No Man’s Sky Players Are Getting Refunds On The Game From PSN And Steam

No Man’s Sky has a rather rocky launch mainly due to the lack of some key features that the developers hinted at before the launch of the game. Since these features don’t end up being seen in the final game, the players were disappointed about it, mainly the removal of any multiplayer interactivity between two players.

Steam has its own refund policy in place that allows the user to refund a game provided they have played it for less than 2 hours, but in some special cases, they can allow the refund to be processed even if the user has played it for more than 2 hours. This appears to be case here for some of the Steam users who have managed to get a refund for No Man’s Sky.

No Man's Sky The Universe Awaits

There is a huge thread currently over at reddit and also on NeoGAF where people have confirmed that they are indeed getting refunds from both Sony and Valve for their purchase of No Man’s Sky on either PSN or Steam.

While the refund request isn’t being processed for everyone, some of the users who were eligible for the refund have actually played the game for a while including one on PSN, who claims to have played more than 40 hours of No Man’s Sky yet he was granted a refund by Sony on PSN.

No Man's Sky User Discoveries Wiped Out Rumor Confirmed Fake, Possibly A Glitch

There is currently a huge outcry for No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games for misleading marketing. There was never any clear cut answer about the lack of multiplayer but it was implied that there would be some interaction between the players at launch, which never turned out to be the case.

If you have managed to refund No Man’s Sky on either Steam or PSN, let us know in the comments below.

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  • Ed Wilson

    I refunded 2 pre-order copies through steam. my copy had 10+ hours. and the gift copy i gave to my friend had similar.
    there’s too much evidence of false advertising for them to refuse.
    it didn’t their case against me when i had a screen shot of the steam page when NMS still had the Multilayer label, and then from right after they removed it.

  • Arwit Sawasky

    here is my transcript
    David Hello, My name is David how may I assist you today?
    Me: hi david
    Me: i have a small problem i need help with
    Me: im trying to get a refund on no man sky
    Me: and i know the sales on psn store are final
    David: I’ll be happy to review your request.
    Me: but ive been having so many problems with the game and bought it on a promise from the developer with multiplayer capability
    David: May I have your Online ID and Phone #?
    Me: ************
    David): Thank you. One moment while I access your account.
    Me ok
    David: I can see you contacted us, for the same reason situation has not changed Arwit.
    David: We cannot offer you a refund for this game.
    Me: but i have never requested a refund with psn and been using sony playstation for years
    David: That doesn’t mean you will get one.
    Me: so how can we make this work
    Me: ?
    David: You need to wait for Hello Games to fix the game.
    Me : but this could take years if they ever fix it
    Me : i dont konw if you play games but when i buy a game that promises multiplayer capabilities and not deliver how can you honor such sale?
    Me : and dont get me wrong im not mad just disappointed that even after all the bugs that might never get fixed i still not qualify for a refund
    David: name* sorry but we cannot give you a refund.
    Me: please work with me just a goodwill one time refund
    David: Is not possible I don’t have that option anymore.
    Me: anymore
    Me: ?
    Me: whats that supposed to mean?
    David: It means we were giving refunds but not anymore.
    Me: so what changed??
    David: I cannot disclose that information.
    Me can you please try
    The agent has ended the chat.

  • E pluribus unum

    “there were misunderstanding on multiplayer” no… there were delusions fueled by fanboys. The developers said it CLEAR that it wasn’t an MMO, and THIS is a clear answer. If people still thought they could play with their friends, they’re just damn delusional and partially ignorant. Casual games on your phones that share your scores are considered multiplayer… duh.

    Be less stupid people

  • xSinCarax

    im enjoying the game just fine…

  • Dana Luckett

    The word is precedent, not president. Please fix this typo, it makes you look unprofessional.

