Nintendo sets Pokken Tournament for a Spring 2016 Wii U release

Nintendo’s Pokemon starring arcade fighter Pokken Tournament finally has a release date on the Wii U. The Japanese hardware and software giant announced the game’s Spring 2016 worldwide release date during the Pokemon World Championships being held currently in Boston.

Check out the newly released announcement trailer below:

‘Pikachu Libre’ alone justifies a purchase in my opinion.


Pokken Tournament was previously Arcade only in Japan and fans were confused if the game would release for the Wii U with all the talks of Nintendo’s new NX console going around. The game is being developed by Bandai Namco, creators of Tekken, so expect some good influences coming from the series.

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  • tylerc23

    I called this when the announced Pokken, release window and all.

    I can see a semi-open world Pokemon game, with these type of visuals, releasing in 2018-19 on the next Nintendo consoles and would use this type of fighting style. It would be the Pokemon that we know and love on the handhelds, but in “Next-Gen” fashion