Multiple sources hint at Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag being sub-1080p on Xbox One

The Xbox One’s pre-launch resolution fallout has become a topic of heated debates around the internet. What began as an isolated issue that had only affected Battlefield 4 now appears to have become a widespread plague for a majority of Xbox One launch titles. Last week, we brought you news of Bungie’s Destiny possibly running at a sub-1080p on the Xbox One in its alpha phase, based on the words of a tester.

It appears that the latest entrant in Ubisoft’s popular franchise, Assassin’s Creed, suffers a similar fate on Microsoft’s next-gen console. During the latest episode of his weekly show, Annoyed Gamer, game journalist Marcus Beer briefly talks about a visible difference between the two next-gen console versions of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. According to him, the Xbox One version looks “fuzzier” and “strained”, while the PS4 version looks “sharper”, “crisper”, and has “better draw distances”.

Unsurprisingly, the choice of words Beer used to describe the game’s resolution, or lack thereof, is quite similar to that of Destiny’s alpha tester.

Assassin's Creed IV PS3 (17)

Furthermore, former IGN editor Jeremy Conrad claims to have heard similar rumors regarding Assassin’s Creed IV’s native resolution on the Xbox One.

So there you have it. Considering how Assassin’s Creed IV’s runs at 30 frames per second in single-player, it’s likely that the Xbox One version runs at a native resolution of 900p. This is purely speculation on our part, however.

What do you think? 720p or 900p? Let us know in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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  • OnlyWar

    Xbox sucks

  • hrohcoo

    there are dozens of positive previews for this game … it has a deeper combat than many thought. but that’s definitely not what you want to hear, i know 😉

    can’t wait for Nov 22nd and March 11th

  • Major Dickhead

    Another example of how bad the Xbox One is, all that resource MS spent on Kinect instead of making a next gen gaming device that would kill the PS4. The Xbox One still smells of Don “The Pr*ck” Mattrick.

  • datdude

    You poor xbox fanboys. I feel for you. As a gamer who has always owned multiple consoles, including the ps3 and 360, I made my choice for next gen about two years ago, and that choice was obvious. PS4 will be in my home day one, based solely on first party developers that Microsoft can’t compete with. The extra power in the system and the lower price point is just icing on the tremendous layer cake that is the PS4. I hope to pick up an xbone later on, perhaps when they wake up and stop overpricing the console, or give us consumers the choice if we want to purchase the camera with the system or not. Until that happens, no sale.

    • ztuosoq

      play games not consoles!

      you poor datdude

  • OnlyWar

    PS4 is stronger. It can run games in 1080p and Xbox only runs them in 720p.

    • Guest

      It’s only stronger in your low IQ pauper hick brain because you can’t afford an Xbox One. Bye pauper!

  • Capabeara

    Wow…remember how difficult the PS3 was to make games look great in the beginning? It wasn’t until well in the systems life that the games looked on par with the Xbox 360. Why did it take so long with a more advanced system? I know the Xbox one is not quite up to where the PS4 is yet, but give it time. If everyone was looking for great looking games at the start, no one would have very bought a PS4. Both systems are going to be great. I personally will be getting the xbox 1 first because I think it has the most overall potential.

    • Abba Okoro

      Xbox one used the same configuration as the 360…..

  • Jessenia Lopez

    Bu bu but The Power of CLOUD 😛

    • Abba Okoro

      Because Cod is an online only game…LOL

      • Guest

        Yeah but low IQ paupers like Jessenia don’t understand anything.

  • sd

    I dont really think that it is to do with the capabilities of the X-1. Even if the PS4 is more powerful I would say in the future X-1 titles will start to reach 1080p without an issue. Having followed both systems since before they were announced I think the issue is more likely that MS have rushed the X-1 to the market and that some of their software and kits have been pretty poor prior to launch. This would mean any game being developed with tehse will have issues.

    I saw similiar things in relation to the Wii U and then it turned out that wii U did not release full development kits until the same month that the console was launched.

