New Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One Screenshots Comparison Reveals Curious Difference

Rise of the Tomb Raider is releasing for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Since this is going to be one of the last blockbuster game on the Xbox 360, it is interesting to see how Crystal Dynamics has managed to handle it on the Xbox 360 hardware. The results are surprisingly to say the least and the game indeed holds up very well against the Xbox One version of the game.

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that they are developing the Xbox 360 version with help from Nixxes, who are known for their excellent ports of past Square Enix games on the PC and PS4. They also ported Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition to PS4, and it turned out to be a great port that managed to run at an unlocked 30 fps.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One Comparison #1

[twentytwenty]rise-of-the-tomb-raider-x360-xbo-comp (1) rise-of-the-tomb-raider-x360-xbo-comp (2)[/twentytwenty]

Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One Comparison #2

[twentytwenty]rise-of-the-tomb-raider-x360-xbo-comp (4) rise-of-the-tomb-raider-x360-xbo-comp (3)[/twentytwenty]

Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox 360 port is also being handled by Nixxes, as listed on their official website. Judging from the screenshot comparison above, it is sufficient to say that they have done a great job here.

While the game holds up quite well visually, we still don’t know about the performance. Hopefully it can atleast manage a steady 30 fps target on the Xbox 360. If you are interested in checking out more comparison screenshots, you can find them from here.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will be released on November 10th, 2015 exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It will launch on PC in early 2016 while the PS4 version is set to arrive in late 2016.

Let us know what you think about this screenshot comparison in the comments below.

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  • Andrew Krueger

    The screenshots don’t really convey how bad this game looks and runs on the 360. Some effects are completely disabled and its glaringly bad in certain situations. For example Lara’s first save point in the game she has an igloo like makeshift hut built out of twigs and leaves, but in the 360 version the effect used to render the leaves is completely disabled, so its just a weird looking bunch of sticks. Shadows and shading are also horrible looking in certain parts of the game. The game also has constant frame drops. It’s ugly and not smooth. If you possibly can either buy the XBone version or wait for PC or PS4.

    • Blahemoth

      The game looks AMAZING on the xbox 360 I have it.The framerate is ROCK Solid,With hardly a stutter to be found.You sir,are a liar.I don’t know what game you saw,but it wasn’t this one.The texture work is actually amazing,for a system with 512 mb of ram.Much better than most last gen games.

  • Cortez forever

    why is the first image of the 360 version reversed like a mirror. everything else in the picture other than lara is at the opposite site.

  • Jeremy Freeman

    360 version for me, then I’ll get it for PS4 next year. Not paying money for a lost cause Xbox One for very slight 400$ graphical differences, get some sense. pffft.

    • Adam Kováč

      You are missing a lot actually without XOne… A bit more, than without PS4 right now…

      • Jeremy Freeman

        I have a PS4 already. I only use those two consoles. Having an Xbox One is overkill. Not wasting cash I can use for my son, food, clothing, etc. 🙂

        • Eli

          hi there, rise of the tomb raider is being released for playstation aswell 🙂

          (made an account just to inform you of this lol)

          • Jeremy Freeman

            Yeah I’ll get the feel on 360, then get the PS4 version with all the trimmings. No rush, UC4 is on the way, along with others. At least i’ll get to play it as a good farewell to 360. Good ole beast.. lol

          • Cortez forever

            Good ole beast Indeed.

  • AnonThe Mous

    It looks shockingly good on XB 360. I just hope this one is as well-optimized for PC and SLI/Crossfire Configurations.

  • James Dalton

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this. Loved the reboot and it was my GOTY for 2013. Wish it wasn’t timed exclusive though because it probably won’t sell well as it is going against F4 and I want everyone to be able to enjoy it at the same time. I will be getting both this and Fallout of course. Gonna be an awesome day come Nov.10th

  • Failz

    Incoming fanboys to say the 360 version looks better or the same. lol The wait continues.

    • James Dalton

      Xbox one obviously looks better, but the 360 version looks very good as well

      • Failz

        I agree, but there is a difference between looking good and looking the same. 360 was amazing hardware in its day.

  • Kfal Balli

    Difference is better textures on the one

  • Fayxz

    Ps4 comparison?…..oh wait…..

    • Josh Morland

      “Oh wait”…Timed exclusive to compete with a behemoth that is Uncharted?

