Microsoft’s Ken Lobb Lied About Phantom Dust Reboot For The Xbox One, Reveals Dev

Phantom Dust reboot was officially unveiled at E3 2014 by Microsoft, however it was actually in development for quite a while. The developers, who were unfortunately working on the game, were let go by Microsoft after they failed to satisfy their demands.

Kotaku recently published a detailed analysis of what went behind the scenes for the troubled developer of Phantom Dust reboot for the Xbox One. The article definitely had some shocking revelations like how the budget was minuscule compared to the demands of Microsoft, and how they failed to provide the developers more funding despite their request for more funds; and even after that, still kept demanding more features from the game.


Kotaku‘s article also reveals that Microsoft’s Ken Lobb basically made some statements “out of thin air” for the game in a podcast. Lobb claimed that the Phantom Dust reboot would have about 30 hours of single player campaign like a standard JRPG. The thing is, this was nowhere correct as confirmed by the developers themselves, who were as baffled by this statement as the others.

“Nobody knew he was gonna say that,” said one Darkside staffer. “We were told by people at Microsoft that Ken just does things like that.”

If this statement proves anything, it is that we shouldn’t trust the word of any executive from a company regarding their games, unless the game in question is the one he is currently working on.

This is not the only thing that Microsoft did behind the developer’s back as the E3 2014 reveal trailer was also a complete secret from the developers of the reboot for Xbox One. They had no idea that Microsoft was planning to reveal it since the game was still a long way off in development at that time.

“We didn’t even know if they were going to show it,” the employee said. “We were basically told, ‘Hey check out the E3 presentation.’ The whole studio’s in the living room, we have a TV going with an Xbox watching the presentation, and then all of a sudden there’s that two-minute CG trailer. And we were like, ‘That’s amazing.’ But at the same time, they didn’t use any of our assets, they didn’t use any of our card packs, nothing. Basically what they showed had nothing to do with the game whatsoever. We had no idea that was even happening… It was like, ‘Holy crap, now fans are expecting characters to look like that, and that’s not what we’re making.’”

Microsoft pulled the plug on this Phantom Dust reboot last month leaving the developers without any project. They have assured the fans that the reboot is still alive, but there is no confirmation if they have hired a new developer yet.

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  • Revolver Ocelot

    You do know what a source is, right Quatman?

    Not surprising you don’t, though, you have issues with “factual” as well.

  • hoppsy80

    This game will become vapourwear, calling it now.

    I’d be pissed if I bought an x1 based on game reveals and I fund out that those reveals probably weren’t anything to do with the finished game

  • Trim Dose

    Thats Microsoft crap in all its glory, enjoy your xbones.

  • tplarkin7

    My guess is that MS never believed in this project, which makes sense since it already failed financially. We don’t know what happened internally, so it’s not fair to judge. The way I see it, is the developer has to be good enough to convince the publisher to continue funding. The developer failed to do that, so they lose their job.

  • dead fanboy

    These developers are big failures and jealous. Phantom Dust is still being developed and hopefully a great studio will improve and make an epic game.

    • Revolver Ocelot

      Classic MS incompetence and the fanboys embrace the excuses. Love it.

    • Budgiecat

      so what happened? Its not being developed and its only getting a rerelease with microtransactions.

  • trfe

    What this sounds like is that Microsoft had moved on from this studio before they told the studio.

    It’s like looking for a new girlfriend before you break it off with your old one.

    • hoppsy80

      lol yeahhh okkkkk