Nintendo 3DS Emulator Is Finally Able To Play Its First Commercial Game

In case you missed it, there seems to be a large progress on the upcoming 3DS emulator for PC. The emulator which is called Citra Emulator is now finally able to boot its first commercial game and it seems to be fully playable as can be seen in the video below.

This 3DS emulator seems to be progressing at a rapid pace considering the fact that development on it started recently. The developers have confirmed that the game that is shown in the video (Cave Story 3D) is fully playable + completable on the emulator, although there is no sound emulation yet.

With tons of changes over the past month, Citra is now booting several games! While it’s still slow (Citra is running a software renderer and CPU interpreter) the game appears to be fully playable and even completable!

Citra currently does not attempt to emulate sound, so music has been added to the video.

They also showed Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time 3D running on the 3DS emulator although it still hasn’t reached a state where it is playable. You can check out screenshots from the game below, which seem to be a mess.


The 3DS emulator still has a long way to go but it is nice to see that it is progressing at a rapid pace. Those who are looking for a way to emulate their 3DS games at a higher resolution/frame rate should find this useful.

What do you think about this news? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Blake likes Anime!

    My friend has a 3ds and can i use this to play with him? haha

  • Frosy

    The sad thing is , i think that we will have to be pretty fast on getting the games for the emulator and maybe keep them in usbs because they might be waiting to take all roms or whatever it is that will come out ,

  • volvith

    Do i wan’t to play games like pokemon x and y, and smash brawl?
    Do i want to buy a 300$ useless piece of shit handheld console to play it with.
    FUCK NO!

    Dear nintendo,
    Please make a gaming platform for android mobiles.

    • Frosy

      Why would you want that on a fucking phone ahah give me a break

  • I cant wait until this comes to android!

  • Quik Scopez

    I just don’t want to spend 200$ on a 2DS or 3DS to play the new Pokemon games :l

  • Adil Mazher

    Any estimated date when it would be able to Run Pokemon X Y Perfectly i already got Pokemon Y .3DS Rom no emulator yet but.

  • Mahmud

    When I can download it and is that free

  • Nigel Bradley

    If the Nintendo games were available on my computer, or my cell phone, I would buy them. What I don’t want to buy, however, is a separate machine to play portable video games, when there I already own technological devices that are powerful enough to play such games. I really want to play that Link Between Worlds Zelda game… and WOULD pay a good $40 – $50 to play it. I think many others out there would do the same.

    • Thee Pie Man

      I feel exactly the same, if people can figure out how to emulate it without huge tech branches; why can’t big companies.

      I mentioned something similar to someone else and what I think it is; is just getting more money. As far as I’m aware games start out being designed on computers right? So that means to play them they probably go through alpha stages on the computer right?

      • Megalus Doomslayer

        Gaming consoles are just watered down computers. Calculators are now better computers than your dinosaur sitting in the basement. Gaming consoles are just more electronics for you to buy.

        • Thee Pie Man

          Well…the definition of a computer is anything that processes data and stores it, running on electricity; all of that being due to an algorithm made by another program.

          What I was trying to articulate earlier was that on the whole a gaming console is more specified to run the games that IT is designed for; while PC’s are more along the lines of playing games that were designed for it instead. If that makes sense. SO; clearly the middle ground I’m trying to make apparent is that I find it to be a problem that we use computers to make games in the first place yet don’t create more of a console PC sort of hybrid (Steam’s project is a good start to that.). I know there’s higher end PC’s but I don’t think you should have to spec up to play games properly. Just seems odd to me.

          • Chaitanya KN

            well Consoles give you the guarantee that any game released for those will play on it no matter what and will give no issues at all. No PC can ever guarantee that. And also once a console is released, you wouldnt have to worry about getting upgrades for it now and then as any game which is released for it will work on it for atleast 6 years , PCs have their own advantages and so do Consoles, they are 2 different competitors in the world of Gaming.

            Also i’d like to add that gaming in Nintendo is a completely different experience, no PC at that time would give those features(motion sensing, 3d etc) found on a Nintendo Console at the same time. They may be weak but the extra features on it is what makes Nintendo Stay in the race with the much more powerful PS and Xboxes and sometimes even outsell them.