  • Taylor Edens

    Now I wasn’t very big on the hype and build up of this game, but for me it has been fun. Sure it’s not some action packed space fps, but it is still good. The biggest issue is yeah you don’t meet other players (which I’m not currently sure of if it is just cut content or if it is as they described as you CAN do it but it isnt likely due to the massive scale of the game, along with now the amount of people leaving it) but beyond that there’s what, a bit of shallow variety of things to do? So it’s more of a casual game, which is a big part of why I’m sure people are mad. If they want the space game of their dreams then check out star citizen, otherwise take it as I did with the original Fable and enjoy what the game was as opposed to what it wasn’t.

    • Oliver Catling

      I had just started writing a post to say pretty much exactly this!

      It appears a lot of people haven’t paid attention to Sean Murray as from what I gathered from all his interviews he has delivered exactly what he said he wanted to build: a huge, procedurally generated universe – where the excitement comes from discovery rather than space fights and shooting. That still sounds fun to me and, while I haven’t bought this game yet, I will once I have worked through all the titles I bought in the summer sale (and do think its a bit over priced.)
      Basically I think NMS has suffered from Sony’s hubris, rather than under delivering on stuff they promised.

      • Elvar Ingvason

        no he did not deliver everything he said. Check the video above for example, he flat out lied.

      • Singularity Bound

        …you mean like the amazing ending when you reach the center?
        One of the main pushes of the game…? “Being nothing happens lol”.
        Of which the hold your stones is nor real advantage either…
        Whats worse is the treadmill has no real benefit even if you stayed on it.
        Not to mention as many said watch the above mentioned.
        I like it too.. Its not worth 60..
        And its real potential could still at least be reached if they keep adding to the game. Focusing on space, better trading more like the old school games would be a good start. Then doing as much with the ground.
        It can still be worth its money..
        The question is will he be allowed to do so or will he vanish from the face of the planet from embarrassment.
        He withheld and hid information about the goals, game play etc when there was nothing there to hide in the first place; there for giving a false impression.
        In fact the very definition of scamming… or at the least failing to deliver the product.

  • GuybrushThreepwood

    Thankfully I got refunded without any hassle on ps4.

  • Wontime

    This is more than likely the reason for the plus price hike

  • Orionsangel

    You can tell the times have changed because back in the day no one asked for a refund on Fable II after Peter Molyneux’s notorious run of lies and exaggerations about the game before it launched. Haha!

  • Orionsangel

    Make the game 15.99 and I’ll buy it,

  • Gustavo Moreno

    This….is Sony to blame, rushing a not ready game to the market,
    pulling a huge marketing campaing to generate this hype…..and
    launching a unfinished game, i guess hello games didn’t want it to
    launch it at this state but was presured by sony to do so, and this is the
    direct consecuence of that……………..the hard part is, that sony
    will keep this tactics with other games and will not learn from their
    own errors…..and people will keep buying incomplete games.

  • Zepzon

    Honestly this has needed to happen to a few AAA titles. The fact it is happening to a small Indie Team is a bit sad. Indie developers these days are our only hope for future decent games. What Hello games peddled and over hyped shocked the world both with anticipation, then disappointment.

    This does set a president for gamer companies and “We’re not gunna take it.” from consumers. I just hope this translates into positive actions and changes, from major video game producers.

    I recommend that Hello Games takes No Man’s Sky off the Market as a $60 dollar game. Put it back up as a ~$20.00 title and upgrade it as time goes on. Like Minecraft and so many other positive examples of indie titles. Hello Games needs to go on a serious damage control, recognize and address their failures. More importantly communicate with the little community they have left.

    • RSA

      The backlash from people who already bought it would be 1000x worse if they took it down and lowered the price already.

    • Andy

      I agree, those who paid full price should get half their money back

      • E pluribus unum

        refunded half for what? adults didn’t know they were spending money? XD goddamit people…

        • Andy

          Many many people follow the hype, and in this case the game does take very long until you realise that they left out alot and disappointed enough that it can be expected more at that price-tag.

          Unless you think people can make wildly ambitious games, don’t deliver on what they made alot of people think they were gonna get and get away with it.

