November’s Xbox Live Games With Gold Lineup Possibly Leaked – Report

Xbox Live Games with Gold has yet to be announced for the month of November 2015 but the full lineup has apparently leaked ahead of the announcement. This time around, the leak came from a source that has previously leaked the games lineup for September 2015.

According to the source, who posted the full lineup for November 2015, the following games will be a part of the Games with Gold lineup in November 2015.

Xbox One
1st November – 30th November: Pneuma – Breath of Life
16th November – 15th December: Knight Squad

Xbox 360
1st November – 15th November: Dirt 3
16th November – 30th November: Dungeon Siege III

This seems a like a step down from previous month’s lineup, when we got games like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and The Walking Dead for the Xbox One. Still keep in mind that this is not the confirmed lineup, and as it stands, it is still a rumor so far.


Microsoft will officially announce the Games with Gold lineup for Xbox 360 and Xbox One this week. Hopefully we will get the official announcement soon enough.

Xbox Live Games with Gold offers two free games for Xbox 360 and two free games for Xbox One each month. These games are free of cost to all the Xbox Live Gold subscribers, but they still require Xbox Live Gold subscription hence they are technically not free.

Let us know what do you think about this rumored lineup in the comments below.

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  • Da Player 1

    Yes!!!!!!! Yes! Dirt 3 is so awesome! I already had it before a few days after its release and I sold it, so I want to play it again! :)) YEAHHHHHH WOOHOO

  • David Summers

    Really not too impressed with the lineup. I feel as though since this is coming from the user who correctly leaked Sept-2015 lineup then this is pretty much 95% guaranteed to be the line-up. I am an Xbox 360 user, Dirt 3 and Dragon Siege 3 are both 2011 releases. Dirt 3 is basically Rally-Only Forza with 30 car to choose from and different courses, Dragon Siege 3 is an RPG. I was really hoping Halo 4 was going to surprise us all to coincide with the Halo 5 release, but I guess that’s too much to ask. Really hoping for another AAA release come December 2015. Ciao.