Nintendo’s Refurbished Wii U consoles sell out on official store

Planning on getting a cheaper Wii U after watching all those awesome Smash trailers? Well, looks you’re out of luck as Nintendo finally has sold out of their stock of refurbished Wii U consoles. Nintendo has been selling factory refurbished Wii U consoles on their website for quite a while now for around $200 which is a super nice deal considering that you’re guaranteed a working console.

The version Nintendo was selling is the 32GB Deluxe model with a free copy of Nintendo Land. The bundle also included all the standard accessories as well as a HDMI cable. Unfortunately Nintendo has yet to comment is they’ll be getting more stock soon and the website is currently displaying a generic “currently out of stock” message.


Nintendo has been really hyping up the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and that must have certainly have a lot to do with the stock running out. Will Nintendo be able to bounce back and be more of a formidable opponent against the PS4 and Xbox One in the future? Only time well tell.

Hopefully Nintendo brings back the deal as we get close to the holiday season.