          • Thee Pie Man

            That’s not true at all. N64 needed an expansion pack. Xbox360 Shadow of Mordor is still buggy as hell even with the patches they released to try and fix some of the issues upon issues that are wrong with it. Games that are coming out today and before hand ARE buggy and glitchy and need patches because they aren’t actually finished products by any regard- the pre-order system has made sure to guarantee money for companies meaning once they have that they don’t have to make a polished product; why would they when they can set the money aside in savings and stocks where it will grow for the time extra they need to make the new patches to fix games? My main problem with how it’s set up is the consumer is currently buying into games that they only can be spread by the market. We have no third party saying that a game will work or not; there’s no one that cares about the consumer’s need personally, it’s all about the money in the end-
            If they made more computery gaming they would lose out on a huge chunk of cash not being able to produce the “only thing” that can play them. That’s why Nintendo is getting really pissy about piracy lately, they want their IP’s to only be used by Nintendo for Nintendo; which is perfectly reasonable- at the same time it’s only in THEIR best interest, not anyone else’s’ they just do it to make more money because we either buy the games and consoles that come out- or we don’t and lose out on all those things.

            I believe that it’s VERY possible for all gaming to go more PC hybrid, very easily- they just want the extra money. I won’t argue that sometimes Nintendo pulls out stops, but what they are doing is nothing new. They are saying: “Look, you want our games, we want your money. If you want to play our games, you’re going to not only have to give us your money to enjoy them, but also to play them in the first place.”
            I like a lot of Microsoft’s moves on this front- they are starting to get into the position where they can port most of their gaming to the PC easily enough and even cross play it. If Nintendo doesn’t shape up soon, they are going to lose out overall in my opinion. The modern consumer will only give away so much money before they realize that there’s really no point of buying the next console if they can make them- produce it for a PC hybrid or a PC system as well. If that makes sense?

    • Reika Kurotsuki (黒月霊華)

      Powerful? You’re kidding right? Whenever I play Pokemon Heart Gold on the emulator, it is always, ALWAYS slow. I thought it was the emulator at first, but then some retard told it was the machine I was playing it on, and I was like “What, the console, the mouse, keyboard or monitor?” That shut him up. 😛

      • Frosy

        well maybe you’re playing on a potato

        • Blake likes Anime!

          But sir What if he is a Potato

    • Patrick Henry Bronn

      You forget. Emulators bypass RAM and use pure, raw processing power. In other words, even if you have the best CPU and on the market and over 100 gigs of RAM, you’ll still lag.

  • With these features, the Vrvana Totem VR Headset defines itself as a true player in the industry. It allows the full emulation of controllers including the XBox, PlayStation, and USB mouse input devices, as well as non-game controls as well. It supports a variety of 3D engines, including Unreal, Unity, Havok Vision, and the Cry Engine. It is compatible with a variety of platforms, including various OSs (Windows, Mac, and Linux), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. All this is accomplished with a weight that roughly stands at 400g.

  • 12Stepper4Life

    can’t wait to download this 🙂

  • smashbrolink

    Stupid pirates…

    • coolgamer

      when you see how some companies treat their customers…
      just look at ubisoft: they rush their games, they released them 60% finished, totally broken, unplayable, they need a huge day-one patch than only solves 10% of the bugs, and adds another 1000 bugs, almost one year later, there are still people unable to play their games. fantastic trailers and then, huge downgrades, poor engines, unable to correctly max out the pc-consoles power, awful console ports, with visual parity, when the ps4 version should be running at least 50% better, looking 50% better, etc, awful microtransactions systems, extremely bad and poor remasters (rayman already ran at 1080p60fps on the ps3, x360 and wii u), they release it on the ps4-x1, 100% the same, etc etc.
      watchdogs, the awful assassin creed series, the crew, etc etc.

      well, a disgusting company like this, deserves having 99% of their games pirated, so they don’t make another 1 billion $ with every assass creed game.

      i stopped buying ubisoft games after rayman legends and origins on ps3, and far cry 4, i will buy it 2nd hand, i don’t play online, i don’t need the online passes.

      i wish more and more people stopped buying ubisoft craap, so they stop milking their franchises, stop their awful microtrasactions craap, and start making good games, AND TAKING THE TIME to finish them, instead of releasing their games half finished.