    • Abba Okoro

      Just dropping this here

      • sd

        There are potentially multiple issues and this could be one of them. The other is the kinect allocation. At present 10% of the GPU is allocated to kinect. MS state that they plan to allow this to be reallocated in the future. But as it stands the xbox gpu is only able to use 90% of the GPU power. So there are multiple reasons.

        I have chosen the X-1 at launch, but I will grab a PS4 by mid next year as well. My biggest concern, is the reports coming out that COD is not playable offline in the campaign without internet connection. MS supposedly removed all of their DRM. Their DRM almost had me switch to the PS4 on day one, if it still exists then I am not going to be happy.

        • Abba Okoro

          Don’t believe the rumors you forget that the systems not out yet and so is the patches?

  • OnlyWar

    Upvote if you can’t wait to play games in 1080p next week on PS4.

    • Abba Okoro

      My response

      • ggwphf

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      • twinspectre

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        Racist = Ignorant

        so you’re Ignorant

        i dont know why people still wasting their time with a immature guy like you

        • Abba Okoro

          I’m 100% AFRICAN and i’m racist? LOL Abba is means father in alot of African languages and even in Hebrew translates to father

    • Guest

      People are going to enjoy watching you and your precious $0N¥ PauperStation BURN in HELL. Their new TOU forbids you to resell your games. Enjoy pauper!

  • DOOM

    Another game made on the OLD dev kits… Just wait!

  • Good news fo ps4 fans. BTW competition on the market is a good thing, so I hope that this won’t turn out bad

  • FlameWater

    I’m sorry but 1080 is a standard

  • Jim Neerland

    Hi, I’m here to play the games, not the graphics.

    • Ritsujun

      Mindless Xillyblindb0ts love getting Xbone180’d over and over again.

      • Jim Neerland

        Xillyblindb0ts? Lol like I said I’m here to play games, never said on the One, although that will be my first next gen console. Planning on getting every console at some point as I enjoyed my Gamecube and PS2 for their games. Enjoyed, the Wii, PS3 and 360 for their games. Will enjoy the Xbox One games with the rest to follow later. Get your head away from Sony’s crotch long enough to see that there are those out there that don’t only support one company.

    • Hannibal Lector

      You can play games on the 360. Argument invalid.

      • Jim Neerland

        You’re comment makes no sense

  • TristanPR77

    Anyone saying ” I don’t care” is automatically an hypocrite for me. When I invest on a product that will last like 8 years I care to choose the more powerful, best designed and ready to support all those years.

    I will pay $500 for a system that cannot handle high resolutions that well and I don’t care.

    Sounds pathetic.

    • Steve Denninger

      Launch games. I’ll wait to judge in the next wave of games.

      • WhiteManFromTown

        ps4 launch games are in 1080p, why wait!

  • OnlyWar

    Things that were popular in 2005

    • Orlɛanž

      Oh god, I remember Van Dutch. Everyone in my high school was wearing Van Dutch in 2005. Sweet memories. I didn’t wear that shit tho, of course….. OK maybe the jeans, but thats was it.

    • Abba Okoro

      Just leaving this here

      • mike

        You keep posting this, but I keep seeing others actually explaining why the 32mb just isnt enough. If you sacrifice things then sure, but It is a limitation.

        • Abba Okoro

          Yeah having faster memory than the PS4 doesn’t mean anything

          • Ritsujun


          • Abba Okoro

            GO GO SONY PONIES!

          • OnlyWar

            PS4 has wayyyy faster memory than XB1.

            8 GB of GDDR5 in PS4 is far superior to the DDR3 that Xbox One has.

          • Abba Okoro

            No 32Mb of ESRAM surpasses 8BG of GDDR5 RAM Learn your tech my boy

            BTW the DDR3 was allocated to the CPU only giving it and edge their
            While the SRAM was made for the GPU.

