You Can Now Watch New inFamous: Second Son Footage In Uncompressed 1080p Direct Feed

inFamous: Second Son has received a new demo and previews from press, as it was showcased at a recent event by Sony. We can now finally watch this full footage uncut in glorious 1080p, probably the best way to actually see the game in action before playing it on your PS4.

If you want to see this footage, provided to the press, you can download it from here(Mirror). It is about 841 MB in size.

Here are some screencaps, taken from from this new footage.

infamous-second-son-new-3 infamous-second-son-new-2 infamous-second-son-new-1

inFamous: Second Son is set to launch exclusively on the PS4 on March 21, 2014. The game is confirmed to have no multiplayer mode. Players who haven’t played any previous inFamous games should be glad to know that they can jump into Second Son’s story without playing the previous games. Sucker Punch have also released brand new screens earlier this week showcasing the world of Seattle in inFamous: Second Son along with some amazing concept art.

What do you think of this new footage? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • TZuck

    So yeah this footage is still heavily compressed. It’s H.264 footage, and even if it was ProRes it would still be compressed…

  • Revenge of Anonymous


  • Dirty Sanchez

    Wow!!it looks like gta 5 on xbox 360

    • Deku-Johnny

      Are you blind?

  • da Boss

    Can’t say i’m too crazy about the whole punk rock look, he looks like a massive douche, but its interesting.

  • Kevp

    The game is so smooth! I won’t complain about games being 30fps when it’s this smooth! The gameplay looks fun too and I’m sure it’s not just shooting everything in sight gameplay since you have plenty of choices around you and not to mention the karma system too. Graphically it looks great but It would be awesome if the lights from the cars or from your powers also make objects or people produce real time shadows cuz judging from the footage here, it doesn’t, it just illuminates those objects/people. Just a small nitpick.

  • porkChop

    Did you guys not bother reading the disclaimer? The disclaimer that comes with the video clearly states:

    “Footage provided by Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC is for your unrestricted broadcast use. Broll is for editorial use only and should not be posted as raw gameplay footage. Please incorporate broll in an editorial package with team interviews, media commentary, additional assets, etc. DO NOT feature broll as stand-alone footage.”

  • bigshynepo

    I’m totally pumped for Infamous and this looks like more of the addictive fun the first two provided.
    Looking forward to seeing the leveled up super powers.

    PS: I love MEGA’s new hosting service.

  • Sunnycyde

    Meh. Was really hoping this is going to be a great game, but I’m having huge doubts. No doubt it will look good, but that’s only a part of a game. What’s disappointing to me is the gameplay, it’s just more of the same, generic super powers. Infamous one and two got repetitive very quickly and by watching the videos, it looks to be the case in Second Son as well, which is a shame. I’m hoping it does well as we need it to do so in order to compete with Titanfall, but with no multiplayer, 30fps, and the generic gameplay, all we have to look forward to are pretty graphics, which isn’t enough. So….here’s hoping it turns out great, I’m just doubtful.

    • Superbot

      cynical much. Titanfall this, Titanfall that. I really hope that game fall flat.

    • Geoffrey Davey

      It’s all personal preference. You say super powers look generic… I say the gunplay in Titanfall looks generic. I’m still looking forward to both of them though.

      Then again, I haven’t played multiplayer games since Modern Warfare 1, meanwhile I’ve loved both Infamous 1&2… so again, personal preference. I have no doubt that Titanfall will make a bigger splash, but as a 35 year old dude, I couldn’t give two shits which sells better. I play games that interest me.

  • vcarvega

    Holy shit this game looks good!!!