      • Spetsnaz

        Bro calm your tits…

      • smashbrolink

        I wouldn’t pirate a bad game, let alone a good one.XD
        And I’m perfectly aware of how bad some of the quality in these games are.
        Or have we all forgotten the Wii U’s first year?

    • Raoh shiro

      Sometimes It’s not about pirating anything! Some people who already own the games just want to play the games we already have on our big screen in Full HD, or 4k for new experiences!

      • smashbrolink

        And you’re in the minority.
        For every one of you, there’s a dozen others that will, WILL, use it to pirate games they don’t want to pay for.

        • just don’t celebrate, let them be if they want. piracy is impossible to stop lol.

          • smashbrolink

            Maybe, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

          • Tactic Squadron

            This will never stop, get over it.

          • smashbrolink

            Look at the age of the comment string, then re-think why you’re here and why you’re commenting.
            Everyone here “got over it” over a year ago; you’re late to the party.

          • Tactic Squadron

            Better late than never. :b

          • smashbrolink

            Better never than necromancy.

        • Luis Carlos Zardo

          You are wrong, most people, like me just want to see new technology running stuff old tech used to, it´s normally far, very far from playable, but it´s something geeks like to do…

          I used to emulate Amiga computers on the very first powermacs running at 3% of the original speed

          I used to try to run Doom on a GBA, it´s simply fun to do such things.

          It makes complete non sense to buy a very high end PC to emulate a far cheaper videogame and most of the people running such emulators would NEVER buy a Nintendo console

          • smashbrolink

            No, I’m really not.
            Most people don’t even need to be “geeks” to use emulators. They either buy the most expensive computer they can, or have someone build a custom one, then they just wait for someone to develop an emulator for whatever system they want.
            And in any case, not wanting to buy a Nintendo system to play Nintendo games, does not excuse Piracy.

          • Thee Pie Man

            I used to share a similar opinion as you; but it’s not the “want” it’s the “inability” that I think effects a lot of the potential pirating peeps.

            If anything since it IS possible to emulate things through a computer; I don’t understand why companies build separate systems that turn out to be buggy and what not anyways when a computer is already there; can be patched and etc.

            I believe it’s so that it’s harder to reverse engineer and mod is why they do it in the first place on top of the obvious (We can make more money if we sell something that can only play this game which I believe is the main point of it); but I argue that if the technology is already out there for it to happen eventually that it doesn’t bloody matter, Why not just have it on the computer and make compatiable controllers that can play the games through USB like PS and Xbox have?

            I believe that creating something special should give them the ability to charge money for it; however the way they are doing it is to make excessive profit; not just meet certain goals and feed families of the respective people that are creating said things. They want luxury and this is how they get it.

            Which is why I agree with you; but at the same time feel that when it comes to the access to money which a lot of people don’t have; when it comes to simply trying to make more money which all game companies do, and several other things I aforementioned. I believe that in a way they are boning themselves due to how they are handling everything.

            That’s my two cents on the issue.

      • Link TheAwesomeness

        I agree, I already own a 3DS and multiple games. I just want to be able to record my gameplay without having to buy a third party rig.

        • Kyle Welch

          True true. At the least, Nintendo could come out with an expresscard or usb adapter for the 3DS and prior games. It would actually make sense for them to do that, as is would gain popularity to Nintendo. Also, the device would be proprietary, instead of people going and making the games over into freeware.

      • volvith

        And some people don’t want to pay 300$ extra for a console to play the game they want.


        True that, bro!
        I own many PSP games and I have to say that playing them years later on PPSSPP emulator that ACTUALLY RENDERS IN HD (or 4K with Nvidia DSR, etc), on a big screen with a nice big controller with remappable buttons is a MUCH more enjoyable experience.
        If I could play the 3Ds games on my PC as well – I would in a heartbeat, especially my MH3U and MH4U that don’t really need the touchscreen to be played properly anyway.
        It’s just a better experience and I don’t consider it piracy if I already paid for the games I want to emulate.
        Hell, I bought MHFU AGAIN on my PSVita (owned it originally on PSP) because THAT was a better experience than the PSP due to the beautiful OLED screen and dual analogues.

      • Reika Kurotsuki (黒月霊華)

        And where to find that Full HD, or worse, 4K? -_-

    • SpaceRace

      keep crying.