            And since the GDDR5 cuts CPU perfomance(however increases Graphical performance)
            it’s safe to say the the Xbox one actually stronger than the PS4 just that MS doesn’t want Devs using the full GPU causing heating problems.

          • Turner Will

            Abba, you should really learn about hardware before posting. I’m just laughing at your posts.

          • Abba Okoro

            Tell me why i’m wrong please

          • datdude

            This clown is the type to deny everything in the face of all facts and logic to the contrary. Don’t waste time with this type of trash. Simply laugh when you see him in line to overpay for less performance. The idiots will gleefully line up to be fleeced, and this guy will be head of the line. Good luck with that.

          • Solid Snake

            LOL keep trying to convince yourself that everything you said is true.
            Numerous developers have said the PS4 is around 40 to 50% more faster and powerful than Xbone.

          • JesterMarcus

            Even if it is faster, it’s much more complicated to program for. Which really, is what can be most important. Just look at the PS3, technically more powerful in many ways, but way too complicated.

          • Abba Okoro

            The same configuration was used on the 360 LOOOL

          • JesterMarcus

            EDRAM and eSRAM are two different things.

          • Abba Okoro

            No…..LOL There the same thing ESRAM just and upgraded version of EDRAM

          • JesterMarcus

            Really? Than why are developers having difficulty working on just an “upgraded version”?

          • Abba Okoro

            Wait so your were talking out of your ass this hole time? Yuo didn’t bother proving me wrong

          • JesterMarcus

            You can call it the same all you want, but that doesn’t make it so. Similar, but not the same.

            1. SRAM is static (doesn’­t need power-refreshing) while SDRAM is dynamic (needs power-refreshing periodically).
            2. SDRAMís access speed is clock dependent while SRAM accesses directly.
            3. DRAM memory can pack several gigabits
            on a DRAM chip while the SDRAM memory can only pack several tens of
            mega bits on its chip.
            4. SRAMs power consumption is stable while SDRAMs is higher due to refreshing cycles.
            5. SRAM is more expensive than SDRAM due to faster speed.

            Also, even if it is similar, that says even more since developers are still having issues optimizing for the X1. If they are so similar, they shouldn’t be having this many issues.

      • Barzh

        Disastrous, it’s clear MS had to rush everything in order to release right after the PS4. Hopefully they didn’t rush too much and repeat a RROD2.0

      • jmc8888

        Here’s what 32 mb’s gives you….or doesn’t

        1920x1080x16/1024/1024 = ~31.64mb’s

        1920x1080x20/1024/1024 = ~39.55 mb’s

        1920x1080x24/1024/1024 = ~47.46 mb’s

        1920x1080x32/1024/1024 = ~63.28 mb’s

        As you can see at 1080p, you really can’t use the ESRAM to boost the DDR3’s bandwidth.

        1600x900x16/1024/1024 = ~21.97 mb’s

        1600x900x20/1024/1024 = ~27.46 mb’s

        1600x900x24/1024/1024 = ~32.95 mb’s

        1600x900x32/1024/1024 = ~43.94 mb’s

        As you can see here even at 900p, only the lowest of quality gives you SOME ability to boost the bandwidth, and the 2nd quality, barely boost.

        1280x720x16/1024/1024 = ~14.06 mb’s

        1280x720x20/1024/1024 = ~17.57 mb’s

        1280x720x24/1024/1024 = ~21.09 mb’s

        1280x720x32/1024/1024 = 28.125 mb’s

        As you can see here at 720p, all of the various quality can fit under the 32 mb limit, but even it will struggle at this resolution if it’s higher quality.

        The bytes per pixel (the 16-32 in the equation) can be higher, but typically 24-32 will be considered next gen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 36 or 40 though. Which would make all the number above look even worse, and probably regulate the Xbox One into 600p territory.

        Xbox One really is a 720p box when the games are built with next generation type graphics are concerned. This is an artificial limit, it’s not natural, it’s entirely there because Microsoft decided it needed to be. Why? The reason isn’t for games that’s for sure.

