No Man’s Sky PC Fix For Crashes Related To Lack of SSE4.1 Support

No Man’s Sky users on PC are facing a lot of crashes to desktop with their copy of the game. The main reason of these crashes appears to have been identified by some users and it is related to the lack of SSE4.1 support by the game on PC.

No Man’s Sky subreddit is full of comments from angry customers who are having trouble launching the game on their PC. Turns out that the game lacked the necessary files to add SSE4.1 support, which in turn made it crash to desktop for some users.

No Man's Sky

Fortunately, there is a trick to manually add these files as explained by reddit user Fire_Gaming_UAV.

Okay so via SSE4.1 emulation we have confirmed that the crash is indeed caused by a lack of SSE4.1 support.

You can confirm for yourself by following these steps if you don’t have windows 10, it doesn’t work so nice there: Basically:

This SHOULD make it be able to execute the commands, but it will also perform seriously badly. But at least will be confirmation of error. Won’t be any playable performance, but then we can tell with certainty that a game recompile with legacy SSE support is needed from Hello.

If you are having trouble with the frame rate instead, you can try to follow the steps listed in this article to get an acceptable performance from the game.

No Man’s Sky is available now for the PC and PS4.

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  • fLaMePr0oF

    SSE4.1 is an embedded CPU feature and has nothing to do with software. The ‘fix’ above only emulates SSE4.1, proving that the issue is related to that but the game is unplayable as the software emulation is so slow you’d get a low single figure frame rate. RESEARCH!!!

  • chadke

    There is no sde.exe to make a shortcut of.

    • purpl3d3ath

      yo saaaame, wtf?

      • Allen Tyree

        When you download the fix make sure it has the name. sde-external-7.49.0-2016-07-07-win.tar.bz2.

  • Anthony Miller

    It’s not about a lack of SSE4.1 support by the game. It’s a lack of SSE4.1 support by the users’ CPU’s (which was not communicated clearly through system requirements).

    There is now an experimental branch that has the 4.1 instructions removed, but there is still a problem with those processors not having SSSE3 support, which the devs are working with Havoc on getting a solution.

  • Matthew Page

    That’s not a fix. He posted that so users can confirm that the lack of sse 4.1 support is their problem. It’s not a remotely playable solution for anybody.