New Killzone: Shadow Fall build shows improved character models

Killzone Shadow Fall has gone gold for quite a while now. We have also gotten our hands on an ultra quality multiplayer footage from the game that not only looked stunning, it also seemed to be running at 60 fps. Now it seems like the character models have also gotten an upgrade over the original unveil back at PlayStation Meeting Conference in February.

A new GIF shows the difference between both character models clearly. The textures seems to have been improved, the way the god ray appear through the transitioning camouflage also appears to be much more subtle now. Beyond the artistic difference in lighting, which appears more natural now, the character models have also gotten cosmetic changes i.e the glasses of the soldier and his uniform.

You can check out this change in the GIFs below.

killzone-comparison-1 killzone-comparison-2 killzone-shadowfall-characters

Killzone: Shadow Fall is going to be launch title for the PlayStation 4. Earlier, it was officially confirmed that Killzone: Shadow Fall will run at an unlocked frame rate for both Single Player and Multiplayer. The single player campaign was also confirmed to take at least 10 hours for a full playthrough. Killzone: Shadow Fall will also use a hybrid approach for its multiplayer, where normal matches will be made using peer-to-peer connections but the stats and match-making will be done at server side. Multiplayer tweaking can also be done server side without the need for any patch.

What do you think of this new change in the character models? Let us know in the comments below.

Stay tuned to GearNuke for latest news and info on Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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  • Ben A


  • Fr0stguard

    Its disappointing seeing people argue over which console has better graphics when in reality from a game artists standpoint the usable poly counts, texture resolutions and in-game memory usages are almost the exact same. So close you cant even tell the Difference. All you all are arguing about is the game engine the game is using and blaming it on the console for no reason.

  • Dakan45

    I am still laughing my ass off as to how you think this pic looks good, its filled with jaggies and has horrible lighting, i am facepalming that you thinkt it looks better than crysis 3

  • Dakan45

    Whyy you keep posting this bullshit dan? The very same fucking video you posted clearly states that th game does not look as good as the pc version and clearly states that he preffers the pc version.

    BUT I KEEP FORGETING, dan doesnt read anything aside from the title.

    If you prove this little dipshit wrong, he will continue to post the same INCORECT bulshit despite being proven wrong, he STILL believes that ps3 architecture was perfect, i am just exlpaining with what kinda troll you are dealing with, he goes around without an account and post the same bullshit he and mike sombie are the same person, he appears in EVERY post that mike sombie posts.

  • kyle

    Looks fantastic, only a few weeks to go now before PS4 is launched – all the major retailers around the world are saying the demand and pre-orders for PS4 are through the roof, and that is even before the advertising has kicked in! Both XB1 and particularly PS4 are going to sell out of all stock this Christmas.

    • Dakan45

      Fantastic? it looks like titnafall and destiny, if you think that is next gen, then you are blind. Bf4 already beats it. You consoletards need to understand the diffirence between graphics and art style.

      No having blur and color grading doesnt make the graphics good, the lighting is crap, no ambient occlusion no shadows, awful shaders, jaggies everywhere.

  • Dakan45

    Oh please the pic you posted? thats how titanfall looks.

    Last time i checked shadowfal is 60 fps on mp and 30-40 on sp and the visuasl are downgraded from E3.

    BUT HEY, itsn ot like killzone is a good fps, generic cover based borring piece of trash.

    ” Even a crysis 3 on pc at very high-ultra”

    BUAHAHHAHAHH no crysis 3 beats shadowfall anyday, i watched the lasted story trailer, the lighing is siginificantly toned down from ea and the facial animatiosn are laughable. But i forgot there are still morons who think Motionblurry-zone 2 had better graphics than crysis.

    The fact taht you even think this screenshot has “amazing graphics” makes me facepalm. Everyone, open taht pic in fullscreen and notice how hardly anything has shadows….more like shadowfail. Same goes for the story trailer, its like shadows dont exist in shadowfall world.

  • Tony Melo

    The old one looks better. Look at the cloth on the last one, you can see the cloth fiber details, in the new one it’s flatter, less detailed. That’s what I see at least. In the first one, the fade in from the human to the helgast looks more generic, and less effects being used. The old build, to me looks better. I am still looking forward to picking this up tho. I was wanting to get ghosts too, but heard the single player campaign is only 4 hours long…. So maybe battlefield 4? Decisions decisions….

  • loser

    And Xbone is under hyped because it is a piece of garbage.

    • Ben A

      PS4 IS TRASH

  • Guest

    Not impressed at all. PoS4 is overhype and underdeliver.

    • Josué B. Hernández

      Off course is undilivered! The console release Nove.15th… Amazon and others online store are gonna deliver after that date! think a little DUH! XD

      • Jack Slater

        He quickly edited his miserable comment.
        You know why he is still guest? Because the nickname ‘virgin xbot’ was already used by his brother.