      • smashbrolink

        Go back to jail.

        • dfggfdfdg

          I find it interesting why you’re here then. One does not simply lose there way to an emulation article.

          • smashbrolink

            People share articles like this on legitimate web sites all the time.
            So unless illegal sites are ALL you visit, or you’re just plain stupid, you shouldn’t even be asking that question.

          • volvith

            Illegal sites aren’t accessible via regular internet browsers.
            wanna find the shit that gets left behind by psychos n stuff, browse the deep web…

          • Megalus Doomslayer

            However, one simply does walk into the article.

        • volvith

          After you, and here: *gives slippery soap*
          Now drop it and try to pick it up… -_-

        • ϟaϟʊк℮

          Shut the fack up

    • darnb

      tbh right now i can see where you’re coming from but games like the 3ds are rapidly declining. they will eventually stop producing new games for it and persons will eventually stop buying it with or without the release of the emulator. so i think it could wait prolly a year or 2 but eventually this is going to have very little impact on 3ds sales

    • darnb

      tbh right now i can see where you’re coming from but games like the 3ds are rapidly declining. they will eventually stop producing new games for it and persons will eventually stop buying it with or without the release of the emulator. so i think it could wait prolly a year or 2 but eventually this is going to have very little impact on 3ds sales

    • Mengede David

      Actually…I am always interested in emulators for legacy systems…like I wouldn’t touch the 3DS emulator now…but once Nintendo stops production of units/games are not really made anymore.

      For example my old Gameboy Color/advance…they no longer work. And getting one of these now that is actually in a decent condition can actually cost you hundreds of dollars..and Nintendo won’t be winning to losing a single cent.

      Yes…I am an emulator user….but only once they are officially legacy, since it will no longer hurt anyone.

      This emulator will be ready to play commercial games without problems in like what…a year? By then a new handheld will be out and Nintendo will start phasing out the 3DS.

      At this point Nintendo will already lose no money anymore if people start using a functional emulator.

    • volvith

      I’m sorry that most of us haven’t lost enough of our ability to make rational decisions to buy a 300$ handheld console that can do EXACTLY what every other smartphone and tablet can.
      Also, piracy wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the rediculous out of date policies and rules companies try to cling on to.
      I suspect you are just another 12 year old kid who doesn’t know how to download torrents, so please…
      Go back to mommy, and cry and complain long enough to get a 3DS and all the games you want, because you are one HELL of an ignorant little shit.
      No offence though.

    • I have 36 3DS games, but someone stole my 3DS. Now I can’t play my games anymore. Would love to be able to play it somewhere without needing to pay $400 for another 3DS >.<" ( I live in Brazil ).

    • Zac

      Buy an overpriced Nintendo game that never drops in price? No thanks. Maybe you should go tell Nintendo to get some new ideas and actually start being progressive, then I’ll give them my money.

      • smashbrolink

        Right, these are overpriced when you regularly spend upwards of $80 in entry price and DLC combined on far more broken and worthless titles…
        Stop screwin’ around, bro.

        • Zac

          You don’t even know me, lil’ boy. Don’t group me into these random false generalizations you pull out your ass. There are, like, three games I’m willing to buy for the 3DS, which is a terrible piece of hardware btw, and none of them are made by your rehash making politically correct downhill company. Go get babied by your beloved Nintendo.

          • smashbrolink

            I’m 31, kid, and if you don’t like being grouped up with the rest of the hypocrites that trash on Nintendo for shit that third parties practically patented, maybe you should try not being such an outstanding member of the very crowd that went out of their way to defend shit like Destiny’s DLC and TLOU remastered years before it should have been.

            You wanna talk rehashes?
            Come back when you’ve finally realized that the last ten years of shooters have been a case of same shit different settings, or when you have an actual fucking clue about how far apart in years many of the main line entries in Nintendo’s series are compared to the CoD crap you worship.

            Back under the bridge, troll.
            I’m done with your slimy green ass.

          • Zac

            Oh, fucking please, manchild, are you serious? I bash Nintendo, so I instantly must love Destiny and play every CoD that stocks the shelves. You’re so stupid. Destiny is garbage, TLOU remastered was overpriced, and I don’t even like CoD.