  • Toriyama Kenichi

    Chatted with a Carlos, and got a refund. He was very nice helpful and professional

  • I don’t know who I am

    How come THEY get refunds for THIS game, but nobody gets refunds for starforge?

  • Seth Barton

    Ppl are a bunch of douches

    • Arcendus

      You are very insightful and intelligent. Thank you for your valuable contribution.

  • JREEZY1590

    Or you could just live with it. After all it is only a video game. That’s like going to a movie you thought was going to be good, watching the movie, and then, after it is over, demanding a refund because it isn’t everything you hoped and dreamed it would be.

    • Brain Horn

      Except the game costs 6 times more than movie, if not more. And it’s more akin to the director promising all these things about the movie, then you watch it, and none of the promised things were in it.

      • Pepan

        People should wait for reviews or developer should postpone release week after releasing final version to reviewers. And definitely there should be no refund for people playing this game 10+ hours. Its like eating whole cake and then ask for refund because it was not good.

      • My first question is yes it cost 6 times more than a movie, but, nobody put you a gun on your head or your life depends on it to buy the game. Don’t want surprises, rent it! Too much whinnying on this (to my opinion) great game with a twist genre.

    • GWP316C

      yup money grows on trees $65 is chump change… You next wave of humans are mostly here to herd up so the sharks snack on you. Keep grining

    • Haha! So true! BTW I bought the Limited Edition of No Man’s Sky and I love it and the game too. Very relaxing and well structured. Need some level of knowledge capacity to play and have some fun with this game. Remember this is no super mario bros game.

      • Lhama Bomb

        You don’t need knowledge capacity to play this game, you must LACK IT to enjoy this game. Only a simple-minded buffoon could appreciate this game for anymore than it really is: Screen shotter’s Photo Op Survival. I get it man, you spent the extra cash on the collector’s edition and you feel like to have to back up that decision. Maybe someone you are close to IRL told you not to buy it and you did anyways and you are trying to not eat your words, like when you say a shit sandwich tastes good and then have to prove it by taking a bite.

        Sean Murray and Hello Games brought this on themselves. IDK if it was the Sony exec’s killing it with their big data “this is what sells make this not that” bullshit, or maybe Murray just got a little too ambitious and his team couldn’t deliver within sony’s timeframe. Either way, we got built up for a hype train that ended up only being a Lionel model. Choo Choo

        Sadly, this seems to be the trend anymore with “AAA” games. I don’t think the major devs (sony must’ve caught on though) are realizing that Launching release versions of games isn’t how this industry works anymore. In the past couple years, every single great game (except FO4, but bethesda basically knows how to print money with that franchise) i’ve played has been in some form of “We’re not done yet, but tell us what you think” (pre-alpha’s, alphas, betas, etc) and is done by newer indie developers. Because of this, players are getting games with more cool features they actually want because the devs asked instead of getting stats from big data and trying to tell us what we like with math and statistics.

        I think it’s too late for this game, they failed just about every part of this launch. Talking back features days before launch, PC version bug ridden which prevented people from playing for up to 5 days after launch [yes 5 days… i was one of them], etc.

        And if nothing else… people need to understand that procedural generation is only as good as the algorithm… And Hello Games Algorithm sucks…. They mention something about “Sending out digital probes to catalog everything in the game” they didn’t need to do all that… just hop around the first 10-15 planets you come to and you’ll have basically seen every model piece they game uses.

        • Regarding which game, it doesn’t matter. It all ends up to personal taste. I have a wide variety of games, some are fun, others are bored as hell. Still I decide what I want to play. The game is crappy and the ending is piece of bull, I get it! but you know what? It grabbed my attention. It’s just a game. And just to be clear, the game did not exceed our expectations but its just a game.

  • ChoGGi

    It takes 20-40 hours to figure out you need a refund?

    • Russell Gorall

      That is how long it takes to notice there aren’t even character models for anyone’s character.

    • Tina

      I’d argue it takes more than 2 hours to realize how shallow the game is. 2 hours is the cut off point for Steam. Sony also giving refunds shows how bad the game is. They never give refunds.

