No Level Cap confirmed for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a huge game and many players have been wondering for a while now if it had a level cap. Leveling up is really slow in the game so it’s kind of hard to know of a possible limit without putting in so many hours.

CD Projekt Red Community Coordinator Marcin Momot fortunately was nice enough to make things clear for us all.

So there you go folk, direct from the horse’s mouth. Now you won’t have to worry about hitting a pause to your leveling up progress and play as long as you want.


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The lack of a Level Cap may not be that significant news for the first playthough, but if the rumours of a New Game Plus being added to The Witcher 3 are true then this could be great news.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is now available for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    While there is no level cap there definitely needs to be something done to the opponents you fight when you have a rediciously high level since they don’t level with you. You could be level 50 or whatever and they are still level 5 it really isn’t a challenge to kill your opponent with a single strike.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    After hours and hours of play I just hit lvl 17, this game is huge and going to take forever…..I love it.

  • axii OVG

    Looks like the Ill have to sleep my way to the top. Now to find my lovely green haired elf prostitute for that 5xp 😛

    P.S. I could not bring myself to step inside Crippled Kate’s Brothel. As a gamer I still have standards 😛

  • ChatWraithShichi

    Aw…that kinda defeats the purpose of carefully picking skills.

    • Paul

      Not really, you still want to choose your skills wisely, then just max the others later on.

      • ChatWraithShichi

        I guess so. I haven’t bought the game yet. Saving to get a new rig so I can see it at max.

        Can anyone answer this for me: Can you visit Vizima in this? or are you kind of sectioned off from that area of the world? I’ve always wanted to go revisit the swamp tower etc. from the Witcher 1.

    • Egla

      The respec potion already defeats this purpose. But personally I hate games that punish you for picking the wrong skills. Iin my opinion it’s a fault in the game if a certain combination of skills does not work at all.

      • ChatWraithShichi

        I didn’t realize there was a respec potion. I guess infinite leveling defeats the skill choosing AND the potion. Why bother with the potion if there’s no need to respec?

        It’s not a matter of punishing you for choosing the wrong skills. There are no ‘wrong skills’. You’re supposed to intelligently choose the skills that fit your playstyle or seem strongest.

        That’s like saying “I hate games that punish me for running out of health.” It’s not the game’s fault if you mess up.

        • Egla

          What I mean with fault is that the game should be designed in a way that no matter the skills you specialise in there should be a way to accomplish the objectives. For instance you focus on stealth skills but are forced into a boss fight where you need combat skills to beat it.

          Witcher 3 already restricts your skills to a set limit of 12. There are plenty more skills than 12 but you can only have 12 active. The higher the level the more of these slots unlock. At level 1 for instance you have 3 skill slots.

          • ChatWraithShichi

            Same thing happens in diablo 3. You can change your specs at any time.

            In Diablo 2, you could seriously mess up your talent tree, and you had no way to respec, just reroll hours of play. It didn’t make the game unplayable by any means. It just meant that you had to be careful and strategic about what you chose to make your abilities best.

            You could throw talent points all over the place, and still beat the game on hell difficulty, but have a really hard time. I don’t feel like any of that is punishment.

            The example you’re talking about is few and far in between. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (original release) suffered from what you’re talking about. You could go stealthy and then need rockets to kill the boss.

            This doesn’t happen in the witcher though, everything is more or less combat based. You can’t beat the game without killing people with your sword, just like you can’t beat diablo without attacking things. I feel like lacking consequence for your choice in ‘how’ exactly you specialize in do so is a little bit gaming-casual.