No Man’s Sky Update 1.07 Is Now Live On PS4, Download Size Revealed

Hello Games has released another brand new update for their indie smash hit No Man’s Sky for the PS4. This update is currently downloadable for the PS4 and should be available for the PC as well.

There are no patch notes to go with this new update aside from the changelog mentioning ‘bug fixes’ but just like the last few updates, we might get detailed patch notes from Hello Games at a later date.

This new update is around 671 MB which makes it one of the largest update for the game since its launch. Hello Games did state that they are working on releasing a new patch that will fix the remaining 30% issues on the PS4, including the annoying crashes to the operating system on PS4 and PC.

No Man’s Sky is an exploration based survival adventure set in a procedural generated universe. The aim of the player is to reach the center of universe which can take the player a while to reach in the game. Since the world is usually procedurally generated, it gives the player incentive to replay and explore all the other planets.


The main gameplay in No Man’s Sky revolves around harvesting items and exploring the vast open universe. It has opened to record sales on both PS4 and PC.

No Man’s Sky is available now for the PS4 and PC.

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  • John C

    hurrah! the weight/height mix up was doing my box in!

    i’m about 40 hours in, did the atlas thing (why did i sell those stones!!!!), meh.

    cant be arsed getting to the centre, exploring is the way to go.

    7 out of 10.

  • Badboy, Inc.

    Ive also been one of the lucky few without one crash after 60+ hours. Those whining about missing content, either havent played the game long enough to find said content or fooled themselves into thinking it would be something its not. Sean and crew said it would be a game about exploration with no multiplayer, though players could meet up. The bitching is about two guys who tried to, but couldnt because of server errors in the first week, brought on by more people than Hello Games anticipated. Those same guys… never tried again to meet each other, after the server errors were cleared up.

    People bitched because there were no large creatures, yet someone ran into some that very same day… Why? Because they played the game and explored.

    People did the same about space battles, yet not only have I seen dozens of people have them, but have large scale space battles with both large and small ships. You have to be close to any one race in order to have them trust you to help them with space battles, yet those opposed will tell you there are no missions because they havent taken time to get close to a race, to earn their trust and respect.

    I think most of the whining, is from those who thought they could play the game for a few hours and see everything it had to offer. Yet, Sean said that populated planets would be in the 1 percentile of those you could run in to. So, things can and will be rare to find, making that moment even more special when and if you do…

    The problem, in this day and age, is that people want everything handed to them now… they dont want to work for anything and have zero imagination. So, if something doesn’t go their way, when they want it to… they lash out and scream foul. Ive been waiting for this game(or something like it) since I was a kid and Ive been having a blast! Cant wait til they add even more content, to make it not only look better… but play better too…

    • Yggdrasil AE

      No the game we were promised and that was advertised no where near what we actually got.

      You can say whatever you want but that won’t change the facts.

      It’s still a fun game as I also play it the concept is good hello games however had poor execution.

      • YeeeDooooo

        What were we promised? And remember, early screen shots and concept art do not constitute a promise; unless you’re 8 years old.

        At least you didn’t say “I’ve played for 80 hours and demand a refund” like some idiots.

    • Best comment ever!!

    • Caneeks

      I agree with you whole heartedly. People get get that herd mentality and then everyone starts jumping on the bang wagon.

  • Michael Costa

    No Man’s Sky is amazing.

  • Reginald

    HG messed up the opportunity of a lifetime. NMS could be AAA, if it had everything HG said it would, they wouldve been hailed as 14 geniuses with limitless career opportunities, but instead theyre stuck trying to dig themselves out of their self made grave with a spoon.

  • Justin Gibson

    I don’t know what any of these patches are doing. Maybe I’m the lucky one but just past 30hrs and I have had no crashes or problems. A few graphical glitches but it’s been smooth since day one

    • PhrygianDominatrix

      It has crashed on e a shit ton of times. Hoping this patch helps get thst under control. Still loving the game.

  • rob

    …aaaaand it’s crashed

  • Caneeks

    Downloading it right now , been out of town for a while ,can’t wait to see what’s new

    • Namiwakiru

      ……..nothing is “new” just fixed to be more stable….in theory.

      A content patch would have a bit more attention, given the controversy.

  • Kathryn Radonich

    I am downloading this right now looked up to see if there was a change log and found this site

    • Official changelog will come at a later date from Hello Games.

  • goose7

    Thanks for the heads-up! You are the first site to report on this next update. I am actually playing the game right now, but I haven’t been prompted to download any update.

    Interesting how concurrent versions of this game can be played. Highly unusual these days.