No Man’s Sky development may be in trouble, PS4 version facing considerable issues

No Man’s Sky may be going through development hell, according to Destructoid’s Laura Kate Dale. Since its announcement back in 2013, developer Hello Games has been rather quiet on the subject of the PS4/PC title’s release, only recently managing to provide a release window at Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference.  Couple that with the game’s absence in playable form at recent public events, and it’s not hard to see why Dale’s information may well be true.


Dale revealed this information during a recent episode of Podquisition, explaining that her sources had been informing her about problems related to No Man’s Sky’s development over the last few months. According to Dale, the game was meant to be present at a UK event called Game City in the form of a “hands off demo”. However, its appearance was subsequently cancelled as a result of technical issues.

The PS4 version of No Man’s Sky, in particular, appears to be having considerable issues, Dale revealed. Not surprisingly, the demo showcased during Sony’s E3 Press Conference this year was in fact running on a PC. The game’s massive scale seems to be the primary reason behind all the technical issues being encountered in its development.


Optimizing No Man’s Sky to run on a range of PC hardware also appears to be a major development hurdle, according to Dale. Given the massive scale, it’s likely that the PC version may end up with higher than expected system requirements.

No Man’s Sky is scheduled to arrive in stores sometime in June 2016 for the PS4 and PC. Will the game be able to meet the release window set out by Hello Games? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • David Brown

    It has a summer 2016 release date, and Stephen Colbert played it on his talk show 2 weeks ago. As to the PS4, NMS is A LOT of game for a 5 year old PC.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    What’s the matter, JCrookedFraud? Still jealous you don’t get this? It’s OK, you get a six months rental of Elite Dangerous to stem the pain. 🙂

    And no, your worthless cloud won’t do anything to “help” either. Keep holding that L. 🙂

  • Matt Sanders

    I’ve been telling people all year that the stuff we’ve seen of No Man’s Sky was running on a PC but being controlled with a DS4, but not one single person believed me …

  • andre

    Really? The game is 8 months away. You think it would be super stable and running flawless at this point?

  • Mike

    They are hopefully making the game compatible with Playstation VR, possibly why the release date is in June of next year. Same time as a possible release date for the VR, hopefully.

    • Matt Sanders

      PSVR will drop in June … it was accidentally confirmed by the developers of ARK a little while ago.

  • Sent1nela


  • Eric

    More and more I am thinking that Hello Games sold their soul to the Devil by hooking up with Sony. This game probably could have been released 6 months ago for the PC but by latching onto Sony (and no doubt getting most of their funding from them), they are now stuck making a PS4 version, stuck with what and when Sony wants to release it, and if that doesn’t work, all of us may get nothing.

    What could be the “technical” hangups? Well it can’t be totally hardware related as the specs of a PS4 aren’t too shabby compared to typical PC these days, but then again maybe there’s some inherent flaw on the PS4 or the graphic card by AMD that can’t easily be overcome.

    More than likely though it’s something lame like a multiplayer aspects or Digital Rights aspect that Sony want’s to embed in the game that’s causing havoc. This was basically that screwed up SimCity 5 and the Launch of Elite Dangerous. Hello was probably perfecly set to make this a single player experience. Sony said, “ah.. no.. we want a social media aspect to this universe.” and now Hello is scrambling to figure something out that was never part of the original plans.

    More than likely we’ll end up with either nothing, or a half baked game that is 1/4 of what was originally planned because Hello was forced to add on layers of Sony crap that is crippling the game.

    Then again, maybe they just want to add more species of Fish.

    • Yourdad

      [quote]specs of a PS4 aren’t too shabby compared to typical PC these days[/quote]

      Wait … you’re kidding right ?
      You’re aware that the PS4 was already outdated when it released back in 2013 ?

      It can compete with 2011 hardware, because in terms of power that’s where it stands.
      In 2015 it’s completely outdated …

      Hell … it’s running Battlefront in 900p !!
      Uncharted 4 MP, which is a platform exclusive … is running at 900p as well …

      Not too shabby you say ? …

      • Rob

        oh come on there was one comment that was fine and then you start console wars on comment 2. Grow up

        • Corsair

          You know he’s telling the truth

      • andre

        Well, Batman runs better on the PS4 than on any PC 😀

        • Mike

          That and only fuckin nerds game on pc

          • Selina

            We’re talking about video games, right?

          • Glowing Walnut

            “nerds,” what, are you like 40 years old or something?

          • Mike

            I was when I posted that comment, I’m 41 now. You’re late to the party.

        • cosmicrays

          Thats because the pc port was crap, and most development was in ps4.

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