Mortal Kombat X: Dev Confirms Kratos Won’t Return, Comments On Fan-Made PS4 vs Xbox One Boxart

Mortal Kombat X was recently announced in the form of a CGI teaser trailer, which showed Scorpion fighting with Sub-Zero in a especially gory trailer with a grim ending. The trailer confirmed a 2015 release date although no platforms were mentioned in it.

Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon recently answered some questions from the fans regarding the game. He was asked to comment on this fan-made boxart, which can be seen below, and whether it is official or not.



This boxart showed different cover for the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game. Since the PS4 and Xbox One are usually considered as rivals in the console market, this boxart made sense to show two iconic rivals on each cover. Of course, this was not official as confirmed by Ed Boon, although he seemed to like this idea and commented on how he would have preferred it.

If this WAS real, we could put half the game on one disc and half on the other. That wouldn’t piss people off !

It would be interesting to put Scorpion on the PS4 box and Subzero on the XboxOne box. Hmmmm…

If you were wondering whether Kratos will make its appearance back in Mortal Kombat X, since he was available in Mortal Kombat 9, Ed Boon confirmed that he won’t return as they don’t want to repeat it.

Mortal Kombat X is set to launch next year on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Look forward to seeing more of the game including gameplay footage, at the upcoming E3 gaming expo.

  • ShasLa40

    The colour scheme is good for the PS4 box, they would be silly not to go with this box art, they will probably go for some crappy one, the guy sounds like an idiot.

  • Steven Ralston

    “It would be interesting to put Scorpion on the PS4 box and Subzero on the XboxOne box. Hmmmm…”
    – Ed Boon

    I don’t think it has anything to do with Boon favoring one console over the other. Scorpion kills Sub Zero at the end of the MKX trailer and PS4 is killing XB1 in sales right now… Really quite simple why he finds that interesting. Also in my opinion, PS controllers are better for fighting games, aside from arcade sticks. I think that PlayStation is the preferred console at EVO, but I’m not completely sure on that. But Xbox definitely has the better controller for shooters but that’s not to say PlayStation controllers aren’t usable. Really all boils down to personal preference, though.

  • Dying_in_this_Crap_World

    Who would be on the Wii U box?

    • It is not coming to Wii U. Not unofficially yet. We will know at E3.

      • BaklapIsVlees

        Acctualy they should go with the colors the company’s are known for:

        PlayStation Blue: Sub-Zero
        Xbox Green: Reptile
        Nintendo Red: Ermac


  • Marcus Jackson

    Boon was stupid for saying that. not funny at all.

    the cover idea is interesting. how bout Nariko as the PS4/3 exclusive character!

  • Bliss Seeker

    Good idea.

  • Birdman J.R.

    If Interested In Making Up To

  • Ed Boon loves Scorpion and he favours Xbox over PS.
    The reason being, the avatar for Xbox Live was used for MK9 online character profile

    • aeris bueller

      “It would be interesting to put Scorpion on the PS4 box and Subzero on the XboxOne box.”
      -Ed Boon

  • Johnooo

    Reptile should be on Xbox cover. Have scorpion or raven on PC cover and for PS3 and 360 Liu Kang and Shang Tsung.

    • Marcus Jackson

      great idea so i’m aszuming Sub-Zero would still B PS4’s cover?

  • Anon

    He mentioned that Scorpion is his most favorite character. That could mean he prefers PS controller than XBox’s. We know how awful Xbox360 controller in fighting games (that horrible D-pad) and they finally made XBox One’s controller a fighting game friendly.

    • Dennis-sin Alexsandre

      Have u used the d-pad on the chrome series controllers for fighting games?

      • andy

        The controller that was released around the time they dropped the price of the “standard” 360 controller so they could continue to charge a ridiculous price for it? No I’ve never used it. I never fell into the 360 trap 8 years ago just like I didn’t fall into it 5 years later (when the “better” controller was released but still had all the other problems like a stupid battery pack sticking out the back of it)

        • Dylan Harris

          are you serious? that battery pack wasnt a big deal at all, don’t be a crybaby over something insignificant.

  • bintarok

    On the box, Scorpion looks meaner and beastier

    • BaklapIsVlees

      Well he is more mean and beast then Sub-Zero so that makes Sense. Still prefer some Ermac or Reptile for a change though.