            Tell me the last innovative blockbuster game that Nintendo released. Because we just got a legit 10/10 game called the Witcher 3, which had skill and love poured into it to craft the most immersive and amazing experience in decades. And what are you propping up as your number 1? Another Zelda? Mario 243? Which platform, the shitty 3DS, or the dead Wii U? All that money and they can’t even make a knock off console. They can’t even advertise the fuckin’ thing.

            Stay in denial and create strawman fallacies for the rest of your life, if you have to. Even when you’re 60, you’re not going to have a legit reason to defend Nintendo. I don’t even know why I’m defending Citra, the games I wanted to play probably suck ass anyway.

          • smashbrolink

            You must have missed the fact that Splatoon recently turned the third person arena shooter genre on its head. Despite its looks, it’s offering mechanics and an experience that no other shooter ever has, and it’s not even done updating its full range of content yet.
            And Witcher? PFFT, please bitch, that game has more hand-holding tutorials than Skyward Sword. It’s nothing more than another overhyped Skyrim wanna-be with sex scenes.
            It’s the kind of game that only immature little retards who identify their maturity by the games they play would prop up as some sort of genre-changing experience.
            Given the bs you’ve been spouting, I’m fully convinced you’re a lying lttle CoD-loving child who gets his rocks off by trolling Nintendo articles.
            Get back under your bridge, bitch.
            We’re done here.

          • Zac

            So, you think I’m supposed to be impressed that Splatoon has turned a non-existant genre on it’s head? Please. Ain’t no such damn thing as a third person arena shooter. You don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about.
            Face it, OoT is the first and the last progressive game that Nintendo has made.

            Skyrim isn’t even worthy of having a wannabe. It’s a big game with the overall depth of a puddle. Even the sidequests in Witcher 3 have the depth of a machiavellian plot.

            As for the tutorials, no, you’re exaggerating. It doesn’t constantly give you summaries of random basic items like your beloved Nintendo loves doing.
            The sheer amount of things to do that aren’t repetetive nonsense makes Witcher 3 a genuine progressive game. It’s a benchmark now. What’s Nintendo’s?
            Exactly. Get gone.

            Is this the best you can do to insult me? Keep calling me a CoD fanboy? Laughable. You’re really only insulting yourself, to be fair.

            Oh, you’re done? Could have sworn you said that last time. Nah, you’ll be back to make strawmans and make up genres. I’m fine with it, it’s good fun.

          • smashbrolink

            I don’t give a damn whether you’re impressed or not you ignorant little puke: Splatoon is exactly what I’ve said it is, the majority of those that have played it agree, and your outdated Nintendo hatred changes nothing.
            Back under the fucking bridge with you.

          • Zac

            Man, every goddamn nintendo fan I come across eats up anything and everything that’s shat out by Nintendo, and your little Link humpin’ ass ain’t no different, so you’re not saying anything right now.

            Fuck you, AND your splatoon, and come back when you have a halfway decent Nintendo game that didn’t come out a decade ago and that has a genre that’s actually real. Splatoon is some plagiarized shit anyway.

          • smashbrolink

            Thanks for proving just how ignorant a little Sony-worshipping shit you are.
            Splatoon isn’t plagarized, nothing like it has ever hit the market, and you’re just salty that your cock-sucking mouth can’t provide anything that makes the slightest bit of sense to counter it.
            Also, no, go fuck YOURSELF, because I wouldn’t swing your way no matter what my orientation.
            Back under the bridge with you, and take your salty cunt attitude with you.

          • Zac

            Sony Worshipping? I have to wonder where you get this shit. Honestly, your presumptions boggle my mind. If all you can do is just sit there and pull stuff out of a hat, then I’ve got to wonder why I’ve even wasted my time speaking to you.

            Counter what? That it’s a plagiarized game that a bunch of Nintendo faggots think is good that revolutionized a non-existent genre? It’s impossible to do that because it’s a fact. I also don’t see Nintendo faggots talking about how amazing Splatoon is. Only your ass is doing that. This game isn’t some 10/10 system seller. Practically every console has a system seller except for the WII U. And the 3DS, actually. You don’t have anything that will bring in new players, and that’s verified by the fact that the WII U is dead as fuck.
            Nah, bro, I WILL fuck you in the ass if I catch you walking down my street. It’s just happening. No doubt you’ll start crying for Mario to come save you, and it’s gonna be a RedTube hit.