        68 gb/s + 109 gb/s + a few more gb’s due to the bi-directional nature which can be slightly done in games, but games themselves don’t read and write things all the time so that’s 177 gb/s potential plus a little more. Let’s call it 190 gb/s max.

        With that bandwidth you can fully utilize the 1.31 or 1.18 TFlops (with and without OS/Kinect reserve) for your games.

        But if you’re only getting 80 or 100 gb/s then whatever the raw specs are, the console will perform POORER then the specs suggest. Meaning the gap is much larger in reality then TFlops comparison is between the PS4 and Xbox One. Because Xbox One in many games, might be maxed out at 50-70 percent of it’s raw capability…. all because of ESRAM.

        What the framebuffer isn’t using, that’s the memory available to be used as secondary bandwidth to boost the pitiful 68 gb/s bandwidth of the DDR3 memory. But at 32 mb’s, it really isn’t big enough to do this. It really needed to be ~128 mb’s. But they couldn’t, because it wouldn’t fit….well then they don’t have a solution, and should have realized their design was completely flawed.

        The less ESRAM there is leftover after the framebuffer, the less the bandwidth can be boosted. With the Xbox One, the higher resolution goes, the less the ESRAM can supplement the DDR3, which stands at odds with the reality that is at higher resolutions, the more bandwidth is needed.

        Tiled resources can help… but it’s never been done, and it’ll be a pain to code for… beyond the usual ESRAM pain to code for, and you simply cannot expect many to do it, or do it well. Even then there is a trade of with tiled resources, it’s wasteful, and again it too will be constrained based on the size. Using tiled resources with 10 mb’s of ESRAM left will work alot better then if there’s 5 mb’s of ESRAM left. So again, the same issues even effect the work around. It’s really just a small patch on a big problem, and won’t massively improve the situation. What will this achieve though, wasted resources for an additional effect similar of boosting bandwidth by 10-20 gb/s? It’s not solving anything.

        So deferred rendering dynamic lighting, also called NEXT GEN lighting, can be dumped, like in Forza, which is basically just a last gen game running at a higher resolution. Many driving games have been made like this the last five years. But not all games can dump deferred rendering since they built the game off a game engine that uses deferred rendering.

        You know the Frostbite 2 and beyond games, the Unreal 3&4 games, the Cryengine 3 games, etc, etc. The Assassin’s Creed, the CoD, Battlefield 4, GTA, so on and so forth. Basically all the major engines running the AAA games. All the open world games. All the semi-open world games. These are the games that the Xbox One is going to majorly struggle with. So if you’re a multiplatform title gamer, and/or you love open world or semi-open world games, then this information might be pertinent to you before plunking down $499 for a system that will struggle with the types of games you like. Especially since it’s also $100 more then a system that won’t artificially struggle with them. (because that’s what ESRAM is, an artificial bottleneck created through horrible design decisions.)

        Also if you look at the Xbox One games that are doing better, they aren’t these types of games, and they are usually the types of games that don’t need as much power to render. BOX games.

        Games in a box, or ones that have a small area to render, like a race track, a court, a field, inside a room, etc. Fighting, driving, and sports games…especially by EA, will do better, because of the nature or those games.

        But open world games? Games like AC IV which is both OPEN WORLD, opposite of a BOX game, and uses deferred rendering?

        I said a while back AC IV is the launch game that will show us the most about what the Xbox One can do, or can’t do. Because it is everything the Xbox One was not built to do well.

        Based on all this, the Xbox One is about the most UNBALANCED system that could possibly have been built.

        It’ll still be the console for Xbox exclusives. Pure exclusives. If any of these games also have a PC version, like Titanfall, then PC is the way to go.

        So ESRAM doesn’t only make it harder to code for, the work around for the ESRAM will make it even way harder then that, and even then it won’t be enough to overcome all of the issues, which are just issues that drop the Xbox One’s performance from theoretical max to actual max at a much lower level, which at this point we still haven’t accounted for the raw PS4 advantage of ~50 percent, and in some areas by up to 400 percent. All for $100 less, and it still has the ability to utilize voice commands in the UI/Game without a camera, which also means a good portion of Kinect’s realized functionality never needed Kinect or PSEye to accomplish to begin with.

