Could A New Dragon Age Game Announcement Be On It’s Way?

It has been around two years since fans last set foot on the continent of Thedas with the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, the most recent game in the Dragon Age series. Now, it seems like BioWare may be getting ready to announce yet another game in the franchise.

Mark Darrah, Executive Producer of the Dragon Age games, has been tweeting out a number of images with nothing but a “?” attached. Each of these images contain either a reference or an item linked to the world of Dragon Age, some of which are more obvious then the others.

The images can be seen below:


This first image is of a unique heavy helmet titled the Helm of the Inquisitor. It is an item that can be found in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and is also the one worn by the Inquisitor in multiple official trailers and images of the game.


This next image is of the Inquisition Longsword, also from Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is also the starting weapon of one of your companions in the game, Cassandra.


These seem to be murals of the Chantry, the dominant religion in Thesdas.


This image is of the coat of arms of the city of Kirkwall, the location where a majority of the events of the second game, Dragon Age II, take place.


This is perhaps the most interesting image in the bunch. It appears to be an upside down, slightly modified version of the crest of the Commander of the Grey, the symbol of the leader of the Grey Wardens.


And this is perhaps the most cryptic of all the images. It’s a picture of a chess board with a rook on the E6 position.

From what we can tell, most of the images above seem to have references to each of the three games in the Dragon Age Series. What this means in terms of any official announcements, we will just have to wait and see.

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  • Rick Nascimento

    Remember when Mark Darrah was asking fans about a tactical game for Dragon Age? The chess board, you know…

  • Hopefully!! 😀

  • Gary

    Cut it out with the hype Bioware Inquisition was a piece of rubbish compared to the original. Barely anybody is excited at this point, just announce the fkn game already and show some actual quality to win some fans back rather than relying on gimmick crap like this

    • Hmmm yes, DAI won all those awards and sold all those millions of copies because its rubbish, Sure.

    • InnocenceSuffers

      DAI was fantastic – you’re opinion is in minority here – the game won a huge # of awards