New Xbox One Experience Update Today Fixes Black Ops 3 DLC Glitch, Wireless And More

Microsoft has released another update for the New Xbox One Experience today ahead of the of the official launch on November 12th. This time, the update contains a big list of fixes including Black Ops 3 DLC glitch, Wireless and external hard drives fix and more.

You can read the full set of changelog below. The size of this update is less than 400 MB.


  • OS version released: th2_xbox_rel_1510.151105-1900
  • Available: 6:00PM PST 11/6 (2AM GMT 11/7)


  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3: You should no longer have difficulty accessing multiplayer for DLC map packs (Nuketown, Giant Zombies, etc.) in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Media Apps:

  • You should now experience fewer instances of lag, lost input, or duplicate input when browsing content in the HBO GO app.
  • When selecting a video to play, playback should now begin more promptly in certain apps (SyFy, USA NOW, etc.).
  • This build contains a fix to address issues with apps sometimes failing to launch.
  • This build contains a fix to address issues with apps failing to update or uninstall.
  • YouTube videos in the “Purchases” section should now play normally.

Starz Play: You should no longer be unable to proceed past the title screen.

Guide: This build contains a fix to address additional issues with the Guide failing to launch.

Edge browser: This build contains a fix to address additional issues with the Edge browser crashing during use.

Sharing Community content: You should now be able to correctly add recipients and text to messages shared from the feed in the Community tab.

The Escapists: You should no longer experience issues accessing DLC for The Escapists.

Privacy settings:

  • After changing certain privacy or account settings, the changes should now take effect immediately.
  • This build contains a fix to address additional issues with error messages or incorrect information when accessing Privacy & online safety in Settings.

Multiplayer games: The following titles should now correctly connect to multiplayer.

  • Puyo Puyo Tetris
  • Crimson Dragon
  • Dynasty Warriors 8
  • Warriors Orochi

Wireless and external hard drives: This build contains a fix to address issues with the console failing to detect wireless networks when an external hard drive is connected.

My games & apps:

  • This build contains a fix to address additional issues with installation stopped errors when installing certain content.
  • This build contains a fix to address additional issues with blank tiles appearing in My games & apps.

Crashes after resuming from Instant-On: This build contains a fix to address console crashes after resuming from Instant-On mode.

Volume and suspended games: Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the console to freeze when adjusting volume while a game is suspended.


We have some new content for you, so be sure to check out the Preview Dashboard app for more details! Our highlighted quests for this release are:

Mic Check: Test out adding commentary to your favorite clips.


Game and App Issues:

Media Player: DLNA servers may fail to display in the Media Player app. Workaround: If you are experiencing this issue, please ensure ‘Media Streaming’ is still enabled in Windows Media Player on the source PC.

General System Issues:

Party and game chat: You may be unable to hear others when joining a party chat. Workaround: Switching to game chat should allow you to hear others correctly.


In addition to this firmware update, Microsoft also released a new controller update today. This new firmware updates the controller to version 2.3.2385.0.

Microsoft seems to be gearing up for the official launch of New Xbox One Experience on November 12th, and there have been daily updates for the New Xbox One Experience since the start of this month. Hopefully this means a stable firmware launch for the general public.

Let us know what you think about this new update in the comments below.

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  • Cristian Vedia

    help me im not a preview member i donta have that update i cant play the giant or nuketown help

  • Kevin Garcia

    The update I got was 3.2 GB not MB might want to fix the error in this report… It’s big update

  • chris9465

    something tells me the xbox one and windows 10 is going to be a disaster for at least a month….

    There is no such thing as an update that actually works on Day 1….

    Apple & Microsoft suck at redesigns and operating systems neither has a clue what they are doing….

    Windows 10 forced update bricked my laptop had to wipe it back to factory settings after timing my spamming of the F12 to get in to the boot sequence to change it…I am no IT expert and this sucked!

    Apple always breaks my phone!

    my 1st iphone 4 was great until ios 7 turned it into a table coaster

    5s ios 8 and 9 complete and total garbage can not wait to get away from apple….told the wife me or apple!?!? still waiting on a response….

    If theres bugs and glitches in the dash update I will get every single one of them….

    I should be a mass beta test if it works for me it will work for everyone

    • Kevin Garcia

      I’m a preview member. fyi a lot of work has gone into testing and already fixing issues before the official release. It’s come a long way and is in great shape..

      Preview members like me have already installed the NXOE OS and have been reporting bugs for almost 2 months now. Happy to say that these last few fixes will have it ready for the Nov 12th launch for everyone else.

      • Peter

        I’m in agreement with you, as a fellow preview member, the really annoying thing was the wireless bug. Since I never store any games on the internal hard drive, I was getting tired of unplugging and reconnecting my external hard drive to play games.

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