Next Advanced Warfare patch tunes the PDW, MP443 Grach, Atlas 45, MORS and Crossbow; will release July 9

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare getting stale for you? Don’t worry as a new patch is coming in to freshen things up. Sledgehammer Games boss Michael Condrey announced on his Twitter that their team is working on a brand new patch set for a July 9 release.

The new Advanced Warfare patch will tune the PDW, MP443 Grach, Atlas 45, MORS, and Crossbow alongside the usual minor changes like bug and glitch fixes.

I just want them to nerf the Bal and ASM1, the game is too centered around those two guns.


What guns do you want Sledgehammer Games to patch in future Advanced Warfare patches? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • JD

    The NA45. Theres no defense for it, like a trophy sysyem is for tubes. There are a few that have the skill to use it, but the majority just jump around like monkeys shooting it.

  • shadowspawn1337

    The crossbow desperately needs an overhaul. Granted, it’s a novelty weapon but I have always enjoyed using the crossbow in other cods. It’s never been easy which makes mastering it a fun challenge. It’s near impossible to have a good game ( a positive kdr) with a crossbow in advanced warfare. Terrible gun mechanics aside, everyone is Exo jumping…good luck landing that hit. The worst gun is the NA-45 sniper. Even using danger close it’s still junk. Absolute trash. Which wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t have to get diamond with it to get royalty camo for all the sniper rifles. This is the only completely broken weapon in the game. They should just remove it.

  • Willie


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