            Dude, I’m not going back under that bridge. I know your vocabulary is limited, but sometimes when you have to choose between repeating a non-insult and saying nothing at all, the latter is a better idea. Especially when you’re a dumb fuck. It’s strange that you’re still here when you seem to believe I’m a troll anyway.

          • smashbrolink

            Believe nothing: you ARE a troll.

            An ignorant little pansy ass that couldn’t scare a child, let alone me, who’s too much of a dumb fuck to do any research about the so-called non-existent genres, sales bumps, and popularity of the very games he’s so eager to insult, in an attempt to cover up just how much of a pathetic little know-nothing pussy he is.

            You lost the battle and the war the instant you started trying to claim there have been shooters exactly like Splatoon, by calling it plagiarized.

            Fucking. PLEASE.XD You’ve been good for a laugh, but that’s all. At this point you’re just pathetic.

            So again, no; do your research, go fuck yourself till your wrist gets carpal tunnel, do some reading to come up with something more intelligent to say, then scurry off back under your bridge with the rest of the homophobic pansy-ass losers you spend every day circle-jerking over graphics and console hatred with.XD 😛

          • Zac

            I’m not trying to scare anyone, and I did do research on Splatoon. It’s a third person shooter. It has good sales for a WII U game, but that’s not saying much. Plus, the multiplayer side of the game is fucking garbage with it’s bad netcode.

            And that’s all. And you’re pretty in depth with this ad-hominem stuff too. I think it’s hilarious you think this game is somehow the mothership title of Nintendo or something. It’s not quite THAT good.

            I never claimed there was shooters like Splatoon, they took the design and gameplay off of a game that was cancelled named Color wars.

            A laugh? Hah! You’ve been raging this entire time, being all salty because I’ve been taking a dump all over your Nintendo, and you can’t say shit about it. Every time I see link, I think about your ass calling me green and telling me you’re done, only to have me find a another rage filled notification in my email.
            Keep raging. Stay mad. Enjoy your kiddie games.

            P.S: If I were in a circle jerk, it wouldn’t make sense to be homophobic. Here’s some advice, next time you’re going to type out a insult… dry your eyes, take a deep breath, then process a thought.

          • smashbrolink

            Saying the MP has bad net code shows you’ve either got crap internet or don’t know what you’re talking about, and in either case, it’s enough to drop this as it is until you’ve done some actual research.

          • Frosy

            Ahahahah , you have your opinion and i’m all cool with that , but its in the million of stupid opinion of the internet dude

          • smashbrolink

            A large portion of the internet disagrees.

          • Frosy

            and i bet ya right here you’Re the only one

          • yabadap

            @smashbrolink:disqus , @disqus_JFsfyrJFYS:disqus …. pls guys dont stop now…. im having fun… *grabs popcorn

          • David

            God, you are both the most biased, rude dumbasses that I have ever seen.

            Reality check:
            Splatoon is amazing and innovative. The Witcher 3 is amazing and innovative.

            The Wii U gamepad is an incredible idea and makes for great experiences, not to mention being able to play games without a TV is great when you want to lay down on the couch or when you live with someone else. I wish all consoles had one.

            The fact that the Wii U has under-powered hardware prevents third-party games from appearing on the platform, which is fucking stupid and is why the system is bombing.

            The Wii U has the best exclusives, because Nintendo still makes great games unless you are a biased idiot that hates them for no reason. Mario Maker, Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Pushmo World, Mario 3D Land. All amazing. It’s the only reason people keep buying their consoles. Unfortunately exclusives don’t mean a whole lot when you don’t have third parties, because there are FAR more of them and a great many are just as good as Nintendo’s games, making PS4 the best system unless you have a good gaming PC.

            Point is, step the fuck out from under your rocks and see that there are good and bad points to everything and that picking “sides” in some false dichotomy like you’re political parties only makes you seem fucking ignorant as shit.

          • smashbrolink

            Weak hardware isn’t a good excuse when the majority of AAA third party efforts were used on last-gen ports that the Wii U was more than powerful enough to handle, when the games were optimized correctly.

            Don’t excuse third party bullshit like that.

