New Image Shows Comparison Between Source Engine 1.0 vs 2.0

It was no secret that Valve was developing Source Engine 2.0. It was also confirmed that they are remaking the maps of Left 4 Dead 2 in Source Engine 2.0, as a way to test the potential of the new engine. Now a new image has appeared online that shows the comparison between the old Left 4 Dead Plantation map vs the remade map in Source Engine 2.0.

You can check out this comparison in the image below.


The improvements are immediately noticeable to the lighting, textures and shadows. While we won’t really call this an apples to apples comparison, it does a good enough job of illustrating the graphical jump between Source Engine 1.0 to Source Engine 2.0.

In case you are interested in reading more about these Source Engine 2.0 leak, you can read the story that we covered yesterday. Apparently, the slides which were leaked date back to 2011 and are completely legit, although Valve has yet to comment on any of these leaks.

We would be interested to know what you have to say about this image? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • kreator

    XBO FTW!

    • syson551 .

      what does the XBOX1 have to do with this article

      • Console slave race

        Silence fool! You know nothing!! Long live the XBO!! LONG LIVE OUR MICROSOFT MASTERS!!!

        • syson551 .

          I the fool yet, you sound like the fool to me, writing n caps, doesn’t get your “point” across anymore, and if you notice steam engine was originally made for the PC, so like I said what does the Xbox1 has to do with anything

        • Trim Dose

          My balls are the rulers of all of you, behave infidels!.

      • kreator

        This game will again be exclusive on M$’s console! #fool

      • kreator

        Left for dead is always xbox console exclusive 🙂

    • Luckyca

      I do not get fan boys, I am a gamer not a fan boy, If one console or PC makes new strides then it is only natural that the others will follow and we all benefit. Thank God we have multiple gaming platforms. If there was a monopoly, there would be much less motivation to get better. We would be a good decade behind in gaming or more if it was not for platform competition. So please, let the PC, PS and XB one upping continue.

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