New Battlefield Hardline Patch has a release date

All Battlefield Hardline players are looking forward to the upcoming patch that’s supposed to fix a lot of issues the game’s facing including gun balance, bug fixes, spawn improvements and more. The patch which was announced back in March now finally has a release date.

The upcoming Battlefield Hardline Patch will be releasing on April 28 as announced by the official Battlefield Twitter.

You can read the full Patch Notes here which were released earlier.


I’m really enjoying my time with Battlefield Hardline right now. Game modes like Blood Money and Heist are super fun and a nice change of pace from other serious First Person Shooters.

What are you thoughts on Battlefield Hardline? Let us know in the comments below:

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  • Robert Umberto Covello

    Fixed TDM spawns? Thats a flat out lie. I still spawn right in front of enemies constantly. The spawns in TDM make the mode unplayable. Worst spawns ever. And you still cant spawn on your squad members in TDM which is also stupid.

  • Zach

    Ive played the battlefield series since BF1942, hardline is a nice change of pace for once 🙂

  • Cristal Marquez

    They should fix the problem where you lose your progress in episodes and making you start from the prologue. Ive contacted EA and they said they couldn’t do any but post this problem on their forum. Like really?

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