        TV remote control is still more reliable and faster for browsing channels, and almost everybody that plays fantasy football, doesn’t use NFL.COM’s version, which is the only one supported.

        Sadly people like Gies and most other ‘game journalists’ don’t think there’s much of a difference, and are telling you a bunch of lies (or incompetence), which of course is a position they’ll eventually have to change, except it’ll be after they duped millions into thinking they were purchasing a similar quality console, even though they clearly have the information that it’s not. Just remembered who lied to you and who downplayed everything, as they should remember, their website, and their names and many times ugly faces are plastered on this propaganda which will haunt them and their websites for a very long time. They obviously aren’t interested in raises or promotions, because when it comes up for review time or job application time, their idiotic comments are reason enough to either not hire them, not promote them, and definitely not give them a raise. After all, in any review, that review would show their performance outright SUCKED.

        The info is out and well before your account gets charged for this machine. If people still want it knowingly all this, fine, after all it’s your choice. But it is something people should be told beforehand, and the gaming sites are obfuscating reality to everyone’s detriment. Make your choice based on all the facts, not what information the gatekeepers at gaming sites may deem important and what it isn’t. It’s quite clear for whatever reason they are holding back info that might save you $500, which is like lying to you on the quality of about 8 games leading you to make 8 unwise gaming purchases.

        Because of these idiots, many people might otherwise choose to buy a PS4, PC, maybe even a Wii U…whatever they want…but instead they are purchasing a $499 console that they will be looking to replace with a PS4 or PC as soon as they figure it out.

        Others, are only going to buy one console, and will be placed into this situation for 5-10 years. Gaming sites are telling you the Xbox One is equal or close to it, when reality is, it isn’t. That multiplatform game gap where the 360 > PS3? Well it’ll be multiples of that, and the Xbox One doesn’t have spec edge which the PS3 had to deliver the type of superior 1st party graphics that the 360 couldn’t. Xbox One simply doesn’t have that.

        • Abba Okoro

          ARGUING against a Devloper? LOOOOOOOL ok man

          • Socius

            If this is all you can say after reading his post, you probably shouldn’t post at all. I’m a pretty big Microsoft fanboy. I have my xbox 360 about half a meter away from me. I’ve already preordered a Lumia 1520 phone for $920. I had previously purchased one of the first WinMo7 phone that had come out (LG Optimus 7). I use Win8.1, and IE11 as my main browser. I’m a big fan of PC gaming, as I’ve spent over $10k on my current build. I hope GCN/Steambox don’t take off as it will hurt MS/DirectX and PC gaming in general. And I’m hoping that by next gen I’ll be able to trade in my iPad Air for a Surface Pro 3.

            But I must admit that MS really screwed the pooch with the Xbox One. 8gb of GDDR5 allows tons of flexibility. It’s incredibly fast. And it’s multipurpose. MS is charging more for their console, and giving less. It’s just a bad move on their part. And developers are having difficulty with it. Could it change in the future as it did for the PS3 and its exclusives that tried to overcome the slow speed of bluray and the limited memory by writing game files all over the bluray so it would be faster to access at any point? Possibly. But considering the platforms are similar, but the PS3 model just has more in terms of hardware, it’s going to be an uphill battle for MS.

            Does hardware always matter? Not always. The Wii did well. And Xbox Live still does have an advantage for multiplayer in that many peoples friends have it so they’ll want to get the same console to play along with them. But there is absolutely no point in denying that the Xbox One is a weaker console.

          • Abba Okoro

            GDDR5 heats up quickly AND get’s in bottlenecks with CPU power

            Point is only 90% of the GPU is even allowed for Devs to use on the XB1 and doing knowing what it’s doing know already enough

    • Roland Berube

      Enough already who gives a flying F@#$

      • Guest

        Only low IQ N4Gay NeoFAG paupers do.

  • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

    To me a fanboy is like the thing u get on your ass when u push to hard.Yeah that’s right a hemroaid.

  • Guest

    Jeremy Conrad = EX editor for a reason. Spewing constant BS being one of them.

    • Guest

      and he has PSN stuff in his resumé. Biased as F*CK con artist he is.

  • sazse

    I dont give a shit to this resolution hysteria any more. Its only PR war. The market niches of the two systems are completely different. One was conceived as multimedia hub on its heart, with plenty of game capabilities. Online and Kinect are on the core of Xbox One experience. MS made it clear from day one! But this takes a lot of resources. PS4 is mainly and only a game machine, with multimedia capabilities as a plus. So, its pointless to compare visual quality from these two machines. PS4 will always be ahead. If somebody wants to buy Xbox, probably it’ll be because of its whole proposition, not based on games only. In fact, Im curious to see how the market will react after de first wave of shipping, when the ferocious MS and Sony defenders are already with their pre-ordered consoles and the neutral customers slowly start to decide which side to pick. Lets remember Wii was the winner of the previous generation…

  • mydreamsofhonor

    720P = xbone enough said. If you don’t like it microsoft??????????????? Oh right it not about looks it about gaming! Personally I like both. Come on Mr. Penello and Mr. Spencer It time to do some EXPLAINING TO DO! Yes I like TV snap but enough with the you really can not see it underpower. With not any real reasons as to why it can not do 1080p native on anything but a car racer game and rumors that it use the cloud just to do that? Better yet why not tell us when we will see 1080p native in the future on all games running at 60fps?

    • Abba Okoro

      Read this please

      • Mick

        Yeh lets all listen to Arthur “talking out of his arse” gies lmfao , once the devs start using gpgpu for games the ps4 will widen the gap even more just because of how tiny that 32mb is, add to that the fact the ps4 has the better gpu in the first place, only an idiot would think the xbone has a chance.

        • Abba Okoro

          Dude ESRAM is 7x faster than regular RAM

          But the fact that the PS4 doesn’t have directx 11.2 NOR the fact that every AMD GPU made since 2009 is a GPGPU lol

  • justohammer

    Who cares i will be to busy playing Ryse,Forza 5 and Dead rising 3 good luck playing them on your ps4 and pc

    • jdp12

      Ryse = QTE fest, Forza = meh arcade-y racer (i got project cars, gt6 and driveclub to play), DR3 = sequel to a mediocre game.

      The only game I’m interested that isn’t coming to PS4, is coming to PC. Not to mention the fact that Microsoft said that they will introduce more first party titles to PC to compete with Steam.

      • Corderius Jayell Climpson

        PS4 = Knack+Killzone+Indie games+PC ports i wouldn’t be talking buddy they clearly don’t have any games smh and the UI and garbage which they’ve barely shown btw lmao SONY is trash and you know it.

      • Abba Okoro

        Rsye isn’t QTE the alpha build was but look at the game now moron

      • hosrtnesol

        Ryse = QTE fest … dude, you seriously need help!

        go see a doctor! of course every game for the XB1 is going to suck and every game for the PS4 will be the best evarrr.

        besides Killzone SF there are only a couple of indie games …

    • luvthesnapper

      and those games suck, so have fun with that shit…..

  • Thomas Sørensen


    • Ritsujun

      Xillyb0ts got Xbone180’d, again.

    • twinspectre

      but i remember when Xillyb0ts said the xbone720p can run 4K gaming XD (stupid fanboys)

  • Orlɛanž

    Just buy the PC or PS4 version instead.

    • durhamm

      PC 4 SURE 😀

      Console freaks are both trying to black mail each other before launching. nothing shocking TBH.

      • MassiveDamageControl

        Actually SSF (sony sales force) are in full force on gaming sites before the ps4 launching….

