Monster Hunter 4 has a fantastic start on 3DS but falls behind Portable 3rd in second week

Monster Hunter 4 had a fantastic opening in Japan and it set a record of selling 1.87 million units but it fell short of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd’s 2.14 million. Now that we have gotten second week sales, it seems to have fallen further behind.

This week’s Media Create sales showed that Monster Hunter 4 sold about 432k units in Japan during its second week on sales. If we compare this to Portable 3rd, it sold approximately 514k in its second week.

Capcom initially shipped about 2 million units of Monster Hunter 4 and they were soon sold out. The game was well received and sold in huge quantity but it seems like it couldn’t beat Portable 3rd’s opening or sales.

A graph of the sales of each Monster Hunter title was posted on NeoGAF, courtesy of GAF member Road. This chart showed that Monster Hunter4’s intial sales were good but it soon started to face a decline. Whether it was due to shortage or less interest is remain to be seen. One other factor might be that Portable 3rd was released during holidays. Monster Hunter 4 did run out of stock quickly, not to mention it was also available for purchase from 3DS eShop and Nintendo also sold download cards of the game in retail shops. You can see the graph below:

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is the highest selling Monster Hunter title to date. It was the fifth Monster Hunter game on PSP and has sold approximately 4.5 million units in Japan. Monster Hunter 4 is the first proper sequel to a Monster Hunter game after numerous Spin-offs. No release date for Monster Hunter 4 has been announced for West yet.

So what do you think? Will Monster Hunter 4 be able to beat the sales record of Portable 3rd in Japan? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Pinx

    interms of suitable hardware , i rather want to play it on psvita and Y??

    “i will use my common sense” interms of Specs the PSVITA is more powerfull than 3DS.

    if u didint agree then lets play a same game psvita and the 3ds have and compair the graphics gameplay and the grip. and u will notice that on your self.


  • Pinx

    and theres a reason y MHp3rd has the highest selling MH Title. its because of Sony . when it turned out to become a 3ds game it fell short interms of selling. it is simply because what FANS is expected is a sequel for a PSVITA Monster Hunter portable 3rd G. thats explain y MH4 didint beat MHp3rd sales.

  • neko working

    probably, but don’t get too excited.
    there’s a reason why Capcom only expect to surpass 2.7 mil copies in 7 months.