MLB 14: The Show Has Some Truly Bizzare Glitches On The PS4

MLB 14: The Show was recently released for the PS4 and while it may have some great looking character models and gorgeous graphics, it also comes with some serious looking graphical glitches of its own.

Reddit user itscrizzy has compiled a whole set of screenshots showcasing the various graphical glitches of MLB 14: The Show.

mlb-14-the-show-glitch-1 mlb-14-the-show-glitch-2 mlb-14-the-show-glitch-3 mlb-14-the-show-glitch-4

The glitch showing completely black textures is nothing new, it has also been recorded in the form of a video, that we covered earlier this week. Although it is surprising to see the pink textured glitch, which seems rather ‘pinkish’.

MLB 14: The Show is developed by Sony’s San Diego Studio and it is exclusive to PlayStation platform. It has been released on the PS3 and Vita last month although the PS4 version arrived a little late, and was released this week. Despite the delay in PS4’s release, it doesn’t appear to be free of glitches and apparently also has issues with load times and online multiplayer.

Whatever is the case for MLB 14: The Show, hopefully these bugs can be ironed out in future patches and updates.

Have you ever encountered any such glitch? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Somebody

    I have experienced many glitches such as a picture of Max Sherzer while the text sais Justin Verlander and it just stoppes sometimes in RTTS

  • socalchargin

    It glitches every pitch every hit every throw ONLINE IS GARBAGE THATS WHY I BOUGHT THIS GAME TO PLAY ONLINE SONY FIX THIS CRAP YOU NEW THE GAME WASNT READY AND YOU STILL CHARGED FULL PRICE GOR A GAME WE DANT EVEN PLAY ON LINE I dont want to play franchise I want to play against other ppl not a damn computer…


    A lot of the time playing online stop and show saying closing application error and I have to start the game over , messing up the records online.

  • Brewsky

    50% of the time I play online it freezes/glitches. It’s becoming extremely frustrating. Not to mention, all the unforced errors I have from thinking the ball was overthrown so I advance to the next base only to be tagged out by an invisible player. I must say at this point, I could not suggest this game to anyone wanting to play online. The problems need to be fixed, and this isn’t the first Show game this has happened. That being said, playing offline, the graphics and gameplay are fantastic which softens the blow slightly.

  • Francis Duncan Jr

    Also I must say only glitches I have experienced have come when I play online. That’s it!!!

  • Francis Duncan Jr

    No color glitches but baserunners have ran to the outfield after rounding a base then all of a sudden appear on the base they were heading for

    • wes

      Same thing happend to me. Game is unplayable.

  • Zeusiq

    So far I’ve experienced the yellow, blue, all black and I mean all black, the green and the pink. It’s a fun game but it gets annoying when you have to close the application every time this happens.

  • Sam

    I got blue.

  • Joe

    Umm these appear more as the PS4 breaking. GFX unit is failing lol

  • LeveledUpGamer

    Pfft screw those glitches…Those are not game breaking.

    What is game breaking is when I throw a clear strike right in the middle of the strike zone, the batter check swings…then my catcher goes to the base ump who then calls it no swing and the pitch counts as a ball….WTF?

    2 issues here,

    1 – clear strike so why is the catcher asking for the base ump if it was a follow through pitch
    2 – pitch still counts as a ball even though it was a meatball right down the pipe in the strikezone….

    How about when I change to true analog controls my base runners won’t run when i want them too?

    MLB 14 The Show is the shittiest baseball game I have ever played.

    • ps4lol

      The most critically acclaimed baseball videogame in history is “the worst you’ve ever played”. Okay.

      • LeveledUpGamer

        Lmfao SDF to the rescue…

        Seriously kid you need to do your research.

        “The most critically acclaimed baseball videogame in history”

        LMFAO ya okay kid. Strikes as balls, no control over pitches, unresponsive base running and needless complicated controls…

        Game is shit and a let down. Accept it and go back to Knack.

        • ps4lol

          I’ve not seen one credible reviewer call it “shit” or “worst ever”. Sounds like another demented microsoft shill hating.

          LOL at your underpowered xbox soc icon. You must be a misterxmedia cultist thinking there’s secret stacked chips in there rather than bitter disappointment and tears. LOL

          You seem upset at PS4’s stronger hardware, ~3 million sales lead, and larger developer support. It must suck that most or all of your claims and predictions turn out WRONG.

          Microsoft fanboy shills don’t love their console they just hate the success of others.

          • LeveledUpGamer

            LoL with a name like PS4lol you lose ALL credibility in any discussion.

            Go getem’ SDF. Keep fighting the war.

            Wave that banner high! GO SONY GO. NUMBER 1 NUMBER 1.

            Game is shit. Its the Madden of baseball.

            Now go back to playing DC Universe.

          • Cameron

            Your argument is completely invalid. You being argued against with facts that the ps4 has superior hardware (which it does) and greater sales (which it did). Why do you think Microsoft changed their marketing strategy in the middle of their largest promotional period? They practical copied the ps4 because they knew if they didn’t they would lose hundreds of millions in revenue. Quit arguing or trying to make a case for “the worst baseball game in history” with party and invalid statements. Your opinion is that it is bad, that’s perfectly alright, but you calling it the “worst” is ignorant. Now myself and ps4lol will continue to play DC Universe why you go and play another round of Kingdom for Keflings smh

          • Cameron

            And my bad for the spelling errors, wasn’t really paying too much attention

          • LeveledUpGamer

            You are so off topic you look like a dumb fool

    • SaucyPapi

      I agree with you on the strike zone issue. I’m throwing balls that are CLEARLY in the strike zone, yet the umpire isn’t calling them and I have it set to where the umpires call balls and strikes perfectly in the options. It really hurts me since I fall behind in the count because the umpire isn’t calling strikes on the outside part of the plate to righties.

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