Neverwinter gets a new update

We’ve been hearing positive things about Neverwinter by the players who have access to the game and have played it for some time. However, there seem to be a few problems here and there like with many early MMORPGs, including class disbalance. Cryptic is therefore giving the game an update which deals with many things.

When I say ‘many things’, I mean ‘everything’. The update tries to improve almost every aspect of the game.


Here is just a little of what the patch will cover:

  • Class Balance, Powers, and Threat Generation
  • Queue System
  • Auction House
  • PvP
  • Companions
  • Party Looting
  • Gateway
  • User Interface
  • Quests, Dungeons, and Rewards
  • Game Performance

This is just a brief list. The full patch notes are enormous.

Currently, Neverwinter is in closed testing and not openly available. However, it’s not very difficult to get access to the game.