    • Gujarad

      If you have LinkedIn account, go check Jeremy Conrad account. A con artist indeed.Not only ex-IGN staff but also ex-PSN staff. Clearly a brokenhearted fankid who needs media attention. Denial at best, tralalala

      • XboxPS

        Just a pure fail troll-Jeremy Conrad.

      • Maestro

        IT’Z ALL ‘BOUT

    • Abba Okoro

      People care THAT much of Res?

      • Orlɛanž

        Sure, if you don’t want your games to look like garbage. Better resolution/graphics at a $100 less, sure.. With that alone, there’s no reason to get an Xbone. Plus, online membership is $10 cheaper.
        It’s a good deal over the MS console.

        • Abba Okoro

          Games look garbage when games LOOK better on Xb1 despite the Res difference?

          Must be 12

          • Orlɛanž

            Everyone knows low-res can cause a lost of textures and jaggies. I mean, it’s common knowledge. But if you’re too sensitive about your 720p console, then that’s your problem.
            People like you buy the brand (fanboy), people like me buy whatever preforms better at right price vs the competitor.

          • Dildo

            Yep, probably 12 … You’re talking out of your ass.
            Shaders, textures size, LOD, have nothing to do with resolution ..
            A game in 720p using good AA can look much better than a game in 1080p.

            And yes, 32Mb is more than enough for 1080p.
            Do you know tilled resources ? Well yeah, it’s a new DX feature that lets you show impressively detailed textures with … a few Mb. So 32Mb is more than enough, trust me.

            You just don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Hussain Naseem

            you make it sound like tiled resources is something only available for MS / DX users. The tiled resources equivalent available in openGL has almost the same feature set if not better. And it’s been around in openGL in one form or other for longer.

          • Abba Okoro

            If it was SD vs HD YES
            But this is Full HD vs HD(1080p vs 720p) so difference won’t distinguish polygons and graphics. You

            For example: Minecraft still looks like shit even 1600p which means Res=/graphics=/=Polygons

          • jeremy

            PC Master Race reporting in. Both are underwhelming.

          • regularman

            “People like you buy the brand (fanboy), people like me buy whatever preforms better at right price vs the competitor.” (Exhales) sssssssssss…………You shit on him with that line. They’re defending a company (as if they work for it), even if it’s the wrong choice, but not defending the right choice.

      • AdachiTohru

        Nop, people care about having a more powerful console $100 cheaper

        • Abba Okoro

          50% extra power…..LOL

          • Ritsujun

            Awwwwww the Beeburr’s mad.

          • twinspectre

            4K gaming LOL , damn XBOTS thought XBONE720p games runs 4K Gaming XD

          • Abba Okoro

            12 year old confirmed LOL

          • twinspectre

            lol , you don’t know me pal

          • Meow

            Less than the 500% less power the Playstation 4 has compared to my PC.
            Silly Peasants.

      • twinspectre

        didn’t BlackBusterCritic destroy you??? lol

        and you leave the debate crying lololololol it was funny 😀

        • Abba Okoro

          I was crying? LOL My goal was to get him to ADMIT that he wasn’t getting a PS4 and that he’s just doing this shit for youtube money

          But I like how you Forget about that ,3

          • twinspectre

            your goal was to FAIL XD and you did it

          • Abba Okoro

            Yup ignores everything I said in my past comment…LOL

          • twinspectre

            XD you keep ignoring facts like PS4 is supperior than XBone720p

      • Ritsujun

        Dat Abba Microsofie.

  • Ermahgherd Cerny Perney

    Jeremy Conrad is one of your sources? lol, the dude hates MS and will try anything to damage their reputation.

    • cozomel

      What part of Marcus Beer/Angry Gamer didnt you get. Does he hate MS too? You fanboys are just blind and dumb

    • cozomel

      What part of Marcus Beer/Angry Gamer didnt you get. Does he hate MS too? You fanboys are just blind and dumb

      • Ermahgerd cerny perney

        Considering I said “Jeremy Conrad is ONE of your sources” I didn’t even question Marcus Beers comment or the resolution issue, You’re jumping to conclusions!

