Modder Removes Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 1080p Resolution Limit Within Hours Of Its Release On PC

It seems like famous modder Durante has managed to remove the limit of 1080p resolution for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on PC. What’s more impressive here is that he managed to do it within a few hours of the game’s official release on Steam.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance faced quite a lot of controversy when it was revealed that the game is limited to 1080p resolution on PC. Considering the fact that most of the PC games never limit the option to change resolution, this was a strange decision from Konami. It also sparked a whole community outrage on Twitter.

Now it seems like the 1080p limit was merely a fluke, and something that could be fixed with a simple patch or update to the game. According to NeoGAF modder Durante, he managed to easily bypass this limit and run the game above 1080p resolution. But he thinks that this limit might be removed by a simple update as it didn’t really require much effort, not to mention that Konami could probably patch it out in future.

It is still unknown why Konami decided to release the game with such limit in the first place. Hopefully they can officially patch this out in a future update.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is now available on Steam. The game was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last year. It is a spin-off story set in the Metal Gear Solid universe and stars Raiden.

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  • Joey van der Veer

    I set the frame limiter on Off in Nvidia Profile Inspector, V-sync on Force off and Tear Control on Adaptive (even though it seems redundant, it did work.) Buttery smooth 60 fps, no v-sync so ultra responsive controls at the cost of very slight screen tearing. I’m stoked.

  • Chupa Aqui

    So any of you who have fullscreen problem(at 1080p), this happens in a majority of players who use AMD cards(like me). I had this problem and spent 2 hours tweaking and shit. In the end what I did was right click the game > properties > compatibility > disable DPI settings > and it did the job. I only posted on this website, cause I din’t need an account to do so. Oh, on Windows 7 by the way.

  • Rhys Morgan

    Great, but how do we do it ourselves?

  • Joker

    The game is also capped at 30 FPS. Will we get a fix for this too?

    • burgercow

      Bullshit, game is running at locked 60FPS for me.
      Either you set Zangeki too high or your PC can’t handle it.

      • Joker

        No it was the SLI. Game doesn’t play nice with my SLI 780’s. So yeah, I think I can handle a DX9 port that looks like dog shit. The game is actually capped at 60 which is unplayable. I run a 144 Hz monitor and I don’t play games at 60 FPS.

        • DocMcBrown

          Stop being so entitled. 60fps is fine, nobody wants to catter to your absurd “standards”.

          • TheAppleFreak

            Why should there even be a cap, though?

          • BigRush12

            Wait, someone is “entitled” because they want to run the game at a higher refresh rate? What is the difference in capping the refresh rate and capping resolution? Bring on the 120hz!!!

          • Dirge

            I’ve had some difficulties with games that are capped at 60 fps when my monitor isn’t set at refresh rate of either 60 Hz or 120 Hz (basically 60 times a whole number). What happens is that the frames are distributed unevenly which leads to stuttering. I don’t mind playing games at 60 fps when it works like it should but if you happen to have a refresh rate of f.x. 75 Hz or 144 Hz, a cap of 60 fps is going to fuck you over. This is very frustrating because CRT monitors used to have all sorts of different refresh rates much higher than 60 Hz that PC games were EXPECTED to accommodate. Having some sort of an arbitrary frame rate cap of 60 fps is simply lazy work for a PC game and should not be considered an acceptable standard no matter how common practice it might be.

          • Socius

            Your attitude is the reason PC gaming is being held back to Console standards. 60fps is most certainly not fine. Especially when it’s an artificial limit that never needed to be placed.

    • The Duke

      It runs at 60fps on my 3 780’s.

      • Jurik

        It runs at 60 on my GTX260 at 1680*1050..

  • Weaver2

    I just can’t believe resolution limits even exist in 3D games. That was one of the main advantages to move to 3D rendering. I’ve written small games when I was taking graphics in university for my computer science degree that could scale to any resolution with ease. It’s so trivial it’s almost more work to cap the resolution than it is to simply not. Unreal Tournament 99 – a 15 year old game – will, to this day, play on any resolution you tell it to.

    • ØØØØ

      Dude this is just another crappy consolegame. Why does anyone buy shit like this anyway? Stick with PC games they are always better in any category.

    • ØØØØ

      Dude this is just another crappy consolegame. Why does anyone buy shit like this anyway? Stick with PC games they are always better in any category.