or do you think Sony or Nintendo will rise to the occasion? Let us know in the comments below.

  • 2 years later and now they got BTFO

  • Stinkfest

    So much for that

  • Element Omega

    lol… so funny to see how history turned out. Sony absolutely DESTROYED MS at E3… never under estimate your opponent…

  • Lars Anderson

    Seems they didn’t learn from Adam Orth’s comments..

  • Guest

    A super new service will be available on XBone through Kinect , if they get you fapping , they’ll kindly send you a ho….
    But , don’t forget , you have TO PAY A FEE ! 🙂

  • ConsoleSkeptic

    Personally, I am more towards Sony, but I am willing to admit their myriad of mistakes, and Microsoft looks like they are falling to the same one. It will take the cake if Microsoft prices it higher than the PS4. Microsoft has lost A LOT of respect with people after all the DRM had been revealed, and need a few things like killer exclusives to make up, particularly after the last conference, where they spent more time talking about Kinect and the cable box/DVR functionality than they did about the games itself

  • Ariella Diamond

    Saying the reaction is mixed is putting it kindly.

  • rjmlive

    I’m going to love people that made these negative comments try to justify their comments when Microsoft blows them away.

    • ConsoleSkeptic

      The reason they make such comments is because Microsoft is being more cocky than Sony was coming up to E3 2006. We shall see if their cockiness is deserved, or we get another “Work more hours to buy a PS3”

    • Sable

      Well… E3 happened and I see the above people giggling just like Jack did at the end of his presentation.

  • DJ_Casshern [NJ]

    15 exclusives, and they’re all shooters.

    • Flabawoogl

      Don’t forget that one spin-off Fable game!

      Wait, they’re gonna over emphasize the shooting mechanics aren’t they…

  • yettie

    Craig Davidson’s famous last words…

  • Anonymous

    I cannot describe how much I’m laughing right now.

  • halbarad

    I have my doubts they could. What are they going to unveil that will surprise us? Another Halo game? Another Gears of War? How about another Fable? I mean sure, they may kill Sony in the list of mediocre exclusives all they like, but I pick quality over quantity

  • SanityGuy

    Oh, I am pretty sure they are going to KILL Sony at E3.

    I mean, did anyone not see the Call of Duty dog?? Wasn’t that the next evolution of gaming, right there? That and the NFL? Dont you just LUUUUUUVE the American football, right guys?

    • Bryce Blalex Douglas

      You forgot the realistic fish, we can never get enough of those…

      • ramonzarat

        LMAO! Love those fish!

        15 “exclusives” out of which 8 are for Kinect that no one wants and 4 timed exclusive eventually available to the PS4, leaving only 3 actual real exclusive AAA titles. Seriously…

        M$ arrogance is only equal to their stupidity: limitless. There’s no way they can extirpate themselves from the shit hole they have dug so far. There’s a limit to “damage control” when everything you do is “out of control”.

        Greedy, monopolistic, anti-consumer corporation like M$ deserve to fail.

      • Rhiannan Taylor

        not like fish swam away from you in mario64 or anything xD

    • Dan Gribbin

      Those 8 new kinect IPs are gonna blow everyone away!!!

  • Khornet

    Oh they’ll kill them all right – Sony’s going to laugh so hard they’re going to choke to death.

    • TheFirstBaron

      Was about to write this

    • Dan Gribbin

      Who Framed Rodger Rabbit? style? The nerve of some people!!!!