        I’m questioning Jeremy as being a reliable source

        Oh, and on the subject of Marcus, I find it funny how just last week every Sony fanboy wanted to burn Marcus at the stake for mentioning bad things about your precious PS4, now the tables have turned you all love him!

        Go figure!

        • cozomel

          Wow, you fanboys are the dumbest lot on the face of the planet. Who’s talking about loving Marcus Beer. And i could care less what he likes or any of you’s like for that matter. The point is, he’s not a Sony fanboy saying this, therefore, alot more credibility. Or is your stupid fanboy infested mind to stupid to understand this? Damn you fanboys are dumb!

  • Henry

    launch is like this week for ps4 and 1 week for xbox one but seriously can we all just get excited for the games coming out like this stuff with resolution on the eve of a new generation of gaming is getting a bit ridiculous

    • Vulcanproject

      It’ll just take a while for people to accept the fact PS4 is the more powerful console. Once that has finally sunk in for some people who weren’t aware of it, despite informed people talking about it for six months, then the next gen can start properly.

      We just have to get past this at the start and soon enough it’ll be accepted and there will be less articles like this

      • jdp12

        yeah but the gap can only widen, in a few years we’ll probably be seeing games with PS4 specific features because of the hardware limitations of the x1

        • lolwhathaha

          Not really. even the PS4 is weak to what it should have been.

      • AdachiTohru

        It will be easier to people to accept this when the Xbox will be cheaper than the PS4

        • Vulcanproject

          I don’t think it’ll ever be cheaper than PS4 in its whole life.

          Its main chip is going to be virtually as expensive to produce as PS4 and if they don’t ditch kinect which it seems they just can’t it’ll always sell at a premium, otherwise Microsoft will lose even more.

          Kinect is obviously the main price differentiator here.

          • AdachiTohru

            Never say never, when they will see the PS4 sales, i think they’ll take off Kinect.

            Kinect may be a price differentiator but most of the gamers dont care because its useless in games, they just want to play microsoft games

      • lolwhathaha

        Cool, who cares. Gaming is really turning to somewhat silly now. people need to accept and move on, hopefully this is the last for both consoles as this generation gets worse by the minute. time to accept it and be happy.

      • Abba Okoro

        So 50% is that much of a BIG deal? LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    • jdp12

      it’s not necessarily the resolution that is concerning many people… it is the fact that right out of the gate major publishers are having to gimp games on one platform, almost 100% due to the hardware being inferior

      • lolwhathaha

        Last time I checked no version is being gimped.

        • jdp12

          last time I checked PS4 had 15/16 1080p games, mainly 60fps, while X1 had 4/10 (2 60fps, 2 30)

          • Abba Okoro

            Nope 60 FPS “most of the time” LOL

      • Abba Okoro

        So limiting what Devs can use means=Weak hardware? LOL

        • Ritsujun

          LOL @ Xillymadb0ts.

    • AdachiTohru

      Nop, i cant get excited for something that costs $100 more with no reason ( kinect is useless in games ) , being less powerful

    • cozomel

      No its not ridiculous, “ridiculous” is the fact that the X1 can barely do it and costs a $100 more. “Ridiculous” is how the xbot were so sure that the X1 was going to be more power than the new Sony system, cuz MS was in such a better financial situation. “Ridiculous” is how even once the specs were released, the xbots still tried to deny that the PS4 is more powerful, and just chalked it up to specs on paper. Then argued that the difference wont be even 30% difference. And now when even the games are showing a huge difference, its specs dont matter, resolution dont matter. That’s “ridiculous”. If resolution doesnt matter than why even bother paying $500 more to get the X1 when most of the games will be on the 360 and ps3 anyways?

      • horstnelsoni

        not ridiculous is the fact that i don’t want a PS4 😉

        simple as that!

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