          • random acct

            Here is my standing whether people care or not. I personally use emulators like a previous poster, to play games that are so old, that Nintendo either doesn’t make any profit, or very minute amounts of it. These are the games that you pretty much have to buy from another person, because no store is stocked with it any more. Now that said, I’m not going to spend $300 dollars on a 3DS until I see more than two titles catch my attention. I don’t understand why Nintendo can’t work with Steam and make PC versions of the games. I’m sure they would get a lot more money because they would be opening up to a larger group of gamer types.

          • David

            What the fuck are you even talking about dude? Seriously? A good excuse for what? You do not explain yourself well at all. Take a communication class or something. Are you denying that MGSV, The Witcher 3, etc simply cannot run on the Wii U? It’s under-powered. It prevents third party games from being released on it. What is your argument here dude?

          • smashbrolink

            What you don’t seem to get is that these same third parties that were making games like Witcher 3 are still doing games for last gen.
            Stuff like Destiny and quite a few others would have EASILY fit onto the Wii U, but they pussed out when their original efforts that consisted of almost nothing but crap ports failed to sell.

            Hell, SHIN-EN made games on Wii U that out-paced what a lot of third parties were attempting.
            Platinum did, too, with Bayonetta 2.
            Using the specs as an excuse to avoid making games from the ground up for the system, that both ran well and looked great, was just that; an excuse by a bunch of lame-ass AAA’s that couldn’t sell the Wii U off of old ports and gave up when the shit hit the fan instead of sticking it out like they did for the PS3 despite its cell processor woes.

            And now that the NX is coming out, people like EA are set to make the same mistake AGAIN by wanting to rely mostly on ports of games, like FIFA, that are already going to be out on the open market on other systems by the time it releases, which will result in old ports for the NX that won’t sell jack shit, and will probably have content cut as a result.

            Point blank; third parties could have made great games for the Wii U.
            Really great exclusives, and ports that had content parity supporting their sales efforts.
            But they didn’t TRY.
            And now they’re setting up to fuck up the NX just as bad as the Wii U.

          • David

            What you seem to forget is that ALL systems struggle to get third parties to make games specifically for that system, and that most third party games are multi-platform. Nobody’s using the specs “as an excuse.” People aren’t doing shit out of personal reasons, it’s just business. Why make games for the ground up with the Wii U’s limitations in mind when they can make games that look great and run on two other systems and PC and maximize profits? As for last gen versions of games like Destiny or MGSV, you seem to forget that it didn’t sell that well on last gen consoles because they look like shit and often run like shit. Compromises had to be made for the hardware that a ton of people found unacceptable and putting that on the Wii U wouldn’t have worked any better or sold any better. Not to mention that that practice, as it always does, will end soon if it hasn’t already. Witcher 3 didn’t have a last gen version, etc. They didn’t put it out on Wii U as well because it didn’t have the built in audience that PS3/360 already had. Your arguments are fucking retarded, blaming third parties and stomping your feet like a petulant child as if they owe it to you to try and make great games for your favorite console. They don’t owe you shit. It’s up to Nintendo to make that proposition attractive to them. If the NX wants to succeed, it needs to be on par with its competitors to get multi-platform third party ports that are of equal quality to the other platforms. It’s Nintendo’s fault, and Nintendo’s choice. The only person screwing them over are themselves. Period. End of story.


      I own many PSP games and I have to say that playing them years later on PPSSPP emulator that ACTUALLY RENDERS IN HD (or 4K with Nvidia DSR, etc), on a big screen with a nice big controller with remappable buttons – it’s a MUCH more enjoyable experience.
      If I could play the 3Ds games on my PC as well – I would in a heartbeat, especially my MH3U and MH4U that don’t really need the touchscreen to be played properly anyway.
      It’s just a better experience and I don’t consider it piracy if I already paid for the games I want to emulate.
      Hell, I bought MHFU AGAIN on my PSVita (owned it originally on PSP) because THAT was a better experience than the PSP due to the beautiful OLED screen and dual analogues.

    • DarKShadoW

      I would pay for the game,but i will not accept buying another console just for playing couple of games.Thats just bullshit.

      • smashbrolink

        It’s a cold hard fact that any system you can find at least two games for, will eventually have more games you’ll want.
        No system is worthless just because the initial amount of games you’ve looked into doesn’t amount to much.