No Man’s Sky Pre-Order Is Up On Amazon With $59.99 Price Tag, Published By Sony

If you were excited for No Man’s Sky at E3, you should be glad to know that it is getting a retail version and it is currently up for pre-order at Amazon. The pre-order also lists the price for the retail version, which is about $59.99.

No Man’s Sky is being developed by Hello Games, which are an independent development studio who have previously released Joe Danger for consoles and mobile. It is their first big project and it is entirely ambitious. Despite being an independent studio, they have got the full support of Sony behind them, as they are also publishing the retail version of the game.

The bad thing here is that there is still no confirmed release date for No Man’s Sky. It isn’t even confirmed for a 2015 release as the placeholder lists end of 2016 as a date.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • bigshynepo

    : Was expecting 39.99…. hope this price is just a placeholder like the release date.

    • Bob

      I know its an indie game so you would expect a lower price but its wayyyy bigger than any other game ever made. If it will be fun i don’t know cause they haven’t shown everything yet but just based on size if it was $60 it would be justified.

      • Najeeb Shah

        its not bigger 1 , there is already a free exploration open sourced game 2 , it offers nothing more than procedural generation making a few tools then moving on , no base building , no sandbox elements 3 , empyrion galactic survival already offers a true sandbox experience and is soon to implement a whole galaxy that is still more than enough at a price of 17$

        • david matthew

          well im guessing they would release the game and then release things called “DLC’s” which will further add to the game. I highly doubt they will release the game and say “yup thats it nothing more to add”. there will be way more content. Also i would rather pay the $60-$70 for this rather than get $90 games you play for 2-3 hours

          • Najeeb Shah

            right , lets see how bland this game gets

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