    • Abort Mission

      Aww, Xbot is mad? Is that why you deleted yourself from the comment? Lmao

    • neko working

      yeah, xbots always say same thing over and over.

    • Jack Slater

      Go buy your 720p xbox one and gtfo.
      Last gen, digital foundry was comparing ps3 and x360 games.
      Next gen, they will be comparing x360 and xbox one, since both are 720p.
      When you get the xbone, just say ‘xbox suicide’, and it will warm and explode like a grenade.

      • Ben A


  • watcher278

    so many buckless… soo many… its buckletastic..

  • Mike Sombi

    Wow… That new model. The improvement is obvious, it has more of that jump in your face kind cinematic look now, also it’s alot more believable. The older model was cool with the glowing eyes but in some ways it was too neo-steam punk. The new one really does justice for the “Cold War” theme, seriousness is what they are going for.

    • Dakan45

      No dipshit its just you and the sonyfaggots who think this beats crysis 3.

      Also i know you are dan and seeing you arguign with yourself and signing out to thumb up your own comment is pathetic.

      Feel free to go on your usual bullshit and about ip tracing and post this guy’s facebook acount who is in ANOTHER COUNTRY and continue on the bullshit kiddo. I will hunt you down , enjoy getting pwned dipshit.

      What nvidia said its true, consoles CANT have as good graphics as pcs and amd confirmed it by saying that the hardware on ps4/xbox one are weaker and cheaper than anything on pc so they cant output more power. Enjoy yout pathetic false sense of “next gen” i can calso have a “next gen” with braindamaged eyes that do not allow me to see the diffirence between graphics, i proved you how crysis 3 has tehnically better graphics than killzone shadhoshit and you went on talking bs on how it “feels” and “looks” better due to “Atmosphere” and other bulslhit proving that you are CLUELESS about graphics and you cant tell your face from your ass.

      • neko working

        lol, u mad because pc has no killzone.

        • Dakan45

          Yes i was so mad when i played killzone 2 on my ps3.

          Reasons? Blur covers most of the graphics and give a cinematic feel rather atually having good graphics. I couldnt change the controls to aim without the thumbsticks, the gameplay was DEATHBORRING and the gunlay was meh. The story was crap.

          So the only thing it has going is the graphics and even then crysis 3 utterly destroys it.

          Seriously i saw some killzone shadowfall pics, it looked great on E3, it was on par with pc games, now it looks lilke titanfall or destiny, its pathetic, The pic is the one that jack slater posted up there. Its pathetic, games have been looking like that on pc for 2-3 years. Even the new story trailer shows downgraded graphics.

          So in conclusion THANK GOD this generic game isnt on pc.

          • Ben A


          • Dakan45

            Dont know if you are serious or not, but here is what jim sterling said

            “Killzone: Shadow Fall is a good- looking game, though that mostly thanks to the art design. Textures are a bit blurry at times, and the physics have a habit of freaking out, while the overall graphics really aren’t much of a leap from the PS3 and definitely struggle to outmatch the very best of what a comparable PC can do. That said, art direction does trump hardware horsepower, and Shadow Fall has that where it counts”

            So no its not a “graphics king” game.

    • guest

      Yeah you are right, you are going have to spend more than double on a new PC to match the graphics of PS4, in fact the biggest German PC magazine PCGH recently recommended the PS4 version of BF4 over PC! Essentially, they praise the PS4 version as it is pretty much locked at 60FPS and you would have to spend 1000€ on a new PC to get the same quality graphics and performance available on the 399€ PlayStation 4.

      • Dakan45

        Keep proving that you and mike sombi are the same person Dan.

        Yes ps4 worths its price because it plays games like SHIT and so does xbox one also if you already have a pc you can just UPGRADE IT for 400 and suprass ps4 so your arugment is shit dan.

    • Ben A


  • HalfBlackCanadian

    It really just looks like they prioritized the foreground over the background and used the saved computing power to enhance the character model. The background looks more softened and has less detail in the newer build as-per the GIF.

  • jdp12

    New build looks a lot more realistic

    • T Dot M Dot

      Old build looks better with colors and stuff

  • Guy Brohski

    Ryse has way better character models to be honest. But Killzone looks way funner, I’ll buy both and enjoy the Holidays even more!

  • Kamille

    looks the same. They just changed the lighting a little bit.

    • Jacob Smith

      And the gun. And the color of the clothing.

    • MyBodyIsReady

      They don’t. The clothing looks a lot more detailed and has a different colour scheme, and the face looks quite different.

      Personally I hope they add the orange eyes to the new improved clothing!

    • adlez

      are blind? look the damn cloths! it’s way more detailed!

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