New PS4 UI supposedly leaks out, includes folders and more

Some rumored new images of the supposed new UI for the Playstation 4 has surfaced on the Internet. These images come from BehindGames who had a member send it to them. The screenshots show a brand new home screen as well as folders. Theres also a new notification for trophies and by the looks of it will finally display their details when pressing the PS button.

A refreshed PS4 UI has been much requested by fans who have been complaining of the lack of functionality of the current UI. Like the Xbox 360 and PS3 who received significant improvements to their UI over their life span, it’s not surprise the PS4 is getting the same treatment.

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Check out the gallery of the images below (click to enlarge):

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They look pretty legit but take these images with a grain of salt until Sony confirms that these are legit. The UI does look near competition so Sony may be planning to announce at Gamescom next week. What do you think? Could these be real? Let us know in the comments below

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  • Ben Dover Kuntz

    ui whatever, who cares… they should remove the online gaming from that paywall cancer they call ps+ instead. that would be a huge improvement and a step in the correct direction. as it is now they force ps+ down people throats so they can fill their wallets, greedy bastards!

    • Howard

      With such a mature comment and username I’m pretty sure that you can have a good reply for my question. How do you suggest Sony and other companies should finance their online services such as multiplayer gaming without charging money for it? I’m so tired of everyone wanting everything for free.. Maybe you should go work for free, cause you’re not a greedy bastard are you?

      • Ben Dover Kuntz

        the price for online muliplayer have always been included in the price of the new game you buy. also there is no dedicated servers, its p2p and you actually use your own bandwidth. its not about being greedy its about not being a brainwashed idiot like you. that think things are getting better when these companies lies you straight in the face.

        • Howard

          The price for online was included (on ps3) and that was to get people to choose ps over xbox to begin with. Sony went at a loss with the free online I belive to get more customers. Now that they aren’t playing catch up (ps4 selling quite well) they can start charging for their services which isn’t strange I belive. The value for ps+ is ridiculous btw. I get free games for my ps3,ps4 and ps vita every month.. But seems like you’re just an Internet troll that’s gonna spew negativity wherever you can so I’m done with you 🙂 have a nice day

  • HichaM Beta

    fake for sure
    because is early to think about new dashboard 🙂

    • Jassi Sikand

      Not true. Xbox 360 got new dashboard 1.5 yrs in and PS4 has gotten criticized for its disorganized dashboard

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