The New Nintendo 3DS box is a thing of beauty

The recently revealed New Nintendo 3DS has been a controversial topic the past few days with many debating if Nintendo are abandoning existing consumers by bringing exclusive games to the new platform starting off with Xenoblade Chronicles. We’re personally fans of the change and love the additions.

Below are the box of the normal version of the new 3DS, the XL version will have similar boxes.


Another plus point for the New Nintendo 3DS is the newly revealed box which looks pretty great and is a much welcome departure from the static boxes of old. You have to admit, the new two tone design does look amazing, which can be further customized using faceplates.


The standard New Nintendo 3DS will retail for 16,000 yen while the New Nintendo 3DS XL will retail for 18,800 yen. Both versions hit stores in Japan October 11th. I’m certainly on board the New Nintendo 3DS hype train, are you? Let us know your thoughts on the updated console and its new box in the comments below.

  • Sabih Ijaz

    I still think the exclusive games thing and splitting the fanbase for the 3DS is fucking bullshit

  • I’m all in for the updated 3DS, I just wish it launched worldwide in 2014 instead of being delayed to 2015 for NA/EU. The box shots look awesome for the normal models. I’m still trying to figure out if I want the normal or continue with the XL path. I guess it depends on if we get the coloured buttons in NA/EU as well. If we do, then I’d get a white one no questions.