No Man’s Sky Steam Unlock Timings And Download Size Revealed

Hello Games has shared the unlock timing for No Man’s Sky on Steam, in addition to confirming the download size of the game.

No Man’s Sky official Twitter account revealed the download size of the game on Steam, which is around 2.6 GB for the game on PC. This size is for the Steam download of the game and it is possible that the unpacked version might have a bigger final size on hard disk.

No Man’s Sky will be unlocked at the following time. There is no pre-load of the game available on Steam.

Game due to release Friday: 6pm UK, 1pm Eastern US, 10am Pacific US and 7pm CEST.

No Man's Sky explore

No Man’s Sky is currently available as a console exclusive for PS4. It was developed by a small team at Hello Games and published by Sony for PS4.

No Man’s Sky developers have also added a new support page on the official website of the game that urges the user to report any bugs. They are currently working on a new patch for the game on PS4 and will try to deliver it as soon as possible, once they are done with the release of the game on PC.

No Man's Sky Devs Open Support Page To Report Bugs, Working On New PS4 Patch

Recently, it was confirmed that the game won’t have multiplayer and it is intended to be a single player experience in a procedural generated universe.

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  • TheIronRod

    The initial download comes with a lot of consumer complaints because of CTD’s. It’s all over reddit. Most can’t even get into the game to at least tweak the settings. Even the newer gpus are having problems.

  • Kelley

    The game has user review score of 4.9 from 3030 reviews on Metracritic from PS4 players. Unless the PC version is a huge improvement in game play it’s not worth the price tag.

  • Abdullah_Raza

    Interested to see the PC version of the game. Hope it looks better than the PS4 version.

    • theforevermachine

      PS4 version looks pretty damn good honestly, the only problem I can see people having would be the loading/generating of terrain when you approach it too quickly from space. But seriously, it’s generating an entire galaxy/universe worth of space for you to explore, who can expect it to be perfect all the time?

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