No Man’s Sky Confirmed To Have No Multiplayer, Other Players Not Visible

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is available now for the PS4 and will be released within 3 days for the PC. The game was always rumored to have a multiplayer mode that resulted in other players being able to meet in the universe of No Man’s Sky. This doesn’t appear to be case though, as confirmed by two different players who decided to meet at the same location.

To test this theory, reddit user TheGalacticCactus decided to team up with another player as they both livestreamed their game on Twitch. Despite being in the same location, albeit at a different time, they were still unable to spot each other in the game. This result can be seen in the screenshot below.


No Man’s Sky developer Sean Murray did tease about there being multiplayer and the possibility of players seeing each other but that was back in 2014. In a recent tweet made by the developer, he confirmed that there is indeed no multiplayer in the game, which has now been confirmed by the players.

Despite the lack of multiplayer, No Man’s Sky is still a highly ambitious game that offers the player a vast universe to explore. If you love space exploration and randomly traversing around on planets to harvest material or discover new locations and species, you might enjoy your time with No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky will be released on August 10th for the PS4 and August 12th for the PC.

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  • YouAreNotCool

    No multi-player rubbish? Oh, awesome. I’m tired of seeing all these compelling and interesting games, only to find out that they’re multiplayer only.

    If I wanted to interact with a bunch of infantile, conceited jackasses with no sense of cooperation, screaming obscenities and racial slurs, I’d play LoL/CoD/DotA2/Halo. …or I’d visit my family members in Texas.

    Though, apparently, you still have to deal with other people naming lifeforms. Get ready for middle school humor.

  • Ns161

    Wow the ignorance is incredible. First of all saying “No Man’s Sky is not a multiplayer game” is not the same as saying it doesn’t have ANY multiplayer component.
    Consider Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls. Would you consider those “multiplayer games?”
    Secondly, they’ve been extremely clear from the beginning that this was NOT a “space shooter” or a “space sim.” That any interactions that MIGHT occur were going to be extremely rare and remote.

    Those “dog fights” that everyone is claiming were “fake” were NEVER stated to be PvP.


    Only reason I would have bought the game from the beginning. Now it is the only reason I will not buy the game…. Sounded to good to be true!


  • David Pechacek

    How would you see someone at a place if you’re there at a different time than them anyway?

  • Hvd

    so the trailers showing space dog fights were lies…..lmao


      Knew this one was to good to be true….!

    • Ns161

      Where were those dog fights ever stated to be PvP encounters?

  • BillyHoWCR

    “In a recent tweet made by the developer, he confirmed that there is indeed no multiplayer in the game…” – this is not accurate. He simply stated that “No Man’s Sky is not a multiplayer game.” that does not necessarily mean that there is no Multiplayer, just that the game in essence is a single player game experience with multiplayer moments. Just because the major focus of the game is not multiplayer and it’s interactions with other players.

    • Well Meaning

      that pretty much means no multiplayer at all.

  • esme

    Full bait and switch tactics if I ever saw one this is it. It only took him the day before release to come clean…and by then the hypetrain had already reached critical mass. Now, with all the hate coming to him in the coming days.. I can’t help but say Sean probably deserves all of it for pulling this stunt. He could have given a straight YES or NO answer months ago, but instead just let let the hypetrain roll on… likely to keep the massive preorders… shame on you Hello Games.

  • Fallenlords

    A bit dodgy to say the least. Interviews I saw, they stated it was multiplayer … but the chances of running into somebody were so remote you would probably not see anybody. Why the subterfuge? Did they expect people to not notice the lack of multiplayer and just assume there were so many planets, the fact we are not seeing anybody is due to the size of the Universe… Puts me off the game to be honest. What else is a lie… the number of planets, the procedurally generated Universe …

    • BillyHoWCR

      Nothing has been proven yet. There is the possibility that due to the fact that they weren’t in fact both in the same time that they weren’t able to see each other. Had their times been synced up by chance then it might be that they could see each other. This could be the essence of the statement made by developers that it would be very unlikely to meet up with anyone.

      To test the theory more would require they figure a way to sync their times up. How they accomplish this feat would be the next issue.

      It could simply be the game is treating each player as being at the planet relative to time from their points of origin? Having no required association to real time and being determinant on in game time relevance.

      • Hellfire

        Comon man, syncing times, do you really believe that? “To be super clear – No Man’s Sky is not a multiplayer game.” You said “does not necessarily mean that there is no Multiplayer”.. he couldn’t be more clear.. like SUPER CLEAR. Looks like an awesome game, have fun trying to find someone who started at the same ‘sync time’ as you on a SINGLE PLAYER GAME lmao !!!

    • JamesGoblin

      I took quite some heat trying to explain this to people, it was written on the wall. In response, folks were claiming that it is confirmed as multiplayer, that it is an MMO, or (this is my favorite – everyone with experience in MMO industry will start laughing) that “MMO will be added immediately after launch”.

      Not necessarily a bad game, but the amount of lies and hype surrounding it is mindnumbling.


    tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…

  • Rafoca

    Classic PlayStation game: no co-op or multiplayer whatsoever

    • suli559

      Awwhh, don’t cry

    • Jason Mounce

      Not like you have friends anyways, or go outside. With this, you can pretend to be an explorer and go outside! (Unless you play Pokemon Go, then this wouldn’t pop your Go-Outside-Virginity)

      • Rafoca

        Hahaha feeling lonely, bro? I can make you some company if you are into white strong man

        • Jason Mounce

          I’d cuddle the fuck out of a sloth. Can’t deny that.