    • Counter Globalist

      Stop buying these games! They are ripping you off because they already have your money from pre-orders.
      How many times can you cucks be fooled?

  • Javier Rivas Quintana

    Hello guys, I just try to refund my no man’s sky in steam but I have 4 hours played and steam have just sent me a email telling me that they can’t refund the game, someone can help me?
    here is a image, its in spanish but it says that they dont refund it beacuse i have more than 2 hours

    • Puppy

      Try again, in your request let them know the screenshots and videos on Steams were not indicative of the game you received and you feel mislead. the game was falsely advertised. Free tip, say it’s because the multiplayer does not work! As they lied about,being able to see other players. You should get your refund..

      • Seth Barton

        Idk how anyone can feel mislead it’s more like ppl had a way bigger expectation of what it was gonna be and they said more is coming which means technically they didn’t lie it’s still coming it’s just not here yet. Incase you don’t know it took a fuck load of time for them to make that massive universe they wanted to get it out there and then they said as soon as the bugs stop they’d release additional content which they said is coming after next patch. I fully understand that this game isn’t everything I thought it was going to be but at the same time being open minded I don’t really recall them making any crazy claims and all the videos I saw before hand look just like the shit I’m doing now in the game so what do you want seriously. Most ppl haven’t even really just given it a chance just complaining after playing it for a week or less saying it’s not what they thought because in their mind they were thinking way more was gonna be in it from the go. Most ppl haven’t even gotten the atlas pass V2 yet let alone V3. I think in like 2 or 3 months this game is gonna have way more to do considering this feels like they’re getting you ready for something and there obviously are plans for playing with friends but putting it in there right away wasn’t a top priority and for some ppl that’s not ok they cant believe they’d do such a thing even tho they don’t know shit about making games or coding for MP and with trying to have one big massive server it would be really hard to do cause they’d have everyone on at once on one server

        • GWP316C

          yup sean saying it had stuff to boost sales then not have it. Google false advertising but i doubt you will understand it. Schools teach how to herd up to be feasted on.

        • Erik Geraerts

          how about the randomly generated world they used in the intervieuw ? remember that one ? SUPRISE it wasnt randomly generated , it was a planet made just for that one intervieuw ( and to be honest if u pay 60 euro/dollars for a game that has been in development for 6 years u would expect a finished product ) and wel about making that MASSIVE universe , that didnt took 6 years , cause its procedural , they just had to make the coding for the server to make the planets them self…. and clearly not that hard of a code , since olmost every planet u visit is 99% the same , and the animals u encounter ont hem are 99 % the same as any other ….

  • Sebastian Munoz

    Guys how do I get a refund? I have submitted my plea for the third time and yet no luck. It keeps getting denied because I have “20 hrs” (which is basically me just mindlessly mining and waiting to fly in space) yet others with the same or more time have been granted their refund?

    • Puppy

      Contact Steam support and request a refund now is the time to do it.

      • Sebastian Munoz

        Sorry for being dumb, but how do I contact steam support (link?)

    • Puppy

      Try again, it was earlier today it was announced. In your request let them know that the screenshots and videos on Steam were not indicative of the game you received, and you feel mislead, the game was falsely advertised..Free tip, say it’s because the multiplayer does not work as they lied about being able to see other players.

    • Puppy

      Tell them, the multiplayer does not work! As they lied about being able to see other players. You should get your refund no matter what. it was falsely advertised, so go and get your refund, tell them the reason why..

  • Dante Sprack

    what about GameStop digital refund

    • Puppy

      Gamestop doesn’t issue refunds on digital content all sales are final,once the transaction,is complete.They do have a policy where you can return physical used game within 7 days for a refund, it’s like a 7 day rental.

    • Puppy

      Better to call them 🙂


    And this is the Game all these ps4 fanboys were screaming like sissies on the e3? Claiming xbox have to be afraid of this??? Give me a brake, the most overrated and overhyped Game of all timez like almost all the ps4 games, starting with god of war

    • badboymoviestar

      So…. No refund for you, then?