      • yashir

        Massive behemeth thats 900p 45 fps in its MP mode? Pretty embarassing for ps4s biggest franchise.

        • wampa stompa

          Uh, get your facts straight son: it runs at 60fps and 900p. And as for me, I’ll be enjoying both ROTR and Uncharted 4 because I have both systems; being a fanboy makes no sense when there are great games on both platforms.

        • Josh Morland

          Better than Halo 5’s last gen LOD draw in hey hey.

  • Micky Byrne

    They really have done an amzing job with the 360 version. That’s the one I’ll be purchasing, and I don’t regret it.
    Obviously the Xbox One version will be better in every way.

    One thing that annoys me though; Brian Horton said that the cutscenes for the 360 version will be from the Xbox One version, which kind of annoys because it will break the immersion from the game in my opinion.

    • PachterStation

      Does that also mean the Xbox One version will play better? There’s not much in it between both versions.

  • Kamille

    wow, it looks practically the same! wut

    • Failz

      So you cant tell the difference between 720p and 1080p? Then I guess theres no point in buying a PS4 then

      • Daniel Moung

        Well duh idiot! Of course the Xbone version’s gonna look better, even still the 360 looks good for a 10 yr old system. What do you mean “theres no point in buying a PS4 then”?
        You trying to tell us that Xboner is graphically superior? Uncharted 4 would like a word with you sir! How the f*** do you know that Uncharted 4 is 30 fps anyway? Did Doc F******* Brown go into the future and loan you a copy of UC4?

        • Gabi

          It is well known that the uncharted 3 single player will be 1080p 30fps, as confirmed by the devs. For multiplayer they are targeting 900p 60fps.

          • Daniel Moung

            I was talking about Uncharted 4, not 3. As for Rise of the Tomb Raider I’ve heard that the 360 is nearly as good as the XBONE version. There may be a few minor differences like graphics, but as I understand it the 360 version has all of the same content as the XBONE version which is always a good thing imo.

  • “managing a steady 30”

    JESUS if they can’t at least get it to run at that level they shouldn’t have even bothered with a port.

    • Gisele Blake

      That’s just an estimated guess that the Xbox 360 port may run at, not an official statement from Nixxes or Crystal Dynamics. The Xbox One will run at 1080p at 30fps! No one knows exactly for the Xbox 360.

    • Boffifis1

      th exbox one has 30fps too most of the time so maybe they should kill of xbox one too?

    • Gabi

      The last game didn’t hold 30fps on ps3/360. I guess they shouldn’t have released that on those platforms either then.

  • Loke1988

    Confusing at best. But at least you got the close up of her rear end on the better console.

  • Guest

    Tomb Raiders Definitive Ed. on PS4 wasn’t an unlocked 30fps game it is a 60fps, with dips like 99.99% of games that run at 60fps. Halo 5 dips occasionally and its cutscenes are only 30fps, do we wanna call that a “unlocked 30fps” game?

    • Demetrius Radford

      Halo 5 doesn’t dip at all. thats why theres a dynamic resolution

    • TomaKaThor

      You are talking utter nonsense, halos gameplay is 60 fps LOCKED… and never dips… but I’ve got a theory… ps4 fan boy right?

      • kreator

        you know it!

      • andy

        Yeah with animations that run at 30fps when other characters are only a few feet away from you. Saw this personally last night in a friend’s and it is truly awful looking. Single player and Multiplayer is the exact same. Either make the whole thing 60fps or don’t bother.

        • TomaKaThor

          Of course you did, you saw with your bionic eyes right? And the likes of digital foundry who use real equipment to test such things got it wrong…… we all believe you and your eyes over machines who vigorously tested it. *facepalm*

        • Failz

          Umm 60 frames is 60 frames. Isnt it funny that UC4 is only a pitiful last gen 30 frames in the campaign. . If you cant do 1080p without sacrificing the main things then dont bother at all.

          Halo 5 runs at a solid 60 frames 99.99% of the time. Thats twice the framerate then 99% of PS4s 1st party lineup.

          • BobFour

            What are you talking about in that game the res drops.. 30 was chosen.

        • DLConspiracy//

          “Few feet away from you”. That is severely exagerated and you know it. I’m not saying it’s not there from time to time in the distance but a few feet? Give it a rest.

    • Gabi

      Tomb Raider Def run on average on ps4 at around 45fps. It wasn’t a 60fps game by any means.


    Good for both teams on how the games look….! Great job all around!