The new Ryse build still shows some flaws mainly screen tearing

Screen tearing was the biggest culprit for effecting the Image Quality of PS3/360 games. Microsoft’s Albert Penello confirmed that the new Ryse trailer is entirely from a new build that runs on Xbox One with the upgraded CPU/GPU. It looks exceptional for sure. Unfortunately, as it turns out, it doesn’t seem to be completely free from screen tearing.

The new trailer showcases the story of Ryse and focuses on its main character “Marius”. During one of the scenes, that was also shown at E3 2013, there seems to be extensive screen tearing – which really distracts from the action on screen. We decided to take a look back at the E3 2013 footage, which was supposedly running on dev kits and not real Xbox One at E3 2013 – We couldn’t notice any such tearing present there at all.


The screen tearing here appears more distracting because of how it is right in the middle of the screen. The scene in question doesn’t seem to be that demanding so it is strange to see tearing pop up here.

While it might be entirely possible that the screen tearing in question might be just a mistake, we hope that Microsoft and Crytek try their best to eliminate it from the final game. History has proven that if done right, tearing can be completely eliminated or at least hidden in such a way that it is barely visible. You can view the scene in question below.

We have reached out to Microsoft’s Albert Penello to ask for a comment on this matter. We will update this story once we get a response.

Stay tuned to GearNuke for latest news and info on Ryse: Son of Rome.

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  • The Dude

    What happened to “The POWER of the Cloud”? LOL

    • king_of_spades

      What happened to gddr5 Lmfao knack

      • Guest

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        Just another mentally ill microsoft fanboy that can’t handle the reality that Xbox One’s hardware is weaker than PS4’s for gaming graphics performance.

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        Microsoft and Mattrick, Hyrb, Penello, Greenberg, Medhi, Spencer, etc. have been making the arrogant anti-consumer PR blunders, spin, lies, and BS this gen, not Sony. That’s why PS4 is ~3.7 million ahead in sales.

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        If they’re both running at the same resolution the Xbox version will have lower framerate and/or visual effects, or the PS4 hardware isn’t being pushed. Any game running on Xbox One can be run with better framerate/resolution/visual effects on PS4.

        Every console or gaming device has a power budget that can be put towards resolution, framerate, or visual effects. PS4 has a higher total budget than Xbox, and good PCs have an even higher budget.

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  • themuIe

    Ryse’s main flaw is that it exists.

  • zara

    Let’s just wait and see who will have the last laugh…. SONY Haha!

  • willhe

    the main flaw is in a sony fan boy that will look closely at even freakin elbows just because they have no games to play at launch. write an article about knack crashing putz

    • ano1batman

      This game has already been released. But with less QTEs, its called God of War.

      • willhe


      • HalfBlackCanadian

        Not really. GoW had plenty of QTE’s and looking at demos this looks exactly the same type of gameplay

        • psyrakan

          The QTE on Gow it’s for a final Epic move on boss fight not every 5 sec fighting mobs

          • HalfBlackCanadian

            Wrong on so many levels.
            QTEs in GoW happened with anything above a standard undead soldier. And if you didn’t execute properly you didn’t kill the enemy (unless you failed it a few times and finally the enemy would just die a standard death; every time you failed a ATE some enemy HP was regained). Otherwise the game was mashing X, the occasional Triangle, and the prompted QTE button. Ryse has style finishes for anybody. You don’t have to do any of them, and it’s not one canned option. More than anything they are contextual animations based on enemy placements and amount. Theoretically if you mash X like GoW you will, at certain points, activate a finisher anyway because that will happen to be the appropriate button at the time.

          • psyrakan

            so i guest that Ryse will be the Gow killer after all these years have fun lol

          • HalfBlackCanadian

            Honestly, it might be…GoW has been stale since 3. It’s literally the exact same game over 3 consoles (well, two and a handheld). If this can bring something new into the genre, why not? Still haven’t played it so I’ll leave it at that until I play a finished build.

          • psyrakan

            guess will have to wait and c man

      • Usman Khan

        Greek mythologies are in games before God of war was considered. God of war is not original. this type of stories has already been done before GoW.

    • HalfBlackCanadian

      Can’t blame them, they have no news of their own to even look at (unless they want reminders of delayed games)

      • psyrakan

        yes you right at launch yeeeeeeeeees, yet again if you go back from 2010 to 2013 ps3 exclusive games number vs the xbox 360 you’ll there’s know worry sony about feeding he’s console ,on the other side the last i try to have fun with my xbox360 it was on a B team weak made gear of war and since nothin but have faith thing minght change nxtgen

    • bintarok

  • Sǯdi Sǻymeh

    i see the new build is better in some ways … the hair on the helmet looks sharper the hair on his hand and cuts now appears unlike E3 build and the cloths looks better too

    thx for the comparing ^_^ you made want it more

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