    • Gamehead

      No games to play?

    • GWP316C

      2nd place ward most false avertised big hyped game last 10 yrs or more aliens cm still numba 1 f geartards

    • Arcendus

      “PS4 fanboys” getting hyped over a game and ending up disappointed is still far less embarrassing than you feeling the need to compose a barely-cohesive comment about it. And why would you be reading an article on this subject in the first place?

    • Tina

      KYS tbh.

    • Jay Hartkorn

      Yeah it’s almost like a fable game or something, huh?

    • GreatWhiteRuffalo

      You place way too much of your identity into this imaginary war that nobody is really fighting any more. Nobody over the age of 10 gives a shit about picking a side in this. Nobody over the age of 10 uses a z in place of an s to sound cool either, so you just have fun with your youth and enjoy puberty, it’s a wild ride.

    • RSA

      Why does Xbox need to worry about a game? They’ve already lost terribly.

  • Eric

    The makers went out of their way to say this was not a multiplayer game. That’s not why some people want refund. Personally I love the game, but I can understand the side that doesn’t get it. They never played the original elite or frontier. There was no point to those games either, and far more repetition.

    • Derek

      I disagree that they “went out of their way” to inform players that NMS wasn’t multiplayer.

      Sure, one of their developers said something along the lines of “With so many planets, the likelihood of seeing someone is basically zero.” Except that implies that it is possible to meet up with your friends, however unlikely. It’s a lot different than saying “NMS is a single player game.” One statement is ambiguous and leaves it up to interpretation, one doesn’t.

      Every single tweet that I read from their devs regarding multiplayer in NMS was ambiguous to some degree. They never gave a straight answer. Not once.

      • Eric

        Not saying you are wrong but I think it was so obvious from the beginning and one of the first things I took away from all hype about the game, and if people actually listened to what was said, this is a single player game. With many people playing it, but it’s a single player game. They never demoed multiplayer features, never said there would be any (players might meet but unlikely and if they did, would not know they did). There were 100’s of clues and statements saying it was single player.

        If one reads back on all the articles, news, video, going back 1, 2, 3 years, all the articles from every magazine, blogger, and everything, it’s a single player game. Over and over.

        I dunno, maybe somehow people wanted to believe it would be multiplayer but that’s not what I took away.

        I think my only real major disappointments about the game are the weak battles with always the same type of ships and feeling like the planets in space always all look like planet earth (clouds atmosphere).

        That and the skybox around each solar system which yes, they did clearly say would not be like that. Was hoping for a more space engine type of experience.

    • Breadback

      Sure. After Murray repeatedly said on interview after interview that the game would feature multiplayer.

    • GWP316C

      misinformed sheepling

      • Eric

        A sheepling makes hamburgers taste like steakburgers

  • Cammie Sturch

    I got refunded on Good old games after 20hrs play.

    • Sebastian Munoz

      I have 20 hours too, but got declined on my first request. Trying again to see if I have any luck

      • Erik Geraerts

        so any luck yet? i got declined on my first try aswell , i did asked for a refund on my bank account , this time im asking for a refund on ym steam wallet

  • De linwork

    en pc steam fue una shit encima los youtubers de pc siguen diciendo que un poco de lag no pasa nada que lo arreglaran pero dime tu que porque coño sacan un juego con estos putos problemas base que deberian haber sido solucionado despues de un test pero como los test lo hacemos nosotros al ser gilipollas pues pagamos 60 $ esperando un juego del año y nos sale con toda las desilusiones y mentiras de los juegos gracias a revistas, youtubers, las webs ….

    Una mierda como una casa

  • Jordan

    Are there refounds on PSN? or just for no man sky

    • Cammie Sturch

      u can get a refund for NMS from PSN.

      • Typo

        Yes Sony announced that you can get a refund but only as PSN store credit

        • Nolan Walsh

          Do you know how I’d go about doing this?

          • Aaron Brown

            How do I contact them to do this?

      • GWP316C


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