No Man’s Sky User Discoveries Wiped Out Rumor Confirmed Fake, Possibly A Glitch

No Man's Sky

Earlier this week, the internet was in an uproar over the fact that the discoveries made by the players were supposedly getting wiped from the No Man’s Sky’s game servers. This was first reported by reddit user Dark_Nexis who claimed to lose his discoveries once he returned to his home planet.

The issue here is that his original claim was possibly the result of a glitch, as he later explained in an update to his post that the game didn’t wipe out his discoveries once he re-downloaded and reloaded the game for two hours. This resulted in his starting planet already having his discoveries when he started the game again.


Here is the update shared by reddit user Dark_Nexis. You can check out the screenshot he shared of his discoveries above.

Ok so after reading some of the comments I played around in the game a bit, I re-downloaded and reloaded the game for about two hours. I don’t know what happened but all the discoveries re-appeared on my starting planet.

This might be a bug in the game’s code or it could be something else entirely. In either case, it is great to know that the game doesn’t really wipe out our discoveries after two weeks, as it was originally reported by many other websites.

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  • TUmaDO

    its not fake,since the last update ,my game files where corrupted and i lost everything,tryed to get them again,and nothing,almost 40 planets and 5 milion credits,plus all the flora and fauna,i have discovered

  • Jim Wood

    This happened to me on one particular planet. Everything I had discovered, including the planet itself, I had named. The next day, I found that the planet was now discovered and named by someone else. It made me pretty upset, due to the fact that in a game like this, I take pride in leaving my mark; not just to let someone else come along and have them all for themselves.